met someone who was from boston and moved to sunnyvale.  i told him that last mach, i ate clam chowdah at the bastn harbr.  they still had the red sox pictures pinned up to their wall.

been pretty active with sports lately.  was playing volleyball at the sand courts near palm and symantec.  now i’m not surprised a lot of software/computer engineers could play too.

how often do you help perfect strangers?  i’m not sure about all of you but we may see acts of kindness from people whom we just bump into on occasion.  blame it on the media or whatnot, but i’m always sure there are the good ones left out there.  i’ve been helped when i thought there was no more hope at all, and there are these God-sent angels who come our way when we thought we could not hold on any longer.  when all else fails, someone comes along and they become the people we remember all our lives.

i just got out of the post office earlier and was approached by a woman who needed a ride a few blocks away from where i was going.  it was actually out of my way.  she said that after parking her car on a public street while flying out-of-state for over a week, the new santa clara county ordinance had to tow her car away.  on top of that, she had to pay a boatload just to get her car back.  i still could not comprehend how she ended up at the post office, but without hesitation i told her to hop right in and dropped her off to her destination.  she seemed happy after we got to her workplace, and it would have taken her at least 45 minutes under the midday sun to walk back even though it was breezy outside.  i know i’ve been helped by such wonderful people in the past – perfect strangers or not, so if i get the opportunity to return the favor i would do so.

everyday we meet people who are very powerful.  not because they have all the riches or anything that connotes power in this world, but because they had the internal strength to overcome situations that you never thought would happen.  those who survived abusive households (cuts and bruises from their arms), who had to struggle to find shelter every night (or live in unsanitary places before they got to where they wanted to be), who endured endless torments from social situations (from being disowned or abandoned), and all the strife imaginable.  i give my respect to all of you…

a powerful lesson i learned from a great person… you can do to things on every obstacle: either feel bad about it or do something about it.  i already have a choice.

grateful everyday.


21 Comments on “signage”

  1. ChoCo_LoCo says:

    bread bowl clamm chowduhhhh hehe
    did u move to sunny cali???

  2. wallbounce says:

    one of my guy friends experienced a similar situation. he just found parking outside his place on mission (you know how difficult parking is in the mission district), and this good-looking woman asked him for a ride home. she apparently had gotten into an argument with her driver and was so upset that she asked the closest stranger, my friend, for a ride. so he was nice enough to give her a ride home. he didn’t have as much luck finding another parking spot when he was back home again, but he did get a date with her in return for his favor. LOL

  3. decipherme1 says:

    your entries always reflect altruistic qualities you possess. 🙂

  4. PkStarburst says:

    wow, that’s sweet of you. good karma. I would’ve given her money to take a cab…

  5. Wow… that was very nice of you but I would’ve been scared shitless if she asked me.

  6. rittachu says:

    Very kind of you…I don’t mind to ride with a stranger lady, but not a guy even tho he looks totally like a gentleman…

  7. wanarace101 says:

    i like the last 2 sentences.  and to me it’s all of the past that made me who i am

  8. Anonymous says:

    i hate the new yorker… they are too posh for me…
    after I am done with this, i think i will submit it into Granta or Zoetrope…
    they are so much cooler…

  9. EternalLove says:

    as they say..CA people are nice(r)

  10. LadyALin says:

    I believe there are still good, kindhearted people out there.  These people are heroes to me- They’ll do things big or small to make a difference and to help someone else not expecting anything in return.  I love volunteering and doing community service; seeing what one person can do to inflict change or put a smile on someone’s face is simply amazing.  That’s cool that you were able to help that stranger out.  I see ppl hitchhiking/needing a ride from time to time, but I just can’t do it.  I guess being a girl and seeing too many “bad scenarios” on tv and in movies, I’m just scared for my own safety. 
    In response to your comment: I guess when it comes to dating, if it’s just casual, I guess I don’t have to reveal “everything”, right?  As in I really don’t have to tell them if I’m also talking to someone else.  That’s my own business.  I think they should know or expect that coming into it.  That’s not necessarily “cheating” if feelings haven’t developed.  And as for the guy, he actually wasn’t okay w/ this since he’s more traditional and only wants to date/pursue one person at a time since he’s looking for a serious relationship right now.  But he caved. ;P  (He’s giving it a chance).

  11. Wow, what a powerful entry.  I just wanted to say that I applaude you for helping that person.  Since I can remember, I have always been a HUGE caregiver.  I take care of people.  I’m a huge nurturer. I’ve been know to drop off $20 to people who are homeless or just open doors for strangers.  I get such a huge reward from that, along with just helping!  I’m not saying this to be conceited – I just love coming across people that care about people like I do.  🙂 

  12. Anonymous says:

    thanks! : )  i’ve definately been *saved* by random *strangers* more than once in my life.  i think there are lots of *every day angels* out there.  they just get over-looked all too often.  only when tradgedy strikes do people start looking for heroes…when in reality…there were right there all along.

  13. shelleyleong says:

    I too believe that there are still good people out there. Each one of us can make a change to add to that. As the australians say , “Good on ya, mate!”

  14. keep on believing

  15. to believe in others, you must first believe in yourself….
    to help others, you must help yourself, but some do not realize helping others is helping themselves….
    yes, that line may contradict, but in a way it does make sense.
    i realize the wonderful feeling i receive when helping others out each day…. it makes me want to be a better person because of the good deed that i’ve done. unfortunately, putting others first than yourself, has it’s disadvantages…. at the end it’s the smiles that really counts…. =) 

  16. Lizbianish says:

    I was in Cali last week.
    They don’t have an In and Out in NY!

  17. mooks_dayoo says:

    great entry, it’s good to help others.

  18. Empyre says:

    south bay is hot and full of asian women, just the way i like it! o/moving in with jin downtown starting next week.. should be good for some trouble. 😉

  19. Empyre says:

    well i’m on vacation next week. i’ve been wanting to hang out and do something but work got nuts. the last instructor other than me is leaving in a week and the workload has been guys find something to do starting next friday and i’ll probably be down. just no strip clubs..

  20. rkteck1245 says:

    just pure laid-back chillin, man.  i don’t do strip clubs either.  you probably got that from e. haha

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