if it’s not broken, do not change it

creativity is always recommended – but if a system has been proven to be working, don’t even think about changing it.


8 Comments on “if it’s not broken, do not change it”

  1. “if a person has perfect beauty, you dont have to add anything to his/her beauty nor take anything away from  him/her.” —> i just think this applies to what you wrote. happy new year! 🙂

  2. korndogg27 says:

    i know what you mean man and i agree. and your friend is right about it (if it applies to people/beauty). but, sometimes, you’d never know some thing’s potential if you push toward greatness… or in other words, attempt to exceed expectations. satifaction is the death of desire. satisfaction is the death of growth.
    lets pretend you got yourself a 2009 speed boat with all the latest gadgets and strongest/largest motor ever made. that baby would look hella great at the dock to show off.. BUT…. what is a speed boat if you’re just going to let it sit there? every boat will have its bottom go rotten… but not every boat ever saw its real potential.
    anyway… how was your new year’s?

  3. decipherme1 says:

    great piece of advice. i think some people just try too hard to be “different” or “creative”.
    happy new year!!!

  4. crystal_cage says:

    hahaha a very common-sensical epiphany! thanks, i’ll try to keep that in mind

    thanks for the nice words on my hiatus… uploading NY fireworks for ya…

  5. Lizbianish says:

    good point you have there. make sure to come to ny more often, i got your hookup to free food. 🙂

  6. So true.  I think we are always re-tuning ourselves when really….we don’t need to. We are okay.
    xo amy

  7. Anonymous says:

    sometime it takes a change to realize something wasn’t working…

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