letting go

you are on a horse going full speed, there is an elephant beside you, a
lion in front of you, and a giraffe behind you. what do you do?

you may already know the answer or… you could just let go and wait for the answer to come to you.  i actually prefer making my mind work most of the time; but for trivial yet interesting questions such as the aforementioned, i subjectively let go.  matter of fact, this instance reminds me of a situation while living in the east coast.  on a late thursday evening, i was leaving my condo in north bethesda to head back to the house in potomac when i noticed that someone had inadvertently taken my other spot in the parking garage (had two spaces, go figure).  i was almost about to let my east coast tenacity kick in by calling the tow truck guy, but after pondering for a few moments i realized that it could have been some one-time visitor who will eventually leave the day after.  i don’t know how he or she got past the gates but i’m certain that this instance will not be a recurring dilemma.  trust me, i take other people’s parking spaces too!

there are things we definitely have no control of and there are some that we can take charge and definitely make changes.  some of us cling on to transcendental matters while others choose to let go, become proactive, and do something more productive or creative (stephen covey reference here).  letting go creates a void that needs to be filled… you’ll eventually get what you want by letting go coz the universe does its wonders in mysterious ways.  i for one, choose not to change people but choose to change from within.  maybe i could help change the world from the inside-out.

well to answer the question above….

your drunk ass off the carousel!!!! 

see liz, i used that question 🙂


10 Comments on “letting go”

  1. crystal_cage says:

    dear R,
    i find your post very spot-on… sometimes i figure too much on my preoccupation, and blame the culture or just my sappiness, i get too attached or melodramatic…
    maybe, it helps to just be a tad lil withdrawn so i can objectively see the roses too…
    then again… i always did love the animal-ess carousel rides… or maybe take the 2nd tier…
    S Ü

  2. Empyre says:

    very nice. i was actually trying to figure out a serious answer.

  3. you got me thinking…. which one should i jump onto?  hahaha =)

  4. Empyre says:

    that was just the rental i had down here in Tucson. i loved driving it but the mechanics on it felt kind of cheap. i get the feeling things would start wearing out on it pretty darn quickly. i DID get a new ride, but it won’t get me to work:http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/pdet.to?seg=HHO&poid=403631&coid=-33936with all the travel i’m doing now theres no sense in buying a car anytime soon.

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  6. …nice.  I like how there are still people who accept that they cannot control every incident that happens upon then (and towing a car can suck, I must say)

  7. In_Paradisum says:

    man, your entry hit right on the spot. i just wrote a private entry relating to that…thanks! 🙂

  8. shelleyleong says:

    Wonderful post. Letting go is freedom in many ways.

  9. ayy putang ina shiieetttt!!!!! lmao! tayo, balik na tayo sa xanga 🙂

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