taking ownership

the fault, dear brutus, is not in the stars, but in ourselves; that we are underlings -cassius

“it’s all you, baby,” the gym rat gave me the push i needed as i lifted 100-lb dumbbells on each side.  that was years ago.  now i only have lean muscle to maneuver through all team sports 6 days a week.

a few years back, i had always found a way to find fault in everything that did not go my way.  i was always quick to judge that any circumstance that fit the right criteria was the scapegoat for each and every challenge that i had.  i had the wrong relationship; the government isn’t doing its job; the market is down; there is not enough opportunity out there; and so on and so forth.  every single mishap, every single effect; had to had its own pre-meditated cause according to my reasoning.

then i started taking charge; changing the way i looked at things and stopped blaming every conceivable entity out there.  and whether i had a bad day, i still pushed through until i started getting better days.  when everyone thought the economy was down and getting worse, i found strategies to create opportunities in a down-market; when relationships turned sour; i finally admitted that if i changed the way i reacted to a remark or action then things would turn out well… and they did.  it was all me, all me.

it’s all you, baby.  it’s all you.

absence makes the heart grow fonder.  seashells.

’06 snl vid is still classic… and shelley’s too 🙂


last night, the moon was out.  its figure was clear as day, and it reflected every object that illuminated its mesmerizing presence.  i was in awe, staring at its magnificence, watching the edge of every silhouette evolving into an eclipse of shimmering white light… a living light that moved on every earth’s degree the sky turned.  i knew we were watching and staring at the same moon, i actually felt it… you and i, the warmth inside, yet both in different places.  but the warmth and oneness tonight made me feel i was next to you.  and when the moon is out again, i will be laying, just laying, in your arms that one silent night.

after building all those walls… i might just let someone in my house.  a great person, of course.  when one puts his guard down…  12 vj*pm k.o. = iq6pc nkmg j6t.

when i’m weak i draw strength from you
and when you’re lost i know how to change your mood
and when i’m down you breathe life over me
even though we’re miles apart we are each other’s destiny
-zero 7

w/e 2.  wow!  some crazy weekend.  i’ve never heard of a party that starts at 4am on saturday dusk up until sunday twilight haha… even after all that alkie from the bar and afterparty.  so my system is running on caffeine right now.  finally got to use my v for vendetta mask at a house party… some happy dude trying to recall his breaks with the rest of the costume-clad crowd.  i missed a lot of parties and events this weekend, but i’ll try to make it up next time, folks. we’ll see if i can go to the city this wednesday (after volleyball, of course); otherwise, i’m always down to give out candies in our hood.

w/e 3.  was out in the davis/napa/sac area this weekend.  just realized that wachovia’s out in cali.  now i can bank with one of my east coast accounts and not worry about those wire deposit fees. 


20 Comments on “taking ownership”

  1. snl classic = i second that.

  2. KatZone says:

    Funny we were just talking about that video in Vegas…hilarious!
    It definitely is all you…couldn’t agree more with that one.

  3. crystal_cage says:

    yeah, there’s this unexplained pleasure in finally taking a firm hand on the reins… it’s all you indeed 🙂

  4. Umnenga says:

    That is a good philosophy

  5. resujosim says:

    Ah, taking responsibility is a sign of maturity!I love that saying – absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  6. I like the quotation.

  7. shelleyleong says:

    Yes, our fate is definitely in our own hands. Oh ya, I like how your “gym rat” sounds too 🙂

  8. EternalLove says:

    absolutely.ryc: it says i will make $$$. but not sure if that means =very wealthy. haha

  9. nx_revival says:

    I LURve that quote ❤ 🙂
    love the post 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    When there is a will, there is a way. I am a firm believer in that there is almost nothing one can’t accomplish, it just depends how badly they want it.

  11. Dolly_Yan says:

    thx u!! alrdy a *happy halloweeen*!

  12. thasthat says:

    i c.. ur getting younger with each new year cuz u work out so much! =)

  13. KatZone says:

    corinne bailey rae is so unique…i really like her style

  14. rittachu says:

    what party? No party for me in NYC…so sad…I guess I am just gonna wait for Trick-or-Treat…looks like you have a wild party as well…how fun…

  15. thasthat says:

    hey, the answer is E

  16. crystal_cage says:

    ryc: argh! really? nowadays time is a more persistent nagger! haha… or must be the Christmas season, you know how Christmas is around this part of the world, with the sun rising up late… I’m SO LAZY! So blame the sun? 🙂

  17. Hi, Hope you are doing well.

  18. Lizbianish says:

    For some reason, whenever I try to scroll down on your page, I get sent back up to the top, so I’m stuck with seeing your picture over and over while trying to read your damn thing.
    So, yes, I obviously got to the bottom but I couldn’t finish reading.
    And I can’t take him home because he’s clingy.

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