c… finally. lol

strangely, today was a pivotal day to take something away from: blessings.  i just dropped off a profoundly wealthy family at the airport.  and no matter how much money they possessed, i learned that people from all walks of life loved them not because of their possessions or social status, but because they were willing to share what they had so that others could also genuinely live in their own form of happiness. 

not too long ago, i got a call from one of my colleagues.  something had to be done overseas; and i allegedly was the only person who could fix it.  same fun stuff, as usual.  being back home for a while (sans the recurring bi-coastal work travels), i honestly felt like i have been living in a shell again: so much comfort knowing that resources are much easier to procure, the warmth and assurance knowing that family is just a drive away, the foreseeable support and happiness from good old connections whom i have kept in touch with, and the new ones, the new inspirations, whom i have met along the way… oh those lovely ones.

someway, somehow my mind has encumbered another adventure-seeker in me.  like imagining trekking the snowy mountains of katmandu at temperatures below 0 while kicking myself in the butt for doing such.  life seems too serene sometimes; and when i feel that way i am compelled to get myself out of this rut and start being uncomfortable again.  when am i gonna die anyway?  could be tomorrow for all i know.  maybe i could live to tell the gatekeepers in heaven that i at least enjoyed my life… while helping others along the way.

like love, life can move us in mysterious ways.  one day i may be sipping long islands at a desolate beach off the pacific or become a full-time hookah-smoking camel whisperer in the sahara desert (ha!); on the contrary, i can also be battling the winter storms of the northeast or russia – almost about to die from stress and hypothermia.  i have come to an epitome of quantum mechanics trying to find out whether the abundance of love, wealth and affluence given to chosen individuals is attained by a certain ritual.  i realized that it is – and i apparently have not fully optimized its essential paragon unless i start getting out of my own comfort zone again.

so we’ll see these next few weeks.  i might be living back and forth in different quadrants of the planet trying to search for that missing piece, miss my folks and friends, miss the warmth all year long, and the comfort of everything – probably regretting that i chose another road less taken.

the only thing i have never regret to this day is… i have expressed my feelings to the person dearest to me.  and i am still thankful that i did not hold it back at least in this lifetime.

i almost clicked that “buy” button to nepal today, by the way. 


4 Comments on “germany”

  1. decipherme1 says:

    Rick, your words still flow so well. Thanks for this blog. Morrissey + your blog in the morning assures me that it’s goingg to be an amazing day. So… wait… are you going to Germany? London? You are a mystery…

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    hi c, yeah, might be london… and going back and forth to dc =)… but we’ll see how the situation goes if it really calls for it these next few weeks.

  3. In_Paradisum says:

    oh how i wish i can do the same right now. 🙂 good luck with everything! 

  4. jasminet3a says:

    Wonderful… to be free and fully express how you feel to another… no regrets, no blame. 

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