the wall street journal. friday, june 15, 2007

djia 1342.96    nasdaq 2572.15  nikkei 17834.48   dj stoxx 50 3887.54  

what’s news-
business and finance
got the wall street journal on my driveway.  10am in the washington dc area, and finally this friday weather cooled off after the hot streak.
                      *    *     *

is losing your eyesight the worst thing that ever happened to you
hellen keller: no, it’s losing my vision.
                      *    *     *

i guess it’s just me, but the green tea frap that i’ve been getting from starbucks has an aftertaste.  now i felt sorry for asking the young lady in san bruno to give me another drink.  i just ordered another one in rockville this morning and i still got the zhing.
                      *    *     *

been waking up around 9 or 10am in the east coast after staying in norcal for over 2 weeks.  i’m flying out this sat again.  just gotta make sure the transport guys get my benz before i fly out.  will be celebrating father’s day in sactown… of course, after hanging out with family that day.  a good friend and future banker of my future venture asked me to bring swimming trunks to celebrate at his backyard pool.  he’s younger but he’s already a dad.  i’m not saying i gotta catch up
                      *    *     *

went to davis last week to deposit a check at a local credit union.  the place hasn’t changed quite a bit.  although this is where we used to hang out at in-n-out burger and some other joints back in the day, the place still reminded me of the good ole laid back days.
                      *    *     *

was out in meetings this week.  as i saw the potential of this niche diner in the east coast, i will be opening up a place in the new mall in downtown sf.  multiple streams of income.
                      *    *     *

took pictures of gw parkway and 66 after tellin eternallove that i will replicate her previous pics before i leave dc.  i ended up getting a collage… and i still couldn’t find my cord to upload :p
                      *    *     *

played beach volley for 4 hours this past weekend.  and i got a bleeder a bit bigger than the size of a quarter.  so i’ve been doing the captain morgan pose while taking a shower to prevent water from reaching the laceration.  of course, the healing process is faster when you keep that bad boy dry.  nonetheless, i haven’t tried the pose while sitting on the jacuzzi tub yet.  :p
                      *    *     *

it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle what happens to you… they responded which is positive instead of reacted which is negative – zig ziglar 

i guess everything starts from within us.  other people don’t create what happens to us next.  even if the world was gonna end, it is up to us whether we want to do something positive or go with the flow.  so no matter what happens everyday, keeping a constant grateful disposition is paramount.
                      *    *     *

got this fron korndogg27.  hilarious

                      *    *     *

happiness does not depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude – dale carnegie

my theme is still lopsided.  but i’m still aight with it.  🙂

california, here i come!!!!! 

                      *    *     *

  • Director of Solutions/Architecture (Mobile) at Harvey Nash USA
  • Director, Search Engine Marketing at Mangieri/Hull Solutions
  • SAP Senior Functional Consultants at Wipro Technologies
  • Mobile Senior Product Managers – Mobile Client and Mobile Server at Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • Business Development Director at IT Technology Company
  • Product Manager at Sharpcast
  • SAP Systems Analyst II (FICO) at Goodrich Aerostructures
  • Senior Marketing Manager at Hawthorne Executive Search
  • Government Sales Specialst (contract or commissioned) at iplacement
  • Microsoft Consultant at Microsoft Corporation
  • Premier Field Engineer – Hiring for all profiles/locations! at Microsoft Corporation
  • Support Professional SQL (Fluent in Japanese & English) at Microsoft Corporation
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    25 Comments on “the wall street journal. friday, june 15, 2007”

    1. i think of greentea, i think of greentea ice cream… mmmm!
      i am going back to socal in july… will u be east or west then?
      in-n-out is the shiznett… fedex that ish to me when you go this sat =D
      opening up what? i diner? hanep ka pare!!!! impressed ako =)
      happy friday!

    2. Empyre says:

      that video was funny.. my students kept looking up at me while taking their exam b/c i kept bursting out laughing. that and the captain morgan pose reference. ;)and amen to your last couple of comments.. i feel like i’m just coming out of my shell myself, but i’m realizing the same thing.sometimes things just fall into your lap, but all-in-all you have to go get what you want.

    3. mooks_dayoo says:

      dude, your blog entry section is squished in the middle. i like the new way u write your post w/ the first couple of words being highlighted. i think i have the pw to wsj online.. i wonder if i still have it.

    4. cindee_rella says:

      i got that video yesterday too!! how weird!! gawd i laughed SO HARD….

    5. Lizbianish says:

      they sell the wall street journal outside ny? wth?

    6. PkStarburst says:

      I like Helen Keller’s answer!

    7. Empyre says:

      careful reading my posts man.. the ramblings of a crazy man have been known to be contagious! =Dyou should hang out sometime you are in the bay though man.. efrain called the other day but is going to miami or something this weekend.too bad you won’t be here tonight. a handful of us are going to go hang out at yancys saloon (or something like that) in sf.

    8. EternalLove says:

      well’ hope you find your cord 😉

    9. decipherme1 says:

      hahaha….. not saying you need to catch up?? you sure??? that was the cutest part out of this whole blog.

    10. Swt_LiL_Kimi says:

      I love how your posts are a combination of all these differnt things… its like a news brief!! Loved the quotes =)

    11. ryc: and the winner is………… YOU!yes, it is a smashing pumpkins reference! lolAnd thanks for bday wishes. =]

    12. Aznqt1 says:

      have fun in Cali!

    13. korndogg27 says:

      our head guy got offerd a job in syracuse as a runningbacks coach. the replacement we want is accepting the challenge and will be interviewed tomorrow. so in a way, it’ll work out.
      what’d you do to your xanga?!

    14. Swt_LiL_Kimi says:

      ohh forgot to say…get the green tea frap w/o the whipped cream… no after taste!

    15. ChoCo_LoCo says:

      yeppp the night at the museum was at the natural history. have you been? duuuude i loved that moviee. so funny!

    16. Anonymous says:

      run! run for your life…
      and while you’re at it, change your layout…

    17. Anonymous says:

      I noticed you commented on my blog last week and thought you might be interested to know I have posted a new entry this week.  It is titled “Stupid Girl, Stop.” 
      This week’s question: Do you believe you’re not obligated to listen to the girl complain about her boy situation or listening and being there is what makes you a friend in the first place, even if it means being there all 52 million times she makes the same mistake?”
      Check it out and comment at

    18. Anonymous says:

      I type very fast.
      For your layout… try soemthing simple… it’s usually better than gviving someone a headache

    19. I am not a fan of the green tea frap (I think it has a weird taste too)… I think they have a Tazo green tea latte that is better… But real green tea is always better… healthy and no calories!!!!

    20. KatZone says:

      hahahaha that video had me rolling! I love the green tea frap…try the one w/ blackberry in it too! But recently I’ve been hooked on their passion fruit lemonade…so refreshing! 🙂  Have fun in CA!! I know how much you love it there.

    21. korndogg27 says:

      that was beyond keeping it real man- plus, she had too many metaphors to claim she was keeping it real!

    22. mooks_dayoo says:

      yep, that is alex man.. pretty good. lol

    23. shelleyleong says:

      We do create our own future. Here’s a cheers to your positiveness 🙂 .. and green tea. I love green tea in all forms.

    24. decipherme1 says:

      i love this life too.. my friend~ how the heck are you?

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