life has been good

i’ve never been so active in my life.  basketball, volleyball/beach volleyball, weight training, running spread out throughout the entire week… and i am loving it! 

trying to get some ventures up and running here in the bay area and newport beach so i can live back in nyc for a year or so.  i will have to wait and see then.  all i can do is release them.

we have different ways on how we see things.  it could be due to our upbringing or the environment.  nevertheless, we cannot truly say that one or the other is absolutely right or wrong. 

a harvard business professor asked half of his class to take a glimpse of a young woman’s picture for 10 seconds.  the other half was asked to take a look at the picture of an elderly woman.  the professor then showed this picture below to the class and both had different points of view just from a ten-second impression of what they saw before. 

the students who saw the young woman had a more positive look at the picture.  they’d like to take her out, the women would like to be her friend, and the others would recommend her to a modeling agency.  the other group who saw an elderly woman thought otherwise. 

paradigm shift

according to stephen covey, if ten seconds could change the way we look at things, what more could a lifetime of social upbringing or the environment bring forth to our perceptions?  nonetheless, this is where we have to look at where the person is coming from so we can fully understand them better instead of arguing with them. 

we are looking at the same picture/experience/value/principle but the way we perceive it commensurately lies on how we see the world as it is.  and all of us will always have different points of view on some experiences.

so i forgive everyone tonight.  my bad 🙂

new york.  cova ya eez if ya don’t like it.

rejection is target correction.  failure is a fertilizer, it stinks, but it sure grows good people. –denis waitley


24 Comments on “life has been good”

  1. pinback49531 says:

    sorry i’ve not talked to you in awhile. it’s been a helluva summer and i’ve been so busy, but hey! exercise is great! i ran 6 miles today!

  2. holla for a dollllaaa!!!! “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins keep you happy – and happy people don’t kill people” wahahahaha
    i shall bug you when you’re in the city so get them ventures going pronto

  3. Aznqt1 says:

    i hear ya on the exercise. that’ll be cool when you get to the city!

  4. Empyre says:

    perception is a crazy thing. personally, i don’t think its effects can be cataloged and set to instruction. it varies way too much person to person, situation to situation and experience to experience.i’ve had things i’ve tried to change for years. then one day, someone says something simple and my perception on the situation has totally changed. yet other things can be totally irrelevant to one person and send another into a blind rage.the human mind is a crazy complex organ. personally, i think it’s just a tool for our true being, our souls, to operate within the laws of this thing we call reality.

  5. I saw this picture a few years ago and was able to see the old lady. but I just cant seem to focus enough to see her anymore. Very strange

  6. Awwww… good entry! RYC: NYE in NYC is going to be HOT!

  7. mooks_dayoo says:

    10 secs can change how we look at things.. if we use this mechanism to our advantage, positive change in outlook can be almost instantaneous.

  8. thasthat says:

    i see both. trippy!

  9. rittachu says:

    so what do you see first? I saw this is black and white before and as i remember, I saw the old lady first when it is b/w but with color, I actually see young lady first……

  10. crystal_cage says:

    oh that ever bugging pic… it can always be a matter of perspective then again… it’s interesting too to decipher the beginnings of such perspective, how it came to be… and the major influences… just messing around…

  11. cindee_rella says:

    perspective is definitely an interesting topic…awesome entry!

  12. Dolly_Yan says:

    heyy thx for dropp’n by!

  13. nx_revival says:

    i seriously love those quotes of stephen covey and the one at the end of ur post 🙂
    and here’s something that i got from a book, regarding right or wrong : “there is no right or wrong. just consequences of ur action”

  14. girl_smileyy says:

    my prof did that too. i totally saw the young girl.

  15. Anonymous says:

    at least someone’s life is worth living!

  16. jadedoll42 says:

    love that quote. and that picture. i always forget how to see the young girl. i always see the elderly woman.

  17. ChoCo_LoCo says:

    nooo i wish i was in cali actually!! i hope cali is treating you niceeee

  18. Anonymous says:

    I was never able to see the old lady until someone specifically drew it out for me.
    It’s all about perception isn’t it. Having the ability to see and accept perspectives beyond your own is truly a great asset. And I think the sooner you learn to do so, the easier life can become.

  19. ryc:  actually, it’s in beltsville. 

  20. wanarace101 says:

    yes absolutely right.

  21. wait wait wait…. whats wrong with the NY mets????

  22. girl_smileyy says:

    ryc: vancouver TRIES to be like cali. minus the weather but the same kinda pretention!

  23. shelleyleong says:

    Everyone’s perspective can be so different. I remember trying that picture out when I was a little kid in a science discovery museum.Oh, I’m in SF!

  24. I have used that visual image in class before – trying to show my students that there are always different ways to see things. 🙂

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