the three ikea’s

the gate opened inward so i had to back my ride up.  it was past 11pm somewhere in the sactown suburbs.  the strawberry field sunset clouds have superseded my ability to tell time.  this must be cronus’ way of reminding me that the human body could only take so much in a gregorian day calendar.  still used to the east coast standard, my body must have been trying to recuperate from the workout and constant back flips at the backyard pool that evening.  

while the internal compass mentioned that i was just a keen hour and a half away from tahoe, i passed by an ikea store while leaving the state capital.  IKEA  its big bright letters did not really register anything in my head except that the latter has accepted its household omnipresence as a swedish company along with google and the rest.  for some reason i was reminiscing the time when i used to live in sactown as a weekend resident 7 years ago.  the place didn’t used to have all these new landmarks back in the day.  sactown was my temporary getaway from the bay area with an ex who lived near sac state.  sac airport wasn’t an international airport at that time.  it was just a small one-story airstrip in the middle of nowhere.  and further south was a casino on a desolated indian reservation.  i used to join the rallies around state capitol against the state tuition increase.  ahh, the hot and sultry summers driving along amber-lit cornfields ready for a burning, those days.  everything’s changed… for the better.

back in ’03, homegirl who moved to l.a. for college never wanted to return to arnie’s current flagship.  she said it was too peaceful and quiet.  i guess things have changed.

was in cupertino to present a proposal to entice venture capitalists.  it was sunny… with a gentle breezy tinge to it, as it has always been in the bay area.    before i moved to the east coast over 3 years ago, the exit to stanford had a landmark where an ikea store would be erected.  and that very moment i just passed by it in the hopes of just checking out its cool furniture.  a few weeks earlier, i visited the place to grab me a mango-a-go-go from jamba juice, and found out that i needed a passcode to get wi-fi access.  the farm still had its unique silicon valley ambience.  no, not silicon… silicon valley: the birthplace of several tech giants.

coming from the bay bridge was another the very first ikea in emeryville.  when i lived in berkeley, i’ve always passed by the building although i never got to visit it no matter how convenient the store was.  the place was where pixar studios was based at, and emeryville (a nearby city) was just booming with strips of shopping centers.  there were lots of things to do like going out to party and all that good stuff, nevertheless; and those days were fun.  the only time i visited the store was when i needed some furniture in my sf pad when i first moved out.

ikea put a milepost in my memory.  the entry had unconventional rhetoric because of a subliminal test.  or i am just known to write bizarre notes.

transport.  for those of you who appreciate old school mario, this guitar piece is for you.

elove, gw parkway pics as promised.  although i will be based on the west side, i will be flying out to the east coast a whole lot… well, just to visit.  nyc might be the next point of destination.

mb4 mb3 mb2 mb1

  • Sales Director at Oracle Corporation
  • Senior VP Canadian Operations at The Provident Search Group, Inc.
  • Business Development Manager at WebVisible
  • Senior Account Executive at IdeaBlade
  • Division Manager Application Security at Comsec Security Consulting BV
  • Program Director – RealNetworks Foundation at Real Networks, Inc.
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    20 Comments on “the three ikea’s”

    1. EternalLove says:

      ahh look at that clear sky!

    2. mooks_dayoo says:

      this post reminded me of davinci’s code. i felt like genius for a second, being able to decode hidden words.. or maybe too much white wine.

    3. Yep the massage is in NYC… If your ever in town.  I’ll tell you where to go. That guy just keeps going and going and going for hours and doesnt get tired.

    4. decipherme1 says:

      such a clever little entry… i love ikea btw!!!!

    5. just taking a walk down memory lane. because I might be leaving soon.

    6. EternalLove says:

      healthy wealthy..sure why not

    7. RYC:  I thought you were going to tell me you use it too!!!

    8. girl_smileyy says:

      ryc: from one rock star to another .. rock on!havent seen any ikea’s in my hood. though we had a lot of ’em back up in canada.

    9. I have never shopped at Ikea. 0_0

    10. wanarace101 says:

      ya i’m definitely flying over, just trying to scoopy cheap plane tix right now.

    11. ms_skeptic says:

      thanks. always so kind… 🙂 no. i don’t have a publisher……….. yet? haha.. hopefully one day.

    12. shelleyleong says:

      Its strange.. …I know.. but I like going to Ikea, its fun to pretend that I live in those wonderful displays.I do not have much interior design skills 😦

    13. waxfigurine says:

      Yes! Buy more IKEA stuff! Ka-ching for us!

    14. mooks_dayoo says:

      i never used the treadmill before, maybe it’s worth a try.

    15. cindee_rella says:

      awwww too sweet =)  i’m deciding between 2 jobs right now…

    16. ryc: damn straight they do!

    17. PkStarburst says:

      ryc: yup that’s a GREAT reason! hahahaha.
      you know I haven’t been to ikea even though we have 2or3 around here…I’ve bought ikea stuff from random places …

    18. Empyre says:

      damn man.. that was a crazy freaking weekend. i’m still trying to recover. from now on i swear it’s going to be all about low key chill type outings.

    19. Anonymous says:

      yeah! a normal page lay out! weeeeeeeehhh!

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