looking further

did you notice that fedex sign?  you may just see it everytime, but didn’t you notice there’s an arrow within that name (the space in between the letters e and x)?  fedex claims that there really isn’t a subliminal twist to it; however, the arrow does convey that their company is always on the go.  furthermore, a study said that kids who can’t read yet could see the arrow easily than those who already learned how to comprehend words.


it’s like life, you don’t see all these beautiful and wonderful things until you look closer.  visual effects of a flick may mean nothing but apparently took a lot of creative juice; the technicalities of musical composition; the amazing plays of football; the modifications one puts inside his or her ride.  put it another way, a venture may not look profitable until you work on it; you may take your body for granted until you get sick (yeah, i won’t be doing anything this weekend after thursday’s club vessel house music shindig… i feel like a trillion dollars now); or you may not see that this person really cares for you until you lose them.  you won’t realize the value of something until you are grateful for its importance… or once it leaves you. 

everytime i get into a challenge, i always think of all the <good things> that not many of us acknowledge everyday; the people that i meet and their company; the <great experiences> that life has to offer; or even just for the <gift of life>.  it’s ineffable to some aspect, but what we do not deem important is sometimes the most important gift out there…

since the rain was quite soothing this past saturday, i got to sleep in all throughout the day <someone made me appreciate the rain while doing nothing indoors… her pet dog.  jk!>  

besides not feeling well during band session on friday <i’m happy  that playing funk and improv bass on 6 tracks made my spirits better that evening>.  didn’t go to motif again <sorry guys, but i appreciate the luv>.   

then went up to the peninsula and ended up playing the guitar while my cousin did the drums at his house that evening <got to learn new jazz riffs from the guitar> before heading out to tabu <yes, i was there, grand master j… at the baaartendurrr>.  

slept in again sunday <well, sort of watched snippets of comedy central and the history channel> and talked about business plans with other cousin’s bf <thank you for mentioning your dad used to be an angel investor> at the japanese place in sf over lunch <gotta love them bento boxes>.

being <thankful> is just one way of being in tune with everything else.

another classic.  for some reason i’m down with pablo francisco’s talent. 

i feel like i’m cuddling with a girlfriend when i lay down with my friend’s dog.  she asks me to massage her entire body, guides my hand on the spot where she wants to be caressed, nudges me when i fall asleep and she still wants more kneading, snores briefly, rubs me for a very short time after she gets a long one, and then licks me when i talk close to her… oh, the dog only does that.  honestly, i don’t mind giving out some relaxing tlc.  coz once you fall asleep, that’s when i ask for my turn jk! 

i’m getting an alaskan malamute.  if i find someone who will love my mutt, then i will live with her and her pet once i get another pad in the silicon valley area with an extra playroom for the pets.  oh, someone may have dibs to the place if all goes well. 


9 Comments on “looking further”

  1. decipherme1 says:

    wow.. i didnt notice the arrow until i read your post! shame*FRED! ive missed your posts… and im so glad you finally posted.. thank you for reminding me to enjoy the simplicity of life that aren’t always recognized. 🙂

  2. crystal_cage says:

    woah! i didn’t even look at it… funny how many things in life can be thought of only as a mere mirage…

  3. EternalLove says:

    ahh vacation-nice.well’ perfect timing. it’s about to snow here any day now. 🙂

  4. thasthat says:

    interesting.. never noticed the arrow before! was that intended?

  5. ryc: admirers? yea, i wish :S haha

  6. the bars called Lincoln Tavern

  7. great post… you put it into words so well

  8. Empyre says:

    hey man. sorry i’ve been so mia. working hard to get our offices ready to move, trying to get this new job at intuitive and more time than i can handle in the hospital. =(i’ve got vacation all next week so i might be able to do something but it would have to be really chill. my health is not so good atm and i absolutely can not be drinking. not if i value life.

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