…is invisible to the eye

it was hot and sultry out there, yet the sun was bringing brightness to our world.  you were there, sharing the same living warmth nature has given us.  and i was grateful for every moment i cherished with you.
thank you
the leaves’ color changed.  red, orange, purple, yet the color of my heart didn’t.  it was the same no matter what season it was.  i was loving it because it was getting cooler, and you were there with me.  supporting me on my dreams and aspirations.  i appreciate those times that you held on to me no matter how hard the leaves clung onto their lifesource.
and i thank you…
light.  snow.  the white grounds reflected the depths of our souls, while our bodies snuggled amidst the growing cold of the night.  it was warm, very warm inside, and i felt the oneness of everything… with you.  and only you.  and i thank you
for everything
today the life of everything that breathes is full of energy.  even the trees sent out vibrance to our well-being.  the sky provided an expanse of playground so our eyes could roam around for endless hours, and the sun, its everlasting abundance.  i woke up today, sitting near the living room window, and letting the rays pierce through my closed eyes.  you were still there with me, inside of me, providing what i needed most.  your love.

what is essential… is invisible to the eye.  thank you for everything.  i love you too.

l’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux (the little prince)..


since dsty.ftc kat tagged me, enjoy this “evolution of dance” vid while i come up with something…


23 Comments on “…is invisible to the eye”

  1. decipherme1 says:

    awwwww~~~~~~~~~ that was lovely. the grateful heart that produced such writing. isnt that quote from the little prince?!?!?!!!!

  2. KatZone says:

    your seasons….nice. This video? feels like it’s trying to brainwash me. hehe

  3. so much to discover when you read between the lines.

  4. i’ll take this on its surface…. i love summer!!!!!!ryc: yea, acing exams is a natural high. i admit that even if it sounds nerdy. 🙂

  5. wanarace101 says:

    you really think it’s that fun for a 5’0, 97 lb girl to push away in that crowd? lolz. i was flattened like a cardboard.

  6. “season change….”
    so does people….
    all these seasons have one thing in common…. it all takes time….
    thanks for the comment =)

  7. one more week til u come down….what shall we do?! bug juju to take us to go DISNEYLAND!! lol

  8. Umnenga says:

    Beautiful but it is still not making me feel better about the end of summer. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    ummm…. i went to Love… that’s what i said on my page.we pregamed at vonte.

  10. Have fun in Cali too…….

  11. Lizbianish says:

    ah, pure, unadulterated love at its finest.

  12. i am confused… what are you talking about?

  13. EternalLove says:

    bay area? even better enjoy!!

  14. spring is my fave!!!

  15. wanarace101 says:

    switching bank & ins company is a lot of work.  especially if you have to reset all the automatic payments.

  16. wanarace101 says:

    something more efficient please.

  17. did you write that yourself? how poetic…you like writing huh?

  18. Empyre says:

    about the only thing i miss about the northeast coast is the four seasons. (i know, i picked the material part of the analogy to relate to.. you just looked content on the other side so i figured i’d leave it alone) ;)and on the blessed thing.. i know but almost do not want to accept it. i guess i feel a bit guilty for what i have when i see so many that don’t have so much or anything at all and i’m hardly even working to manage mine. i just try to keep myself humble until i’m in a position to make a difference, then i take action where i can.thanks for the thought provocation! 😉

  19. trunthepaige says:

    DC just lost a court case. Seem they will need to allow guns eventualy. I don’t think they been legal there since the 1970’s

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