times like these

you learn to live again… you give and give again… you learn to love again -foo fighters

did i say it right?

snowboarding season is back again.  already got several planned dates until next year of when to go up to tahoe.  although i feel exhausted from this week’s activities, i am still pushing my body to last until sunday.  got some passes to at&t park’s icer snowboarding event.  and one of my homeez from dc is coming to visit for work so i’ll be pretty busy going out with the east coast circle (yeap, a few of them finally moved out here) first week of november.

been busy.  was out in phoenix last weekend.  could have ended up in nyc but i followed an important advice from a wonderful friend whom i’m so grateful for πŸ™‚  so the ticket is still at large…. nye in nyc?  cancelled monday night’s band jam practice for volleyball… yeah, coz i love volleyball.  can’t go to the city tuesday coz i prefer playing sports and having a good workout.  checking out shelley from berklee school of music (dropping names from that boston school? red hot chili peppers’ flea, dream theater, john mayer, diana krall, quincy jones, steve vai, brad whitford of aerosmith, john legend… oops he’s upenn) with her performance in downtown sf on wednesday… ok i’m finally going now since playing basketball and volleyball both on the same day definitely drained me…  check out her music (no s&m according to her entry, just music… haha):

www.cdbaby.com/shelleyleong www.cdbaby.coleyleong

bravo, shelley!  you’re very talented!!!  since i lived in berkeley once, i’ll visit your future gigs out there… or anywhere is fine haha  i love your cd!

i think my fun weekend is gonna start on thursday at a house party in diablo again… well, diablo’s going to be next week when everyone’s done with their exams… that’s when everyone wants to let loose.  then it is going to be in the city with former bandmates at a club friday unless cuzzo wants me to go out clubbing with her and her friends.  then rolling with more peepz clubbing on a saturday (good to meet lots of peepz friday and saturday through friends, only that i remembered lesser names this past saturday… damn alkie haha).  and please don’t tell me sunday is part of it (yes, candice.  thanks for reminding me)…  zombie nation, but i like it.  if my web 2.0 company isn’t going to launch early next year, i will work again for google full-time to introduce more platforms and move back to atherton (yeah, still working for them on sales/consulting)… but my company will still push through no matter what.  (nonetheless, the real estate investing hobby is still active… currently working on one in the northern bay area right now) google stock went up to 600 a share today.  well the informidable berkshire hathaway stock is still 100,000/share.

i think i will wear that v for vendetta mask for halloween…. and i won’t take it off unless someone insists…  or maybe alcohol.  haha  still debating on the 300 spartan costume.  pimp n’ hoe in vegas?  woohooo!  where is my vegas homegirl when i need her?  oh, in japan.  more power to her and her endeavor… will be in vegas soon.  haha  i’m still down for burning man.  and one massive that will last until 8 in the morning!  dude, it’s been ages.  haha 

i’m sorry, but i’m diggin the indian dude at forty-year-old virgin. dude is hilarious as heck!..

i am still grateful… for everything and for everyone i meet everyday. πŸ™‚  no diggity, no doubt…


21 Comments on “times like these”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I will live, but i won’t give or love…

  2. crystal_cage says:

    haha sounds like a fun week ahead… and wow, you must really love beach vb πŸ™‚ argh, long tuesday… looking forward to the holiday this friday… i wanna go SHOPPPIINNGGGGGGG

  3. Broookklynnnn BROOKLLYNN.. hahah the indian guy is too funny.
    Go with the 300 spartan costume or a gladiator.  The vendetta mask is cool but, then you’re going to have your face covered the whole night and when it gets hot, it gets HOT.

  4. EternalLove says:

    the weather is still hot here in dc’300 spartan costume will be hot.

  5. korndogg27 says:

    give the man a break .. he wa a 40y old virgin.. not 50!

  6. Yo… I actually know someone who has the V for Vendetta costume! LOLAnd that same person was talking about the Spartan outfit from 300 as well! Boys will be boys!

  7. graylx says:

    goddamn that clip cracks me up. hahahaha

  8. crystal_cage says:

    ryc: oh wow, you’re pinoy? i haven’t tried isaw nor balot, but i dig fishball and squidballs… even with the oil πŸ™‚

  9. rittachu says:

    ya…halloween party…one of my favorite…too bad that friends around here don’t really up for the costume party….=(     friends in cali are having a costume party as well. To bad that I am too far to join them….

  10. azsamad says:

    Thank you so so much for coming to my gig! YOU’RE awesome! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. shelleyleong says:

    OOOPS!@$&%*$ That was My comment above – I did not log Az out before I did that.Anyways, here’s me repeating – YOU’re awesome πŸ™‚ x10000000..

  12. Dolly_Yan says:

    Foo Fighters, wohoo ~ ahh wish Halloween was a bigger thing over here >< have a great one! hav a nice weekend ~

  13. azsamad says:

    thanks for coming to the show man! see ya next time!

  14. thasthat says:

    V for vendetta.. u’ll look cool on halloween =)

  15. EternalLove says:

    have u seen the movie?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hey im Tom, like the way you write. Come visit us and hear our music and get some ringtones. Xanga supported.

  17. greenadd1ct says:

    I don’t even think it’s about really doing anything at all for me. It’s this thought of “what I should or could be doing instead of studying/reading” that distracts me and take away my concentration from work.

  18. resujosim says:

    I’m still oldschool too – sitemeter. I have no idea when they gave it the facelift, it looks much better now.Do the 300 costume!

  19. ChoCo_LoCo says:

    east coast is the prettiest during fall!!! the leaves are gorgeous out here!!!! you should just paint the palm trees red and orange haha

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