east coast vs west coast

i am compelled to write this because i have been noticing astounding, if not nuanced, observations with such social occurences… and i’m talking about east coast vs. west coast. oh no, it’s not a biggie / pac thing. i’m talking about ostensible differences between coast to coast cultures. for one, some individuals would say people in the west coast are more laid back than those in the east coast.  this may be due to the weather, the beach, hollywood, tech creativity in silicon valley, and the scenery. on the other hand, others would say those in the east coast are more intellectual and highly-cultured, thanks to broadway, sophistication and fashion in nyc, wall street, government and politics in the white house, ivy league, etc, than their western counterparts.  as a disclaimer, the east coast also has its nice beaches like florida’s and the west coast has its great academia that make it to usnews’ top colleges… and vice versa, just to name a few.  however, you may notice that i agree with the juxtaposed comparison of both coasts to some extent.  or maybe there could even be no difference at all!  an acquaintance from the dc area moved out west and noticed that the only difference he saw was there were a lot more asians out in california.  i have only been noticing differences here and there and i am asking you to be the judge of its accuracy… and that is why i am writing this entry.  🙂 

i have only been back here in the bay area and for the most part, people whom i just newly met are apparently friendlier and talk more comfortably to me than those who i first meet in the east. last night, a good friend introduced me to friends at a restaurant and at the end of the evening they all seemed like i have known them forever. another instance was when i tagged along with a buddy to his clients in san francisco, and the clients seemed very friendly with me even though it was the first time i dealt with them. don’t get me wrong, east coast people are friendly too.  i met a lot of great people out there.  i also heard that the carolinas and further down south are laid back.  they have the southern hospitality culture such as georgia’s and louisiana’s (yeap, i’ve met very hospitable folks from the cajun side), but east coasters have a way of reaching out to you which is in a way different than on the west side (wesssiiide!).  ok, maybe this: california people are more open to relate to strangers than their eastern counterparts.  true?

i was reading at this one website about coast-to-coast comparison and he mentioned something about how people from both coasts dress for certain occasions.  a colleague from new york once wore a suit to a recital in seattle, only to find the rest of the guests wearing jeans and dressed-down clothes. he said that broadway would have been a much different story as people out there are known to wear suits on every occasion.  could be the nyc fashion.  on the contrary, an associate told me that he had already been giving attitude to people who give it first in california, so when he moved to new york, he fit right in.  i noticed that east coasters tend to be nosy with other people’s business.  i actually did not start yelling at perfect strangers and their stupidity frequently in public until i moved east.  i’m not sure why, but west coast people in general don’t care what others do around them.  it’s funny but maybe it’s just me.  you never know, being “generally” hard on the east coast may be an overtone for being serious with intellectual and social matters.  californians are said to be happy-go-lucky people.  um, maybe not that much… but it’s true in a way.

remember that sunscreen track?  live in new york city once but leave before it makes you too hard.  live in northern california once but leave before it makes you too soft.

someone said that people are waaay too happy in california. people from the other side say that californians are so detached from current affairs, and that’s why a huge number of them despise the current government – which i don’t really blame them for doing so.  however, the dc area is mostly comprised of blue states, and so is new york.  after living in the dc area for so long, i noticed that there are some aspects that i didn’t see while i was out in cali until i lived in the capital.  you get some perspective here and there.  matter of fact (and i failed to mention this… thanks james), cali people are also concerned with current affairs and most especially in the social aspects of it.  i was part of some of the environmental, social and tuition increase demonstrations for some time.  maybe it’s the way we express our outlook with news.   but then again, i may be wrong.  thoughts, anyone?

is it also true that the stress levels in the east coast are higher than in the west?  i also heard that the further you go up northeast, the harder people get.  someone, please verify that *coughkatcough*.  people are more prone to sickness than out in cali. people in the east coast talk more about current affairs, culture, and their surroundings more often. or for the most part, the content of their conversations have a serious tone. people on the west coast talk about the good life most of the time. but then again, it probably just depends on who you mingle with the most.  or maybe it’s just the weather.  we were watching the oscars on tv early this year, noticing the beautiful l.a. sky on the red carpet background, while outside our pad was a blizzard.  hmmm…

to some extent, someone also mentioned that canada has the same situation.  toronto (east) could also be compared to new york while vancouver (west) could also be the same as the west coast area.

