been busy…

wow, i used to remember blogging here almost everyday back in 02.  and now i have been so busy, flying in and out, and then attending other commitments locally.  time just flew by so fast.

it’s strange back then because during the first years of my blogging here i was focusing on school: walking around campus, lounging at barnes & noble, and being in my own academic world. or maybe i just had so much to think and write about haha

then i got into a serious relationship when i moved to the east coast, which made me a homebody.  besides pursuing business, other hobbies,  endeavors, and being content, who would have thought that i would be satisfied blogging while waiting for her to come back home?  it was one peaceful era for me.

then now… been so busy that i had to try my best to commit as much as i can.  it’s been good though.  just didn’t expect my lifestyle to turn this… hectic; but good.  the hobbies that i was proud to declare changed to other activities; friends shifted from one lifestyle to the other; most i kept in contact with. well, all of us lead busy lives… i am just contemplating how time has passed and changed things.  how would i know that i spent this much to realize that i really wasn’t going to use it a few years from now?  we learn.  haha

it’s so nice to stop and think how life evolves unexpectedly.


i think, therefore i write

it’s been a while since i have gotten off to this drawing board.  honestly, i have been intermittently getting into a lot of ideas that i wanted to write; but i end up not doing so because of new endeavors that i have been indulging in… and some unfinished business that i needed to commit to.

sometimes it takes a while for us to learn a very important lesson in life; an oxymoron with a hard nutshell like me can be a perfect example (at times):

1. it took me over a year to firmly lock and secure the foot brake pedal while parking on an uphill or downhill… the chugging gear sounds eventually went away after thoroughly remembering and following a friend’s advice.

2. my mom passed on to me the so-called new york subway slogan: “if you see something, say something.”  i say something because i’m just friendly, but people take it the wrong way.  i can be a fool for opening my mouth sometimes, but i found out that not saying anything at all is what keeps other people’s buttons from getting pushed…

but i keep saying something anyway… for friendly purposes

3. i have always assimilated that we cannot please everyone, but like the uber-personable, sales mentality that i have, i still take the time to accommodate apparent dead-ends and loose cannons.  while i forgive in the end, i always find out that it has always been a numbers game.  you win some, you lose some.  the winning prize has always been way worth it though.

4.  i realized that once i push myself further away from my comfort zone, the more adversities i encounter, and the more ostensible opposition i get.  it only takes one victory of an attained success, however, and about a year or two to totally forget these social obstacles.  i hardly remember the ones i had over five years ago.

5. when something is presented to you, take it.  it is only me who can decide what i want in life, not the others who at times really mean well no matter how much authority they have.  we all have different principles, but i cannot end up carrying someone else’s burden and indifference because we cannot see eye-to-eye.  i give and leave to ceasar his own problems and the ones i own, mine.  now, i am honestly glad i took the road less traveled.  it will finally make a big difference… to society and the entire world.

6. to love is to let go; and not expecting anything in return.  done it a lot of times, and this time it has come back to me a hundred-fold… so i am not saying “no” to someone if i instantly make that connection with her.  it is similar to the universe leaving us a hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk and we prefer not to use it.  that is utterly plainly saying no to a blessing.  i optimize mine to give back, not to preach. 

that’s it for now.  i have somehow hard-coded these social ethics into my system.  i keep learning though…. lots of good stuff happening.  till the next entry…

letting go

you are on a horse going full speed, there is an elephant beside you, a
lion in front of you, and a giraffe behind you. what do you do?

you may already know the answer or… you could just let go and wait for the answer to come to you.  i actually prefer making my mind work most of the time; but for trivial yet interesting questions such as the aforementioned, i subjectively let go.  matter of fact, this instance reminds me of a situation while living in the east coast.  on a late thursday evening, i was leaving my condo in north bethesda to head back to the house in potomac when i noticed that someone had inadvertently taken my other spot in the parking garage (had two spaces, go figure).  i was almost about to let my east coast tenacity kick in by calling the tow truck guy, but after pondering for a few moments i realized that it could have been some one-time visitor who will eventually leave the day after.  i don’t know how he or she got past the gates but i’m certain that this instance will not be a recurring dilemma.  trust me, i take other people’s parking spaces too!

there are things we definitely have no control of and there are some that we can take charge and definitely make changes.  some of us cling on to transcendental matters while others choose to let go, become proactive, and do something more productive or creative (stephen covey reference here).  letting go creates a void that needs to be filled… you’ll eventually get what you want by letting go coz the universe does its wonders in mysterious ways.  i for one, choose not to change people but choose to change from within.  maybe i could help change the world from the inside-out.

well to answer the question above….

your drunk ass off the carousel!!!! 

see liz, i used that question πŸ™‚


wow, it’s been a while.  been busy on other online social networks and outdoor activities.  how’s everyone doing? πŸ™‚

if it’s not broken, do not change it

creativity is always recommended – but if a system has been proven to be working, don’t even think about changing it.

happy holidays

and a happy new year.

boy, this year just went by fast.  first thing i remembered, i flew in from a flight in vegas in the east coast.  and now i’m cali planning for the next big nye party.  nyc will have to wait for now.  πŸ™‚

sorry, but i had to put this in…

if i can fly

i’ll be soaring up in the sky with you.

too bad, i can’t fly.

but with you, i know my heart can…