realizations of tranquility

seven years ago, i gave my friend a metronome so he can play the piano within the right tempo while rehearsing with his bandmates.  i don’t know what happened to that gift, but all i can say is that the friendship was the most valuable present i got back from him and his friends.  i do believe that the most valuable things are the ones that do not cost a dime… and how often we forget their value.


on my way back from my folks’ place for thanksgiving, i noticed a patch of slight fog on my windshield.  i eventually defogged it but the mist kept on showing up after turning the a/c back to front breeze a few minutes after.  knowing that i should have cranked the a/c further up to maintain a fully clear view, i realized that minor obstruction is but just a reminder that i can still reach my goal no matter how many times the vision may seem a bit unclear.


walking through a canopy of trees in the parking lot, i saw the moon shining throughout the darkened sky.  the moment reminded me when i was young and walking through a dark path in the woods.  it was dark, cold, and dreary, but the light of the sky held through by showing me the path. 

although deemed frivolous, i can say that fifty years from now a similar experience will remind me of a telltale of how so many great moments have passed in my life just by looking at the moon.


8 Comments on “realizations of tranquility”

  1. trunthepaige says:

    Today the man speaks in metaphors and parables. Not that I didn’t enjoy it

  2. KatZone says:

    geezes! you’re too deep for your own good lol

  3. salamat fred. today, more than ever, salamat talaga.

  4. decipherme1 says:

    “rick”~ youre amazing.

  5. korndogg27 says:

    did you hear about #21?

  6. thasthat says:

    the metronome gift is sooooo thoughtful and awesome!  great post! and btw, ur writing is very poetic. 

  7. Aznqt1 says:

    Amen to that. Appreciating gifts of little or no monetary cost are so rich in value.

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