i lingered over her address.  the last time i saw her was on this same vivid place, only that i couldn’t see her through the murky distance.  she was amidst throngs of friends and priceless living treasures.  the weather was overcast that day so i decided to keep what i wanted to tell her to myself.  i was afraid that would be the last time that i saw her, and for many months i had the same regret sneaking inside my head.  i should have told her what i meant to tell her… and i thought that was the last of it.

i was wrong.

i was somewhere around the hills of half moon bay on this sunny bay area weather.  a token of her remnants were carved on the earth.  i realized the last time i saw her was just the beginning.  her essence slowly permeating through the earth’s tear-drenched soul that day was a telltale sign for me to come back.  i tried gazing within me to see if there was something missing in my life.  i then realized that all the troubles that i have seen in my life are worth nothing than the very soul that is keeping me alive and grateful today.  i felt the cool wind blowing through me and realized that she heard what i just said.  the breeze communicated through the surface indicating that she would be with us forever.

life is short.  no matter how much the hurt and troubles, i’d rather tell someone how much i feel before it’s too late.  repitition may defile sincerity, but i believe memories are made through repitition… and they relentlessly last within our memories forever.


there’s a time to be serious, and there’s a time to be light-hearted.  however, humor and gratefulness are what keep me going through life’s challenges.  i once learned that if i keep on focusing on the downside, the more i end up experiencing similar circumstances.  thus, i don’t focus my energies on murphy’s law.  of course i have to keep my reality in check, but it’s always great to keep myself on the lighter side of things.  i’m at opportunist at heart, and there’s nothing wrong with it despite the storms i pass through.  no matter how bad things go, you’d still see a smile on my face.  i just can’t waste my time on situations that don’t do me any good, and that’s just me.  the storms may come by the score, but when opportunities arrive, they also come in giant strides.


important message from batman: you have to be serious to get this message as we have to save the world. 



20 Comments on “l.i.f.e.”

  1. aznsam999 says:

    yeah, if i really feel strongly about something, i’ll say it. even if it meant looking stupid.ryc: yeah, it’s a nice day. a nice day to stand in line to watch the bourne ultimatum

  2. Empyre says:

    that video was a great follow-up to your post. i was totally not expecting that.. nice wan!

  3. decipherme1 says:

    but “RICK”… pride keeps coming in the way…. my responsibility to guard my heart comes in the way….  :(what do i do then?

  4. “life is short. no matter how much the hurt and troubles, i’d rather tell someone how much i feel before it’s too late.” I couldn’t agree more!

  5. korndogg27 says:

    batman sounded like he’s yawning and trying to tell me what chores i have to do around the house… to some near-reggaeton beat
    try that and youll get what i mean.

  6. rittachu says:

    house painting…well, we tought of it but no….we hire someone to do it for us and I think thats a good idea considering that we have 15′-0 tall ceiling and the 3 sotry stairway to do….man….It would kill my neck…

  7. wanarace101 says:

    hahahhaha we go way back.

  8. wanarace101 says:

    hahahhaha we go way back.

  9. Lizbianish says:

    thanks. :)by the way, i was wonderwoman for halloween

  10. yes, you’re right…. I’m experience it right now that feeling for someone whom i want to tell but when it comes to reality, just can’t, just gotta keep moving.

  11. Lizbianish says:

    if i go as the oracle i’ll get arrested for public indecency

  12. no matter how much love you may have for someone, if that love is not returned, the situation you placed yourself into may become very awkward not that the friendship has been destroyed in away. sometimes, if you know something may not come of it, then it’s best to not say it at all… it all depends on the situation and who the person you are expressing your feelings to.
    i am not disagreeing with you, just we all have a different way of thinking. sometimes, it is just best to leave it alone. somethings are just not meant to happen no matter how much you may want it. it just doesnt work that way. life doesnt work that way. you dont always get what you want. the best thing is just to move on.
    i’ve experienced it way too much to see it fall apart in front of me. at the end, no matter how hard it is to put a smile on…. just gotta do it…. just for the time being…. till the heart has time to heal.
    most people say, live life with no regrets, but i find it hard to believe that statement to be true… we all make mistakes, but when we make a mistake to hurt others, and we dont realize it till it is too late… that becomes a regret to someone…
    i dont know what im saying… just hard to explain… blah! =P i’ll just leave it at that….this is almost as long as the message i sent you! YIKES! hehe… enjoy life while you can dear… =)

  13. mooks_dayoo says:

    yea, so thankful for that humbling experience. gonna use it to improve my life situation… i think my streak of trying to stay “up there” came from my alco intake. that’s gone, so i should be ok. :)”the storms may come by the score, but when opportunities arrive, they also come in giant strides.”o-hellz-yea.

  14. KatZone says:

    life is definitely too short….it’s all about perspective and attitude!

  15. Anonymous says:

    sometimes people don’t deserve it…
    you pour out your heart and realize that who you thought they were was not who they really are.

  16. you know.. there’s a perfect saying for this…. as what forest gump would say.. “life is like a box of chocolate… you never know what your gonna get…”

  17. girl_smileyy says:

    i like how batman thinks.ryc: i’m actually driving down to california next week to fish for prospects!

  18. shelleyleong says:

    Yes. Life is short. Never try, never know.

  19. EternalLove says:

    love her voice..i can listen to it over and over again-’til i fall asleep.

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