i am still up… 

i would have already chilled at my pad in the south bay when a cousin asked me to watch russell peters in the city.  so, i ended up driving up to the city again.  then after peters’ gig, another friend asked me to hang out with him at the northbeach area.  so here i am, still up at 2am and i just got back from downtown sf.

my body was tired.  i felt a gush of water flow through my ears as i slowly submerged my head into the bath tub.  my right shoulder felt like a hammer just hit it and the crushed veins brought signals that sent me drowning for the rest of the evening.  i’ve been playing volleyball for over 3 hours since monday, three nights in a row.  not to mention the basketball games during lunch hour.  just came back from the gym and my calves and quads were both hurting from all the heavy lifting.  i lifted my legs up the water but the resistance felt like another set of weights pulling my shins down to the bottom. 

just like how the daredevil slept, i closed my eyes and enjoyed the peace of nothingness and silence.

then light.

i felt the omnipresence.  floating.  bright light.  white light.  inside the womb hearing muffled deep house beats inside your head.  i was one with nature, with everything.  and i felt grateful. 

notice how emotions described by words make you weaker and then stronger.


25 Comments on “wow”

  1. decipherme1 says:

    RICK!i was just thinking about you the other day. glad youre still alive!

  2. nx_revival says:

    AA! wanna watch russell peter as well 😮

  3. korndogg27 says:

    im trying to visit CA soon man.. i gotta see the hype of that bay area

  4. Anonymous says:

    i love russell peters!

  5. How was the russell peter show?

  6. Empyre says:

    i’ll trade ya.. your good times for my double shifts. deal? 😉

  7. thasthat says:

    i guess russell peters is worth staying up for. hee hee =) btw, have u ever wondered y is his last name peters?

  8. crystal_cage says:

    haha, welcome to the club… 3 hours for the last 3 days… and it’s only Tuesday night! Lordie!

  9. Wow!  I love those late nights.  I’m a night owl.  hah Hope all is great.

  10. ryc: countdown is 3 days!

  11. First of all, loved the Family Guy!  Did you watch the Star Wars one recently?  Also, you are in great shape, any advice for a girl that’s gained some weight for being put on a medicine?  lol  I just reach for help.  lol xo amy

  12. KatZone says:

    Lucky…Russell Peters is pretty funny. You are so active I am jealous! I need more athletic friends

  13. lacik says:

    Yes, you do it early so they have plenty of time to get soft and smelly, in order to leave as a “gift” for someone you don’t like so much.
    It’s the only time of year you can be a nice person and get away with something like that!

  14. iDesray says:

    Thanks for the compliment!I always try to get myself to go back to the gym. How do you motivate yourself?

  15. shelleyleong says:

    Yes, I’m still in San Francisco. 🙂 Moved here instead of NY, and am loving it!

  16. wanarace101 says:

    russell peters is hilarious.  never got a chance to see him live though.  tickets always sold out when i finds out about it. 

  17. shelleyleong says:

    There’s one coming up in October. Hope you can make it!

  18. korndogg27 says:

    did you see the standup of peters when he cused in tagalog? the translation was overtly watered down!

  19. korndogg27 says:

    btw peters was in GWU this summer.. missed it, but i did see MYMP instead.

  20. KatZone says:

    haha that video never gets boring!

  21. RYC: life is good! Still pursuing my goals. How is it in the states? I know…. I love the CAD dollar parity too.

  22. Sounds like too much pain for me.

  23. EternalLove says:

    thanks. any plans for the long weekend?

  24. thasthat says:

    ur so athletic!

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