the secret life of driving habits

i get intrigued by what people or their rides tell about themselves when you see their turn signals flashing.  i’d appreciate your thoughts.

intermittent turn signal flash: “i’ve got a cool turn signal”

one turn signal flash: “i’m a smooth driver, just wanted to let you know that i’m passing by”

fast signal flash: “i’m a racer and i want to race with you”

no signal: “bah, the car i overtook will understand” -or- “take this, moth…”

turn signal flashing for the last minute and driver still couldn’t merge: “got a lot of thoughts in my head right now” -or- “you’re still tailgaiting me!” 

turn signal still flashing after merging lanes: “i didn’t notice the turn signal still blinking”

turn signal in red: “that’s my brake, idiot.  backoff!”


now how about hand-on-wheel reading?

both hands on opposite sides of the wheel: student driver -or- aarp candidate

both hands on upper wheel: anxious

right hand on lower wheel: relaxed with head resting all the way past the other half of the ride

palm of right hand underneath upper wheel with left hand crossing it: about to make a huge turn, u-wie -or- threatening to overturn the ride

left hand on arm rest: long-distance driver -or- family man

left hand on upper wheel: racer

left hand on upper wheel with right hand on cheek: gangsta

right hand on upper left wheel: gangsta with hip-hop video influence

right hand on upper wheel: trying to create a wall between co-pilot -or- the left hand sticking out the window

no hands: soccer mom multi-tasking -or- kid on merry-go-round


the brother in l.a. who didn’t mind dropping his younger sisters off gets a check from the kind mailman who got away with a warning from an understanding california highway patrol officer who got a call from the hospital stating that his wife was going to be ok before he flies out to meet her in san francisco after giving birth according to the physician in ucsf who got promoted to director by the incumbent head because the latter and her husband in seattle could finally retire in their vacation island when their portfolio manager from washington dc announced the good news that morning after he found a way to beat the market from a nyse stockbroker on a train during rush hour gave him the tip after realizing that he had a great recommendation and promotion from his boss in manhattan after his boss got saved by the messenger outside from being hit by a truck at the crosswalk because the messenger woke up happy earlier that day realizing that his now girlfriend was going to live with him in new jersey.

the domino effect.  wireless mindset network.

every adversity has within it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit – n.hill

  • SAP Systems Analyst II (FICO) at Goodrich Aerostructures
  • Senior Project Manager – Eastern Europe at NCR Teradata
  • Senior Product Operations Manager at Under Armour, Inc.
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    23 Comments on “the secret life of driving habits”

    1. πŸ™‚  It’s from a Shakespeare play called Hamlet. 
      Take care!

    2. PkStarburst says:

      we’re all connected. =)

    3. mooks_dayoo says:

      longest dominoe i’ve seen put into words, only one period too.

    4. cindee_rella says:

      apparently there will be 2 sequels that’s what i’ve heard at least

    5. EternalLove says:

      hawaii sounds nice.i think ill miss the winter season tho.

    6. decipherme1 says:

      and yet.. life STILL goes on for everyone… life… it’s interesting, scary, and full or surprises, yea?

    7. korndogg27 says:

      pre- MYMP concert sa maryland sa sabado!

    8. KatZone says:

      hmm none of those driving habits fit me! I’m a minimum of 3 blink turn signal and left hand on lower left side of the wheel.

    9. Empyre says:

      thanks man, but i’m far from a nice guy. i definitely try, but God still has a LOT of work to do. i also get the feeling i’m gonna need a strong woman eventually to keep me in check.. i’ve got a nasty habit of not being able to deal with stupid and disrespectful people. =(

    10. Swt_LiL_Kimi says:

      haha I now observe EVERYONES hands on their wheel when i drive with them!!!! Interesting. Its like a kind of palm reading. =D

    11. Lizbianish says:

      i took the written portion of the examand i laughed out loud.
      & LE GASP! you didn’t comment on your own post!

    12. ryc: too late dude. imma blog about it later, after i get off from work. πŸ™‚

    13. Anonymous says:

      Modern is not that great

    14. ChoCo_LoCo says:

      omg it was crazy. i really thought it was a terrorist attack!! but THank the LORD it wasn’t. haha i was covered in dirt and water.. someone wanted to youtube me.. haha but i passed the opportunity.

    15. Lizbianish says:

      Because I’m a ass mess. πŸ™‚

    16. Empyre says:

      i would go up and yell at them man but the majority of the time it’s the 2 kids and the mom is a single mom that is rarely at home. when she is, she is just as bad as they are. i’m actually going to call child protective services via the SJPD next time they pull some crap like that late at night.not gonna put myself into a situation where i could be the bad guy, especially to children that haven’t been taught the difference between right and wrong.

    17. Umnenga says:

      No signal just means you are living in South Africa

    18. Lizbianish says:

      ohhhhh yeah. :)ANYWAYS.

    19. girl_smileyy says:

      are there that many connotations with driving?? i had no clue!

    20. ryc: thanks for making me laugh with that “bump and grind” comment. i needed that. πŸ™‚

    21. ryc: nope. still in taipei.

    22. Lizbianish says:

      no, the one when david tennant first stars in!i think it’s called doomsday.EVERYONE DIES.

    23. Astrid_YSL says:

      i always, Daddy someeetimes..
      i drive w/ my fingers, two of them.

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