ok, some of my obervations.  either way, i still love both coasts.  i did not even include the midwest and mountain areas, and you can add your observations on that (texas is also laid back, so i heard).  nonetheless, i won’t be stuck in one coast my entire life, so i will be visiting a lot of cities more often.  i know a lot of people from california who moved out east; and conversely, it’s a two-way street.  thus, the intermingling of cultures is so prevalent that i can’t even put what i just wrote down to stone.  mixing cultures make the world go round…

what are your thoughts?

by the way, california just started pulling over motorists who use their cell phones while driving.  dc was first a few years ago.

happy 4th everyone! 🙂

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    32 Comments on “east coast vs west coast”

    1. Interesting… you know which coast I am rooting for right? LOLI’ve been to the west coast (cali) and I must say they are not as quick over there… Maybe New Yorker’s are just always in a rush and want everything quick quick quick… time is money… =)

    2. pinback49531 says:

      i actually prefer west over east…surprisingly.

    3. mooks_dayoo says:

      left coast is the best coast, finally pulling over those celly people, nice!.! FINALLY!

    4. Empyre says:

      sorry man.. girls are just not attracted to me.. not even for roommates. /shrug. i accept that.. it’s why God made me video games. =D

    5. Thank you so much for posting to my blog 🙂   I’m voting for Midwest!!!  But I absolutely love the west coast!!

    6. Empyre says:

      oh, and in response to your post.. having grown up on the east coast, i found that just because it’s closer to politics and government, people in general over there have NO clue what is really going on there. the only area less oblivious to the truth is the plains, texas and a few of the southern states.stereotype? maybe a little.. but polls show that the shoe fits. that being said, the west coast has its’ own levels of stupidity that are just as mind-blowing.. but people in general are definitely less conservative and uptight. it’s why i like it here.. second to the diversity.

    7. KatZone says:

      I’ve always loved that sunscreen piece! thanks for posting it as a reminder. So far I’ve learned that the west coast is definitely more laid back, cleaner, more materialistic, and nicer but not always sincere. East coast is dirtier, fast paced w/ more excitement, people have more “character.” But I’m with you, I like both coasts because they both have their pros and cons.

    8. Umnenga says:

      Its a bit like that in South Africa.  The coast is very laid back. Durban and East London are the capital of laid back.  Everyone inland is very uptight and generally we don’t like them and have lots of nasty jokes about their driving. 

    9. Anonymous says:

      Thank you very much. Happy 4th

    10. Empyre says:

      i’m not doing jack for the 4th man.. kinda partied a little too hard last weekend and i’m just getting too old for this stuff. i might possibly be going to angels in SJ tonight for some friends’ b-day, but not 100% sure i’ll even make that, though.

    11. Lizbianish says:

      Well, you know how much I hate California.

    12. aahhh the battle of the coasts… way to put me on blast. thanks. hahah.
      i’ve been in the east coast a majority of my life but visited the west on several instances. i was a die-hard providence lover until i fell in love with the cali sun. but you’re right – both do have their own appeals.
      i agree with you that the east tend to be a little more high strung than our western counterparts… not necessarilly the higher north east – but more the tri-state area are very stress prone due to the fast paced way of life. my friends and i had a discussion about this the other day when friends from colorado & d.c. came up to visit. everywhere in RI takes no longer than 25 mins yet driving 15 minutes is “too far”, get aggravated during traffic, and are less inclined to let people pass or cut through. most of us have road rage here. yet when i was in cali/vegas… everyone had so much patience on the road and it rubbed off on me!
      the west also tend to be a lot nicer and laid back. we have too many snobs here in the east >_<
      either way – i am a nomad at heart. worldwide =D

    13. Both coast have their appeals. Being in NY all my life, Im use to the fast pace, where sometimes when I travel and have to drive, im constantly thinking. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO COME TO A FULL STOP WHEN TURNING INTO A STREET WITH NO STOP SIGN. But then I cant stand the constant honking. In NY even before the light turns green, people are honking you to go go go.. Whats the rush??? Geezz
      I havent lived on the west coast to determine which is better. But people are nice, some people say the people on the west coast are fake. In NY  people are straight foward. If they dont like you, its written all over their face. On the west coast, I was told they feel obligated to be nice to you, and then go to the bathroom and trash talk about you. But that might be biased remarks for a bad experience.
      In Texas, while visiting a friend, someone said, ooh surprisingly your nice. I thought all NYer’s were rude. Your so friendly. I guess NY’er have a bad rep of being rude. But seriously, Im rude to only those who give me attitudes. But even in Cali, why would you be nice to someone who is nasty in return?

