for candice

since you requested, let me start off with an anecdote that i took from my private journal back in ’03.

you must always have a secret plan.  everything depends on this.  it is the only question.  so as not to be conquered by the conquered territory in which you lead your life .  so as not to veel the horrible weight of inertia wrecking your will and bending you to that ground. you must make secret plans without respite.  plan for adventure. plan for pleasure. plan for pandemonioum,. as you wish., but plan. lay plans. constantly.

and when you come to, on the steps of the presidential palace, in the green grass beside the highway, in your cell’s gloomy solitude, your secret plan finished or foiled., ask your comrades, ask your cellmates, ask the wind, the waves, the stars, the seas, ask everything that ponders. everything that wanders, everything that sings, everything that stings – ask them what time it is,; and your comrades, your cellmates, the wind, the waves, the stars, the seat will all answer. ‘it is time for a new secret plan.  so not to be the martyred slaves of routine, plan adventure, plan pleasure, plan pandemonium , as you wish; but plan, plan secretly and without respite

taken from a post off a random wall.


episode 6:
i came back home at 12 midnight last night.  i saw an elderly couple walking their dog and greeted them.  when i went out of the car, they were gone… and there was no way for them to hide elsewhere.  angels.

episode 5:
everytime i drive, i notice birds fly right in front of me.  it feels like they go for the thrill of dodging cars even though they have ample space to dodge them. 

episode 4:
the sky was clear.  it always has been ever since i got back to cali.  i propped my windows open and let the cali breeze flow through me.  strips of farmland moving like parallel lines on golden brown hills.  life is good.

episode 3:
was at the googleplex to visit a colleague.  they had some sort of event on the grounds while i walked my way to building 43.  some googlers were playing volleyball while i noticed the t-rex figure near the court.  a huge screen showed worldwide searches as i used my access card past the lobby.  web app business as usual at this very vibrant place.  mountain view had great weather that day.


i’m back in norcal again.  ever since i flew in, i’ve been all over the place although i like keeping myself busy.  i’ve been grateful for being all around the area to finish my tasks.  caught up with old friends, met great people, networked with business partners and opportunities, accepted a venture with google, and all that good stuff.  and now, i have decided to move back here this year.  i’m gonna be living in the mountain view/atherton area.  and now i realized google installed free wifi access in the mountain view area which i think is sweet.  google, myspace, facebook, youtube and the like already had their time.  a good friend is creating a web app and i may either submit it to google or get a venture capitalist to start our own company.  now’s our time to shine in cali…


22 Comments on “for candice”

  1. mooks_dayoo says:

    my vietnamese friend george and i did this “free hugs” thing on a busy street in downtown la last year. i couldn’t do it for more than a minute, george was up there for 3 hours while i video taped him.

  2. decipherme1 says:

    i feel honored and privileged.
    it’s always sexy when men have private journals, not to mention.. profound entries.omg, the free hugs youtube is sooooo inspirational. i love it. i almost wanted to cry. i think that will be my fav video on youtube.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i know… it’s about time people recognized!

  4. serioso ako, take me with you!!! hahaha

  5. korndogg27 says:

    you should see lasse gjertsen’s stopmotion beatbox and the one he did with drums and a piano. it’s some sweet stuff.

  6. Swt_LiL_Kimi says:

    aww i loved that free hugs vid. really made me smile =)I LOVE HUGGING!!!

  7. aznsam999 says:

    so, what time is it? time to kick some ass.

  8. korndogg27 says:

    lol GTA..
    “bye honey!”

  9. SWEET! good luck on your new ventures!

  10. TonyTovar says:

    Yo! RTECK! What’s up man!? Long time no see! 😀 Just wanted to stop by and say hello to an old friend. Hope all is good and well. God Bless you and yours. Tony

  11. deep2000 says:

    hahaha….I’m still hiding!=P

  12. Umnenga says:

    Like the Plan stuff

  13. korndogg27 says:

    your episode 4 reminds me of an SNL skit…
    [“The sun is set. The stars shine in the sky. The night air is tinged with anticipation. And it is time to meet…The Continental.”]

  14. Anonymous says:

    i guess you would keep it in a safe… or maybe put some cameras on it for once?

  15. JennY71887 says:

    permanently moving to California?

  16. YenaJiH says:

    Yay, I’m glad you’re happy with the move. Have a safe move!

  17. waxfigurine says:

    Thanks for dropping by! But I don’t have a daughter :-p

  18. ryc: haha tho i think you’re the balla!! nakakatuwa ka, if u were closer i think we’d click

  19. Empyre says:

    yup.. we all go way back. he just got in touch with me the other day actually. we gotta hang out when i get a few.

  20. korndogg27 says:

    im very tempted to get either 360 or ps3 after playing guitar hero! kasi nga lang i always think i could always use that money for something else.. same time they would end up sitting around the house anyway.
    i buy madden and ncaa football every year but not until the last few months when my friend challenges me to play against him.. but other than that it was usually my brother who would play them.
    kailan ka uuwi sa moco?

  21. waterbabegal says:

    Ha ha…. Thats a good comment. =)  I like the FREE HUG video.  I saw another clip of the same guy but he got this woman partner holding the same sign too in that video.  Some of her Hugs were pretty cute and touching I remmeber… ^^  Coz more people were willing to hug a lady. ha ha….

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