finish strong

back east, a former gym trainer of mine would tell me that no matter how strenuous my workouts were, only one thought should be churning inside my head: the words “finish strong.”  he pounded the same statement over and over throughout all of the program until i started puffing out the same phrase on the workouts.  “finish strong” while sprinting 2 miles in 4 minutes.  “finish strong” while performing supersets on three forms and sets of 200-lb bench presses, 90-lb dead-lifts, and pull-ups.  “finish strong” while doing 50 jump push-ups and working on my core with weighted ab exercises for stability.  and all that good stuff.  the people i met at the gym always told my trainer that i was always beaten down to a pulp everytime we did our routine.  and no kidding, i believe i was; all drenched all over that one acquaintance told me i was so sweaty.  haha  i don’t blame her.  but during that phase; i successfully achieved one of my greatest physiques yet.  the written goal finally turned itself into reality.

finish strong.

in life, i totally admit that i bailed out on several occasions wherein the idea was not worth it in the long run.  that i had to move on because i felt i was going on a plateau or wasting my time.  at work, business, in relationships and social matters, turning points such as those tell us whether it is time to move on.  what good is it to continue fighting for something if the long-term results will only make you miserable?  frankly speaking, pushing the eject button is always the easiest way to abandon ship… and with all the logical musings and consideration, these decisions may be worth their while since essentially… there is nowhere else to go. 

there may be a whole lot of those dead-ends wherein we could easily burn bridges, but there would also be some that still have hope once we decide to persevere no matter how hard life gets.  and these are the bridges that go on forever.  the connections convince us that there actually is another segment of the bridge from one after the other.  and by knowing that these bridges go for the long run, we tell ourselves to “finish strong” in any shape or form.  a meaningful relationship may experience clashing from both parties until everything goes smooth sailing or by impulse (she’s getting into her fits now so i better start dropping this argument…), a new responsibility or career opportunity may take tons of headaches and meticulous work before it becomes second nature, the transition to a new place or lifestyle could take some time to take effect until everything gets settled in, a venture could take a while before it takes off and becomes successful… the works.  but above all, from all these sticking through and finishing strong throughout it all is where we see the greatest results.  and we are proud to say that we did not just get there, but we got there with all that we got.


i may be the last to know this, but h.s.b.c. stands for hong kong and shanghai banking corporation…. and hsbc is such a huge bank in the us, acquiring other big financial institutions up in the yingyang.


11 Comments on “finish strong”

  1. mooks_dayoo says:

    i think hsbc is a british bank. they made the bank in hk when they used to own it.

  2. “finish strong”… i like it =)

  3. ever since i watched that movie “Hitch” I’ve lived by one of his quote: “Begin each day as if it were on purpose”… I am not adding “Finish strong” to it. ❤
    Nasan ka na ngayon? east side west side?

  4. Empyre says:

    unfinished ventures should only be regretful if you never learned something. if you picked something up, learned something new or made a new friend then you may not have ‘finished’ by your own standards but it was hardly a for the hsbc thing, china already owns a lot of us anyhow. the real estate industry was booming for a while because lenders were giving money out to just about everyone that wanted one to buy a house. most people were then wreckless and took out a mortgage or two to buy cars, vacations and the like trying to live that ‘american dream’.the sad thing is, this is what our government implored us to do.. bush even directly encouraged us to live it up. guess he wanted to be too much like reagan except he forgot that he screwed our economy up too bad for we’re seeing a record number of foreclosures and people taking huge losses just so they don’t end up getting theirs pulled out from under them. the lending industry, via the gov’t has sold off all this debt to foreign investors (a LOT to china) in order to keep the economy from collapsing. and the treasury is writing IOUs (in the form of bonds) to the federal reserve so they can pump more money into the country. this however is deflating the value of the dollar and we’ll be lucky if our new fancy c-notes don’t end up as fuel for our fireplaces like in europe after their economy am i glad i never bought a house..

  5. Empyre says:

    (btw, i keep thinking of rex navarette every time i say hSBC in my head)

  6. Empyre says:

    thanks.. i actually just started reading up on the whole thing a few months ago. i don’t really know a lot about the industry, i just pick things up REALLY quickly.jack of all trades, master of none. 😉

  7. Empyre says:

    as for the girl thing, forget it.. they don’t talk to me so meh, whatever. i’m happy the way i am and don’t really want the ones that need me to prove myself beyond who i am everyday. if i gotta tell someone who and how i am then they weren’t really interested in getting to know me themselves anyway. takes a genuine person to get my attention. ;)(sorry for the comment spam!)

  8. Anonymous says:

    A kick in the nuts…

  9. EternalLove says:

    finish strong..i like that..I’ll keep that in mind “sprinting 2 miles in 4 minutes. supersets on three forms and sets of 200-lb bench presses, 90-lb dead-lifts, pull-ups. 50 jump push-ups and working on core with weighted ab exercises for stability. and all that good stuff. “-?! that’s crazy-yet amazing how u do hour & half work out of cardio, bicycle, push up, abs, jump rope, stretch & etc-that’s all & only-i can do..shrug.

  10. girl_smileyy says:

    ryc: haha no party down here. but i did fall in love with the bay area. love love love.

  11. sadly, im not sure what to say…. =/

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