    14. korndogg27 says:

      “Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.”
      -Anais Nin

    15. korndogg27 says:

      i must have to be something special to laugh at em sticks on crack.. theres like a whole series of them and some of them got, from my estimation, freakn random yet hilarious moments

    16. phenhamenal says:

      well i can’t say i know much about the west coast since i’ve only been there a few times…but the closer and closer you get to the heart of a city (ie: washington dc & nyc), the more rushed people are. this, i can definitely say from my experiences taking the metro in and out during rush hour, 5 times a week. the proximity applies to cali, or more western states too since they are more removed from the capital.as for the mold…at least panera is goooood!

    17. things are the way it is…. i accept… that’s just life.
      i’ve never been to the east coast, so unfortunately, i’m not able to comment on your blog.
      i’m very comfortable living in california. therefore, i’ve nothing to say….
      glad you enjoyed your stay. =)

    18. Empyre says:

      thanks man! i just finished helping john move some stuff to south city. the driving made my left side super dark and the right side is still white-boy white. kinda shows the diversity in my blood. =)man i need to hit the beach..

    19. Thanks. Happy 4th of july.

    20. girl_smileyy says:

      HUGE cultural differences between the coasts. HUGE differences between canad and america. the grass is always greener and hopefully ill be able to make it to other parts of the world soon!

    21. EternalLove says:

      didnt get to stay in sanfran for too long to know better..(3months) but i love east..

    22. vsgirl609 says:

      Hahaha! I did that just like how the smiley face does it. Gotta represent! There are always pro’s and con’s to every situation…although, I’d like to find out a lit’l more on the west side. 🙂

    23. Sotearny says:

      response to your comment: unlike the razr, I doubt the iPhone will ever be free..mac products don’t come easy

    24. SexyCuteSuz says:

      Haven’t found anything. boo…

    25. fredd!!!! rexe navarrette will be in NY july 26/27… and guess what? I have to work! aaarggghghhhhhh pack that shiettt pack that shietttt paaaaccckkk that sshiieeetttt!

    26. cindee_rella says:

      i’m treasuring these 10 days of freedom lol

    27. I’m a MidWesterner, and I definitely think East Coast folk aren’t as nice as people in the MidWest. So West Coast people are probably nicer, too! People on the East Coast don’t have a concept of a world outside of their little bubble.

    28. Anonymous says:

      yes.. you didn’t put up sexy pic of yourself…

    29. wanarace101 says:

      Great entry:  love to relate & comment since I’ve lived in both the westcoast & eastcoast.-  Definitely westcoast people are more laid back, relaxed, and open to strangers.  I loved the Cali sun, weather, beaches, relaxing environment where there is no rush of things.  However sometimes the slow pace of the west slows me down mentally, that leads to my next point.  –  Intellectually I believe east rise above the west.  The fact that overall intelligence is higher, that makes a person who we normally consider smart into ==> average.  The kind of intellect I’m talking about does not refer to specifically education, iq or anything, it’s a more well rounded intellect.  It would be unfair to judge based on 1 specific area since I believe eastcoast environment asserts more pressure.   –  Eastcoast have its culture and fashion, while westcoast have its scenery and weather.  We can’t have it all right?  Since I’m a bit of both, does that make me best of both worlds???  hahahaha.  muahz… 

    30. rittachu says:

      Well, as a Californian moved to NYC now in Connecticut…I sorta agree with your entry….NYokers have no time stop for you….All they think about is TIME and MONEY….Connecticut in the other hand is better and nicer…californian are more open to people they first met unlike NYokers who always think extra carefully….very tiring….

    31. No idea. I have been living in CA my whole life and have only been to a couple other states: Minnesota, Louisiana, Nevada, and Florida. So, I can’t really judge the differences.

    32. decipherme1 says:

      i think im tired of both coasts which is why im out of the country.. but when i get back id love to try out illinois or colorado! join moi!!!sorry up the delayed update! i decided to follow your footsteps and update once a month! haha.. jk. ive been away and crap happened.germany this winter?!?!? that would be AWESOME!!! but guess what… i may be back in the homeland by then! but why the winter and not the summer??? germany is FREEZING in the winter!!!! but at least youll go snowboarding/skiiing in the alps! still.. definitely keep me posted!!!

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