i’m sure you’ll read this line.

unless you really feel like reading or the rest of what i’m saying intrigues you, then you won’t read this portion.  it is because i will be writing about trivial things that won’t entice your sense of urgency. 

you may read this line.

this one too… but if i start writing some more, adding more and more sentences, i don’t think you will continue.  you see, most readers will only look at the first line, skim through a sea of paragraphs, then read the last line.  if their eyes catch a word that has been lingering in their thoughts for quite sometime, then they may just come back and re-read the sentence… maybe even the entire paragraph to fully understand its content.  someone told me that presentations are 70% visual, 20% audio, and 10% content.  you can ask someone how the presentation went and they would say, “oh, it was great.  the speaker was great,” or something to that matter.  ask them what it was all about and they might say a one-liner, maybe some funny remark they remembered.  content?   unless we are all geniuses.  i take that back, all of you are einsteins.  i’ll be even surprised if you got this far.

well, let’s see… if you read a paragraph and don’t feel like reading the entire piece, you can read the first and last sentences.  on the contrary, i don’t have a specific format that i am following so this does not apply here.  i tried it once but just to practice.  maybe you can add a video to your entry and their eyes will easily get fixated to it.  especially when the vid is funny, it’ll leave a lasting impression.  it’s different from learning though.  i believe we learn more by listening.  ever tried recording your notes and listening to it at night?  it’s much better.  that’s why i listen to audio tapes while driving, before going to sleep, and while on delta mode.  i always feel better after having eight hours of positive input entering into the phase where the mind is very receptive to learning and changing.  still reading?  well, then you’re a genius.

and you’ll read this line.  do you remember what i just wrote above? 

will you read this?  i don’t think you will.  i’m just going to fill this with gibberish, a filler so to speak.  i will just add something that flows out of my mind.  anything that the mind sends out to my hands.  i just keep on typing… typing away to see how far i will go.  seeing how far you will read.  i’m sure your eyes have gazed away from this part.  you have already gone to the next paragraph.  otherwise, you are really intrigued by where this flow is going.  this is the opposite of writer’s block.  it may be freestyle writing, but there is no point to where this is going.  the fingers are just doing their thing.  i am not even thinking, i just type whatever’s coming out.  you ever get that feeling?  yeah, that feeling.  weird huh?  it’s like you have tapped some source energy that just flows through you.  and then you just write whatever you feel is right.  emerson does that.  mozart and beethoven do the same routine.  oh, i already had this on one of my previous posts.  haha, i’d be surprised if you still read this.

i’m sure you’ll read this line.  my point?  90% will have their eyes scroll from the first line to the last line, play that youtube video, then comment. 

let’s see if it works…

oh, you just read that line above.

and this…

and this…


stop reading… remember, this is different from studying… well, unless you are procrastinating or if you have programmed your mind to remember verbatim.


who likes freud’s and jung’s works? 



20 Comments on “gist”

  1. i stopped reading after “this one too” 4th para and decided i’d rather give you this face <<

  2. mooks_dayoo says:

    i always take the milk from the back

  3. KatZone says:

    haha so true! But I went back to actually read because you said we wouldn’t. Thank you for wasting 3mins of my life. :p

  4. KatZone says:

    make that 3mins and 47secs after watching that video lol

  5. decipherme1 says:

    i read every single word in your entries. i hope you do the same with mine too~~!!!oh, and if everyone is a genius, i dont want to be one. im a nonconformist! 🙂

  6. Aznqt1 says:

    I try to read as many posts that I can per day…but I read through this one.
    *dancing* take on me…take on me…such a goodie.

  7. 1.) I stopped reading because the introduction reminded me of this poem titled: This Poem. I’m gonna find it and forward it to you.
    2.) I just read every word. Confirmed my assumption on number 1.
    3.) I try to get an audio copy for my hard copy books… you’re right, you’re able to retain the material a lot better.
    4.) I didn’t watch the video, today or yesterday. No sounds on the work comp >_<
    5.) Socal/vegas May 18-20. Those are the comfirmed dates.

  8. Kestryl says:

    the only reason i stopped reading was because you made it quite obvious that the entire entry would have no substance besides “bet you didn’t read this.”

  9. PkStarburst says:

    “read” the whole thing in 8 seconds, does that count? =)

  10. ryc: I dunno about other gurls, but for me if i decide to chop off my hair it’s a big change in my life. And sometimes we can change for better.

  11. haha i love “o my gulay”, i think i over use it sometimes. “aha’s” take? i’m confused… huh?
    i’ll watch the video when i get home later.

  12. decipherme1 says:

    je parle francais un peu. j’etudie l’allemand. ich will ein kogel haselnuss eis. guten abend~!

  13. try it now… don’t know why my work password stuff came up =)

  14. Well if you keep saying “‘m sure you’ll read this line”… u better believe I am going to keep going! ; )

  15. Anonymous says:

    i stopped at the first line.

  16. ChoCo_LoCo says:

    my hair is so fried. =*(

  17. I read that whole thing! Stop with your reverse psychology! hahaahagood post though!

  18. wanarace101 says:

    new toy = need more money = need more business = need work harder = even less time for myself…. if only there are 10 of “me”s.

  19. KatZone says:

    I just listened to that heterosexual prank call from your previous entry…..sooo funny! ahahaha

  20. EternalLove says:

    yeah’ gotta keep up with the gym! =)

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