silycon valley – in pursuit of happyness

finally got my ride from the east coast.  i was on the road one late morning, getting preoccupied about the goings-on, possibilities, and feasibilities of life – you know, just like the rest of us – and then suddenly, i realized that i should be appreciating the sunny weather and scenery around me.  just reminded me of spencer johnson’s “the present.”  “who moved my cheese” is a classic too.  thus, i started appreciating the moment from thereon…

my left thigh just healed itself after a weekend of running around and playing tag at a friend’s pool in roseville.  was running away from getting tagged, jumped off the ledge, slipped, and hit my thigh against an underwater pool step.  i am getting old.  now i’m having second thoughts of doing back flips. 

it’s funny that you live in a certain area and you don’t even visit the spots that tourists will die for just to have their picture taken.  well, thunder valley casino isn’t a “spot” but it’s one of the pitstop landmarks around sacramento going to tahoe.  i’ve never been to alcatraz after living in the bay area for so long.  never visited the lincoln memorial when i lived in dc. 

i was about to cross the san mateo bridge, ready to hand out my change to the toll gate person, and i didn’t realize that the left-most lane at that time was for carpoolers (yeah, silly me, huh?).  after passing by the manless kiosk i started to slow down and busted a u through the transportation office in the huge area separating both directions.  i then asked one personnel lounging outside that i wanted to go through the toll booth again to pay for the toll.  with all the guilt and shame, he amazingly told me to forget about it and head straight back to the bridge.  luckily, the good cop car on the side didn’t pull me over.

fuhgettabout it.  “analyze this” and other comedy movies involving the italian mafia are on my favorite list.

been out in the silicon valley area lately.  it’s funny you see words such as ebay, sun microsystems, intel, google, etc. online and next thing you know, you see those words right in front of building complexes.  never seen virus names on one building yet though. 

federer won…  happy sunday!

  • Sr. Analyst- Market Research at Seagate
  • SAP networking event in San Diego, July 18th (open to SAP professionals, please RSVP) at Goodrich Aerostructures
  • Director, Human Interface at Palm, Inc.
  • Business Development Manager – Mobile Security at McAfee
  • Sr. IT Recruiter at Assurant
  • Director of Business Development at OnePIN, Inc.
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    27 Comments on “silycon valley – in pursuit of happyness”

    1. shelleyleong says:

      hahahahahahah I love that video! .. cause I always make fun of all the noises/grunts the tennis players make on these big games. I guess it kind of adds to the on screen ‘action’. :)Thanks for your comments on my new video and blog. So kind of you 🙂 Re: tour to west coast or california, I really would LOVE to do one. I’m not too familiar with tour organizers or performance venues there though. If you have any to recommend or anyone who might be interested to bring little ol’ me over, feel free to let me know. Cheers & sunshine!

    2. Anonymous says:

      commitment is for losers!

    3. hahaa! you actually turned back around to try to pay for the toll! sillie!

    4. ChoCo_LoCo says:

      thanks so much!!i really appreciate your comment. it was such a humbling experience– definitely an eye opener!!!

    5. hehe…. silly clip…
      regards to your blog…. i’ve lived in sacramento my whole life…. even then, i dont go out much. i do go to games once in awhile just so i can say…”i’ve experienced that before….” i try to visit other places as much as i can… but nothing says it more than the comfort at home…. i love it here.
      702 is a band…. they sang the song.. “you’ll just never know…”
      it is also an area code as well though i’m not sure what city.
      memories….sigh…. there are the goods and the bads… 

    6. aznsam999 says:

      works for bay bridge too. muhaha

    7. Anonymous says:

      yea we recently had one. But we travel alot. Sometimes once a month & sometimes every other month.

    8. rittachu says:

      well, I guess so even my heart is still with Cali…..hope to move to San Diago next we are moving…..

    9. thanks for your comment.  yeah, it’s always nice to slow down and appreciate the good things in life.  ya know…i went to texas and saw an elegant, glass skyscraper…with a huge, bubbly, cartoonish Shakey’s Pizza sign hanging incongruously at the top.  it was so funny i started cracking up…all by myself.  😦 

    10. Lizbianish says:

      I’m going to the US Open! See, there is a good thing that comes out of living in NYC.Nadal’s hotter.

    11. Lizbianish says:

      then why you be at places where firecrotches like paris hilton live?

    12. eeek that is scary to fall into a pool like that… glad to hear you’re okay

    13. girl_smileyy says:

      silicon valley .. always hear about it and wondered how it’s like!

    14. Empyre says:

      did i answer your question about where in SJ i am? been so busy my mind is blank on that one. =

    15. Swt_LiL_Kimi says:

      Ouch!! hope your leg feels beter. Tag?? WOW… i havent played that in a long time. Shall add to my “must do” list. hahaTourist and pictures.. yes. any place and anyone. A girl once had me take a picture with her in soho… I was labeled “A real new york city girl”ryc: Daydreaming keeps me sane.

    16. dahan dahan naman pare! tanda mo na! =D

    17. Empyre says:

      i would strongly suggest NOT moving to the area i live.. people here are just (in general) way too disrespectful and just plain idiotic. not everyone, mind you, but a lot for sure. do yourself a favor and go 5+ miles north, east or west from where i am. i’m packing up to move right now actually as i search for a better place to live.can’t believe i stayed here for 2.5 years!

    18. yea, be careful next time. rheumatism might hit you anytime soon. jk. 🙂
      ryc: i think i got it bad. i dont want to admit thism but i think i’ve been waiting in the wing for almost a year now. he’s a good friend — a buddy… and now that he’s off the hook, the feelings just got stronger. ugh.

    19. EternalLove says: comes the weekend..(already!?)have a good one.

    20. pinback49531 says:

      Federer is amazing. Sigh.

    21. Ouch, that sounds painful.  Federer is amazing.  Just got into tennis this year, I know, where have I been?  hahahaWhat ride did you get?  Car?  Motorcycle?

    22. Um, in terms of what?  hahaha  How are we like minded?

    23. Ohhhhhhhhh, right!  I’m wonderful, of course. lol Just joking :)~ Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad there are others out there like us 😉  Ever hear the mantra: This above all to thine own self be true.  I try to live that every day. xo amy

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