hi rkteck1245

  it’s been 2314 days since i’ve joined xanga…

i’ve been blogging here since 2002…

gone through phases of friendster, myspace… then facebook

do you think i will still go premium?!?!?  :p


3 Comments on “hi rkteck1245”

  1. Lizbianish says:

    where are your eyes in those pictures? haha.things come and go in phases.

  2. decipherme1 says:

    missed you! i temporarily deactivated my facebook account but we need to be friendssss! how do i find you?

  3. Empyre says:

    Of all the social networking/blogging sites I’ve been a part of, Xanga probably deserves money the most IMO. They lost my entire photo album one time but they made good on it and gave me a free year of premium. And they seem to improve upon what they have more than just adding on content that will make them more money. Their picture hosting alone I think is worth the premium.. I don’t think there’s another hosting site out there that has a better setup.

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