guess what?

i’m still up.  was supposed to go to dream club but folks asked me to support some good friends promoting at a club in northwest dc.  raced against an f430 along the parkway and decided to get mickey d’s to curb my tipsiness.  the other driver was pretty good with the freeway, and it’s been a while since i’ve gone over 100mph.  believe me, i was almost wasted but i knew i could still drive.  i’ve had worse head-pounding situations.  i’m not even sure if i would be up by 8 to go to the gym.  so now, i may have to get up at 10 to check out one earth day event and then play beach volley around noon.  spiderman in the afternoon and then back in dc for a gin blossoms concert.  it’s almost 4am, and a homee is leaving for vegas within the hour to experience the delahoya-mayweather-cinqo de mayo sin city weekend.  on the 12th, i’m flying back to the bay area next week and i’m making sure i show up to one good friend’s launch party.  (ju, you think j could lend his 911?)  that and another one’s wedding at one of half moon bay’s beaches.  then mother’s day, then googleplex, then stanford, then check out some properties, yet i’m still working out everyday… you know i’m druuunk.  someone just got a 6-figure check deposited this weekend.

ok, i’m crashing now… i’m borderline wasted.  you know how you feel like talking when alkie’s in your system?


6 Comments on “guess what?”

  1. Empyre says:

    geesh.. got enough stuff on your plate? 😉 good job stopping, though before you publicly revealed all your deep dark secrets in a drunken stupor!

  2. i was on xanga this time too… difference is i wasn’t drunk, tho i was responsible for a lot of people getting drunk! haha. off to the gym! did you make it there today?

  3. Anonymous says:

    tsk tsk tsk you’re a bad person.

  4. Wow… you seem busy!

  5. Anonymous says:

    i didn’t know there are two kinds of bad…

  6. decipherme1 says:

    6 figure check ?!?! whoa… is that person going to spend that this weekend??you have a pretty tight schedule coming up next week!!! sounds fun though. im working on a six pack right now. any suggestions?

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