gone out enjoying the sun

although the lifestyle is non-existent: belated happy 420 plus 1.  my weekend was great because i did a whole lot of fun in the sun.  its beaming rays begged for my body to feel its heat on an early saturday morning, its scintillating sultriness pierced through my windshield while enjoying the quasi-summer breeze, the hot streak scorched my winter-drenched skin in the afternoon, and its radiance sliding through layers of commercial glass while i read at a bookseller… ahh, the ecstasy i feel when my body reacts to its natural chemical.  the sun energizes me. 

i also got to hang out with a cool xangan who was in town to visit tourist spots in dc, played beach volley in virginia, hung out with associates at a corporate party in maryland (yeah, c. that shindig got me stuck) and played tag on whichever area the sun was sending its rays out on. 

and right at this moment, the sun is about to set on me… i still wish this weekend would last forever.  it’s one of those moments wherein we just wished the hands of time would be on a standstill so we could cherish the magnitude of its eminence.  

every human being has those significant moments.  soldiers leaving their teary-eyed families before they leave for war, lovers wishing they could stop time to be together throughout the night, winners who wish their victories and celebration went on forever, individuals on their different kinds of highs hoping that each second would last longer, or just about anyone requesting chronos to at least slow down each second.  relishing their hearbeat for every moment that saturates their veins with intense doses of adrenaline.

and that is why there are these moments; despite the challenges of time pushing us to choose the right battles to make the most out of everything, we always strive hard to make them happen again.

tomorrow the sun will be back up…



25 Comments on “gone out enjoying the sun”

  1. trunthepaige says:

    Sun? Whats that?

  2. JennY71887 says:

    what is 420?? the only day i can think of that is around the corner is earth day 😡

  3. KatZone says:

    what lifestyle is non existant? you got me on this one.  That commercial was so creative. hehehe

  4. i missed 420… i have no concept of days anymore… they all just intertwine. the sun came out in ri too =) have a good rest of your weekend fred.

  5. we don’t have 4/20 here, so bleh. haha

  6. not that it is actually legal for anyone to celebrate this day…
    and no, i work out at fitness first

  7. decipherme1 says:

    ’bout time for an update!!! 😉
    yay!420!!! happy belated 420 to you toooo!!!!!!!!!!!-that commercial is cute.

  8. jujuizm says:

    420!!! woot woot!!! plus.. 2 days!

  9. ChoCo_LoCo says:

    HAHA funny vid~~! its gettinnn hot in heerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. Lolzz!

  10. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the ups on the entries =)and the entry you’re referring too about the shop in DC,you’ve never been there because i made it up haha.that story is complete fiction.okay.. maybe 95% of it is not real. haha.

  11. 44 miles isnt that bad….. getting a flat tire and then having to walk 44 miles is even worse.

  12. Anonymous says:

    oh hey i was reading your prior entries, noticed you said you parked in tysons corner. i work there, in the tgifridays in the new wing as a bartender. small world =)and hey, at least you got out of the garage. i had to drive my little civic under the yellow rope once. not fun =x

  13. D5gRvTy01 says:

    it’s cool np. i posted some new pics up too.

  14. Anonymous says:

    yes, im thinking about getting the lexus. thank you
    Have a good week….

  15. prediction was correct. today, the sun is out once again =)

  16. Too bad you’re not in NYC… Today’s high 80 degrees… Niceeeeee =)

  17. ohh nice… where are u located now again?

  18. Anonymous says:

    hey! i think that jerk thing is what my friend got and i thought it was sooo good…hey if ur bored can u click on the links on the right side of my pagE? =]

  19. EternalLove says:

    loving this beautiful weather here as well.hopefully ..it won’t rain!!

  20. wanarace101 says:

    called you the other day, didn’t pick up. ^__^

  21. Anonymous says:

    aww that’s deep.:P

  22. wanarace101 says:

    no.  i called with my #.  i don’t call with unknown #s

  23. trunthepaige says:

    1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB

  24. trunthepaige says:

    I liked that movie. I know I am a weird girl

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