if you are a youtube or any online video enthusiast, you might be seeing comments such as “i just wasted my x minutes” or “give me back x minutes of my life” to such frivolous video feeds.  you finally realize that it is true in a sense because such moments could be considered as sunk costs: you won’t get anything valuable from it in return. 

these days, i try to base my decisions on return of investment.  and i am still trying to apply it on every aspect of my life.  is this product going to render more than my initial vested interest?  am i going to save a lot of money in the future if i put my money down on this type of service?  will it be worth my time and money to perform such and such no matter how challenging the situation is?  will i add value to my life if i choose this battle?  will this be worth remembering within the next 20 years?  you know the drill.  if you were looking at financials, a 5% figure from net sales/operating profit calculation is favorable subject to industry standards.  every facet of life is almost the same in sales and negotiations.  you act aloof, you can care, but not t-h-a-t much.  by letting your seller know that you always have options, then you’ll always have the upper hand.  but with all due respect, each person has his or her own type of preference in investment.

was talking to a lady about the winter season one day.  i told her i only liked snow during the first few days until the slush gets smudged.  despite my naivete on the matter she pointed out that she loved the cold spell no matter how long it hits the area.  she explained that she and her husband bought a manor with a 7-acre backyard wherein they could see different sets of animal footprints throughout the rest of the week.  whereas others chose vacation homes elsewhere as their type of retirement expenditure, they chose this suburban ranch to live with until they die happily together.  i love happy endings…    

i’m gonna love this day.  went downstairs to the living room so that i can enjoy the morning rays creating their wonderful ambience.  the acreage out front is filled with spring and i can’t wait to get out.  i think i must have said “thank you” a hundred times by the time i woke up.  thank you, gratitude rock, for the reminder.  that could be 100 plus 1.

solemn, but you gotta luv this…

driving down the road yesterday, i saw a duck passing through.  despite the green light, all the motorists stopped to see her walk by the unmarked pavement as her flat beak swayed back and forth to seek attention.  with barry white playing on the jazz station, the moment just looked like it went through slow-motion.  it seemed like the entire world stopped because a supermodel wanted to cross the street.



24 Comments on “roi”

  1. I watch everything. Youtube is my god.

  2. KatZone says:

    YouTube rocks. I love it when a mother duck and her10 little babies follow her crossing the street/path. I don’t mind stopping for such an adorable sight like that. πŸ™‚   And yes, I now Tran too….and probably a dozen other people u met that night. lol. πŸ™‚

  3. decipherme1 says:

    youtube is addicting… but in the end… if it’s not music, i do feel like ive wasted my time… bad investment in that case!i think it’s awesome that it was actually a duck and not a supermodel that everyone stopped for. i love the wonder of nature and our pitiful ignorance to their world.

  4. JennY71887 says:

    haha, i learned the value of time at a very young age. By junior high, I stopped being a couch potato since “I can watch TV all my life”. Now, the only bad habit that really bugs me is wasting time sitting in front of the computer doing nothing valuable… when I should be studying! =(

  5. Anonymous says:

    I like ducks.
    It’s easy to say that living life day to day happens. But it is a luxary some can’t afford.

  6. thanks for the kind words…
    always mind on the money huh? explains why you are so succesful… more power to you.
    still awaiting our im convo on “yous story”. don’t think i have forgotten.

  7. Umnenga says:

    Grrrr don’t remind me that winter is only a month away

  8. Anonymous says:

    i say hit the ducks with paint balls… its fun =)

  9. hmmm… i totally missed that… si goma supot??? please explain

  10. qtbean says:

    ryc: too bad about the lack of bachelorette party attendance. they really are quite amusing, especially when u can rock it out like a champ!
    ur quite the financial guru, ain’t ya?

  11. EternalLove says:

    not really into youtube..

  12. Kestryl says:

    lord. i hate stupidvideos. half the time, i refuse to watch  them.

  13. wallbounce says:

    hilarous stuff on youtube
    ryc: 5 days was more than enough fun.  It was my first and probably last time partying that many nights/days in a row.  I don’t understand how people living there can wake up for work…those crazy South Beach folk, haha.

  14. Lizbianish says:

    hm.i once missed the eucharist once too. it was humiliating. esp. the walk of shame.

  15. trunthepaige says:

    RYCI have the most profound ideas while at work. But by the time I get home all is lost in a worn out haze. You do alright for a guy that has forgotten what he wants to write about

  16. decipherme1 says:

    ive been uninspired and lazy lately. id start a blog and i wouldnt be able to finish it. ha. anyway, your friend is super awesome btw. i am now only asking her and another friend of mine for camera advice now. oh.. and my friend thinks youre cool. i had to clarify to her that i merely know you through xanga. she thought you were one of those people i used to party with when i used to live in va. anyway… i updated.. crappy post, but i did… it’s your turn now. πŸ™‚

  17. wanarace101 says:

    hi hi… so tired….  when you visiting?

  18. rittachu says:

    I hope you dont value a relationship in the same way as you do for your money.

  19. wanarace101 says:

    i really want to read the entry right now but i’m sooooo beat…. hence will do another time when i’m well rested ^____^

  20. ryc: yep. UP… πŸ™‚

  21. Anonymous says:

    i make everyone hungry…

  22. Anonymous says:

    thanks. tax season. busy busy. =P

  23. FillyCream says:

    i have no idea who you are.

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