rodrigo y gabriela

alright candice, here goes nothing…

being friendly, i greet every person as much as i can.  to those who respond back, i end up becoming acquaintances if i see them again.  but to those who become my circle of friends (and i should have cleared this up in the first place: i’m talking about the dudes here), i end up hitting them in the back of their head when they don’t see me.  and guess what, i’ve hit almost any stranger whom i thought was my friend.  and it’s a real big slap in the back of their head.  haha

i appreciate rodrigo y gabriela; they made a remake of orion when i was reading at the bookseller.  i didn’t know the apple store can exchange your ipod earsets for free, so i am returning my old pair this weekend to get new ones.  

actually let me continue this later, i’m going out….  cherry blossoms and march madness… i’m with hoyas and bruins.  what’s your pick?

are you on the list?  heroes is coming soon…


22 Comments on “rodrigo y gabriela”

  1. wallbounce says:

    hitting friends on the back of the head…hmm, do i want to be your friend?toot-tone, LOL

  2. ryc: damn those aristocarts! love ’em! i miss isaw. 🙂

  3. decipherme1 says:

    very good! kudos for even spelling it right! even people ive known for years spell my name with an A instead of an I! (but thats not fair. i dont know yours!) ive never heard any of gabriela’s music… you shouldve posted some on here.i think i should get myself a toot-tone. then maybe boys will like being around me.

  4. ohh i never knew the apple store will exchange earphones for free! thanks for the tip!

  5. RYC: 1. Transparent/clear, but APPEARS to be white when many of the particles come together in a batch.
    2. Water.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ryc: you should REALLY play then! 😀

  7. RYC: I think you won. Dang. When should I deliver?

  8. trunthepaige says:

    RYChe got away, but he just didn’t stay gone

  9. Lizbianish says:’s ny so far for you?

  10. decipherme1 says:

    whats wrong with SOY MEAT huh??!?!?!?!!! i became a straight up vegetarian my senior year in hs and never ate cooked food for a couple years… it was hard but i was definitely healthy. soy meat a few years back sucked.. but i think soy meat technology is getting better…

  11. EternalLove says:

    this weekend is going to the best’ i’s the schedule of events. might go again this sunday. my suggestions?> plenty of water + short sleeves + take the metro.hope u enjoy.

  12. decipherme1 says:

    YAY!!! that makes me soooooooo happy!!!!!!!! are you going to accompany me in my go-vegan phase II?!?!? it would be fun! we should like bet money on this…

  13. Anonymous says:

    it was an eventful day 🙂

  14. kuomeisun says:

    didn’t know about the ipod earbuds…thanks for the inforyc: it was at toomey field at UC Davis

  15. Anonymous says:

    very very bad bear!

  16. j_Bbung says:

    ryc: I used to work for a land development consulting company. Right now I’m working on going back to school to get my masters.

  17. EternalLove says:

    ryc: shopping? no-can’t abuse my bank account anymore..
    i was actually at the library. =p

  18. MELLiEmee says:

    naturally written? WTF is that supposed to mean? that it follows my naturally retarded train of thought or something?!?! my comp is too slow to play these videos, so i can’t comment. HOWEVER, i will comment on the fact that your comment’s section seems to be comprised entirely of PRETTY GIRLS!!! hahahahaha… so you’re one of those, eh? too bad my ugly mug will be skewing the curve, .

  19. maybe… we’ll see.
    where have you been?

  20. Anonymous says:

    What’s up with all the violence?  Good day.

  21. phoenixBRG says:

    Hey thx for stopping by my pageHaha I can def see how memento can be made into a parody…I myself was laughing during some scenes cuz it was just hilarious how he would forget things. But when u think how christopher nolan wrote the screenplay AND directed this it is insane. Also props to the editing guy for piecing this all together…So how is the weather today. Its pouring in nyc. Misery…lol

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