the journey of growth

while running outdoors, i used this pair of runner’s gloves that were really helpful in preventing my hands from freezing. not only were they beneficial, but they used to be one of my very most prized gloves when i first bought them. i was so proud of these sports accessories that i lingered at their useful nature and took pictures with their reflective design during those east coast wintry nights. then i realize on that very recent morning, these pair of gloves, albeit useful, were now just a mere pair of gloves for me.

like everyone else, i have bought, spent, and accumulated so much stuff that i thought i was going to be using and holding on to dear life forever. it so happens they turn out to be phases or objects that i acquire only to satisfy myself on a temporary basis. could you imagine how much money our folks spent on us just to get those cd’s, video games, clothes, toys, and every childhood desire that are either given to charity or given away as hand me downs? talk about some emotional investment.

now, i have actually lost the urge to buy things that i know will not benefit me forever. but how long is forever? and how can i risk the fact that this temporary happiness will really make me a better person in one way or another? which also begs the question: we only live once, why not?

i am not coming up with a theory here, but i noticed that the individuals whom i have come to consider as affluent do not really care about acquiring as much luxury no matter how much their business gives them… at least on their certain stage in life. i am certain they did go through these phases, probably learned fast, started doing the age-old formula of saving, and from thereon increased their net worth through other means. there must be a balance: to live life and at the same time get to the point where the rest of the generation will still prosper.

looking back since i first started xanga, here are a few of my checklists that i thought have actually happened:

1. 2003: start a business (started several to date, failed some, gained experience, and still willing to start some more)
2. 2004: be with someone i love (woke up to her everyday for 5+ years, didn’t work out, gained lots of wisdom, now just going with the flow)
3. 2004: leave california and explore (moved to the east coast, traveled around, horizons broadened, picked up and got interested in many cultures, assimilated some to my persona for better use)
4. 2005: be open to new learning (learned the value of networking, balance, became wiser through experience, learned to become more careful if not critically-minded, and still trying to be low-key as much as possible despite many egotistic temptations)

maybe those were a few of the major ones. in the end, it doesn’t really matter if i don’t spend on such. the blessings actually present themselves to you without you even spending a little dime when the time calls for it. and that was the best lesson i learned. saving does make a big deal.

oh, and yes: we like a certain person not just because of any media-indoctrinated reason but because subconsciously they are qualified to make our grandparents happy.


10 Comments on “the journey of growth”

  1. Empyre says:

    Good on you for having the balls to do what you want to do.

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    duude!!  where have you been?  did you leave fb?

  3. Empyre says:

    @rkteck1245 – I’m around. I deleted my FB account for a while but started another more stealthy one. Search for Jay Mack and you’ll find it.

  4. shelleyleong says:

    Not spending on unnecessary luxuries simplifies your life and makes you realize how beautiful the simple things are.You are blessed with a great attitude – may you continue to have a enriching journey of growth!

  5. In_Paradisum says:

    what does 2010 hold for you? 🙂 

  6. rkteck1245 says:

    thanks Shelley.  i miss your performances in the bay area.  hope to see you perform soon =)@in_paradisum 2010 should be a time for more focusing on long-term goals and going full throttle =)

  7. In_Paradisum says:

    nope, not in menlo park. why? do i know you? hahah 🙂 

  8. In_Paradisum says:

    yep more like SF. im there ALL the time. 🙂 

  9. Hi Fred,This was enlightening… wish I would’ve read it two years ago. Miss your words. Hope all is well.

  10. jasminet3a says:

    Hope you are living well… 

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