all that we are is the result of what we have thought – buddha

still fixing the xanga theme πŸ™‚

was hanging out in lbc.  so far i’ve only seen pigeons in downtown areas that aren’t afraid of humans, but this small bird is one persistent creature, pecking at crumbs that fell to the ground.  i may want to live in l.a. too. 

just helped a professional in colorado get an opportunity from another professional in the bay area, all while asking for venture capitalists in the silicon valley area.  having over 700 contacts in different industries all over the world definitely helps.

when google acquired youtube, googlers developed the latter web app into a better platform. they show 8 or more similar videos of the streaming file, which i think is cool.  go check it out.

younger brother dropped me off.  the next generation nav system that he had was pretty cool.

sgr tidbits: neighbor in potomac says she doesn’t drive the rover because she drives something else to work.  just saw her carrera pass by.  was out to lunch networking.  just gained access to funds worth 150 million dollar menu burgers from a local bank.

so we are liquidating a property in norcal.  appraisal is 1.3m, asking price 940k.  any referrals are good.

i am posting opps here. i’ll keep posting some more soon.  g’luck!

  • Principal Product Marketing Manager – Unified Communications at Vodafone
  • Principal Product Marketing Manager – DSL Broadband at Vodafone
  • Engineering and Administrative Positions with Acive TS/SCI and CI poly at LGS
  • VP, Paradex at Risk Management Solutions
  • Software Engineer at Locomotive Games (a THQ owned studio)
  • Group Leader – Inhalation – Formulations – Pharmaceutical at Kelly Scientific Resources
  • Automotive eCommerce Sales Engineer at The Cobalt Group
  • Lead Software Architect at Quest Executive
  • .Net Developer at Assigncorp, Los Angeles
  • National Sales Executive: Enterprise On-Demand Software at Leads360
  • EMC Sales – Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland – Enterprise Account Manager at EMC Software –
  • Enterprise BI Sales Rep – Toronto & Montreal at BigDogs Search LLC
  • someone’s opinion of you does not have to be your reality – les brown

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    19 Comments on “contacts”

    1. i hate pigeons! they’re so dirty! hahaha rats with wings!

    2. you want to move to l.a.? haha. lbc reminded me or rex navarette’s skit for SBC… hahahah

    3. uhh… hire me? haha
      “you want to move to l.a.? haha. lbc reminded me or rex navarette’s skit for SBC… hahahah ” —> we pack everything,, even animals. you pack with us, we pack with you. hahahahahah

    4. decipherme1 says:

      i thought vodafone was a german thing! gosh.. i need to get with the program!!so you are finally moving back to the west?

    5. Empyre says:

      that les brown quote, although entirely true, is a super hard mentality to shake. my biggest problem in life..i think we had a couple of our employees get hired by kelly scientific.. what sort of affiliation do you have with them?

    6. p.s. nice website fred… alam ko na ang buong pangalan mo!!! ala ka!!! >_<

    7. mooks_dayoo says:

      600 contacts, woa! those pigeons prolly got trained getting beaten up by snoop dogg and his crew before they moved off to chino hills.

    8. korndogg27 says:

      remember when there was so much drama in the LBC?…..

    9. cindee_rella says:

      it was tough gettin the xanga themes to do what i wanted it to…but better than messing with html lol

    10. Swt_LiL_Kimi says:

      liked the quotes. very… appropriate for me at the moment. hahaNav. systems are the BEST!!!hehe, have a great weekend

    11. KatZone says:

      I can tell you are a master of networking! It’s always good to know people.
      I would be forever lost w/o my Garmin. πŸ™‚

    12. korndogg27 says:

      you know i met george w. bush. THE GEORGE W. BUSH.. in blair high school. when he walked down the isle to shake peoples hands and he got to me.. dude i like had a mental block. i mean he was waiting for me to say something.. cus he shook my hand for like 4 seconds but yea.. i dont remember choking anywhere else as bad as that.
      ill add that to my memory!

    13. korndogg27 says: outlining my ‘celeb’ moments from summer 2 years ago haha. i think being in the metro area helps out a lot.
      during the summer last year tony dorsett, larry johnson, ronnie brown, sean taylor, shawne merriman (UMD!), chad johnson, marvin harrison, clinton portis and i cant remember who else was at wootton hs for a profootball camp for the kids.. it was pretty fun. i bet theyre bringing landry over for this summer.
      last year clinton portis and marcus washington came to see one of our games (i coach fball for nwhs).
      ill let you know whats up no big function that i can remember tho.

    14. girl_smileyy says:

      that is a lot of jobs!

    15. badkittie says:

      Good quotes, I like both of those.Wow that’s a lot of opps. Vodafone.. I remember seeing lots of commercials advertising that when I was vacationing in Japan.Props!

    16. Empyre says:

      it’s probably fake or an elaboration of a much less interesting story, but funny nonetheless!

    17. it’s good to be young πŸ™‚

    18. mooks_dayoo says:

      dude, i was at that exact donal trump event, i actually listened to these 2 talk to eachother live. funny how they are talking about 10% lol

    19. that buddha quote is being used EVERYWHERE!!  at least.. i’ve seen it used more than just a few times by different ppl

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