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lately, i’ve been experiencing great businesses from several banks and bankers these days.  the customer service and speed are just plainly awesome… and i truly appreciate that.  honestly, i’ve been doing a lot of recommendations and referrals for businesses more than i expected.  hey, why not?  a “simple thank you” doesn’t hurt.  and you may never know how it means to a lot of people.

hope everyone had a great st. paddy’s celebration.  i overslept last night (instead of taking a brief powernap) so i missed hanging out with great folks in dc.  i will make it up next time.  

i watch and observe people as much as i can.  the local bookseller’s second floor has a great view of the shopping center parking lot; thus, i always choose the same spot where i can look out and observe a variety of personalities.  and funny as it seems, most of us experience the same things.


this student has a good sense of humor…exam2

sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful -zig ziglar

back from the gym and will be going out again to enjoy the sun. 


36 Comments on “sun”

  1. trunthepaige says:

    Your visual DNA is closer to mine than anyone else’s has been

  2. Anonymous says:

    it’s sunny here as well. He is out in the city and i’m home cleaning & cooking hahahaha.
    Have a good one

  3. yeah!!!! Blink 182 is like my title band !! My big brother is the one who made me listen to them and ever since i have been a rlly big FAN!!What about you??

  4. Lizbianish says:

    god, for st. patty’s, i had to make sure nobody got too drunk. i’m always the designated driver because i can’t drink anymore.
    damn acid reflux.

  5. decipherme1 says:

    omg EVERYONES posting that visudal dna thing.. i better hurry up and post MINE before it surpasses the “in” thing to do on xanga. im going to do it… im really going to do it! 1. i love love LOVE the coloring on that photo. 2. that student is tooo cute. 3. id appreciate your friends recommendation on a camera(after some research im thinking canon eos 20d) 4. do you know some book called.. kramer’s or something like that??? since you mentioned your local book store, i remembered my gay husand telling me about some bookstore in dc that he absolutely adores. ok. my comments have been tooooooooooooo long these days. oh yea.. one more, you should post the book thingy so we can also read your results. 🙂 that’s all i promise.

  6. decipherme1 says:

    youve turned me into a stalker. :)”He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any HOW.””That which does not kill me makes me stronger.” – Nietzche(both)thought theyd complement your quote of the day.

  7. Lizbianish says:

    WELL YOU KNOW WHAT?!i got a debit. :[hugs are free!

  8. decipherme1 says:

    i dont know why i initially thought you were from california. :O

  9. yeah. I love their music. what other bands do you like ??

  10. Lizbianish says:

    are you going to pay for the shipping & handling?

  11. mooks_dayoo says:

    <- the sun rocks. have an excellent week dude.

  12. wallbounce says:

    VisualDNA looks pretty interesting. that student’s problem-solving tactic reminds me of my calculus days, hahaha. did you sleep through phone calls too? you can have st patty’s type of drunkenness any other night…your body needed sleep more than the alky.

  13. Kestryl says:

    visual dna-wise, i think all we have in common is love.

  14. KatZone says:

    Having so many bad experiences, I truly appreciate GREAT customer service. People watching is fun…

  15. RYC: HAHA. You’re partially right, and I can’t think of that particular boyband right now that has that as their tagline to their song.
    But… that last line is from Ne-Yo’s new song, “All Because of You”. It’s worth the download.

  16. qtbean says:

    ryc: yeah i do know her! how do you? and how’d ya figure i might know her?

  17. JennY71887 says:

    hahaha math, riemann’s sum!!i love studying at public places. when i’m in my apartment, i get distracted… but when i’m at public places, i realize i’m a goofball if I get caught staring at someone haha =)

  18. aye, you did it too! I’m pnly same with high time roller, with you. lolBut we have same art, lanscape and bedroom. yayz

  19. ryc:  hahahaha… that was too funny

  20. wanarace101 says:

    mtns are closing here :[
    if you still wanna come boarding, we’ll go to vermont!  ^___^

  21. MELLiEmee says:

    hahaha!! you like it right?? although i’m kind of concerned over the fact that it’ll probably just encourage whoever it is that i’m talking to continue doing whatever it was that they were doing… instead of stopping it. . also.. i’m gonna have to start saying “stick a cock” rather than MY cock… for obvious (or maybe no so obvious) reasons. what the heck? is that picture supposed to be your view of the bookstore parking lot or something?? i don’t think driving a nice ass car like that is necessarily a “common” experience for most people, dude… unless that was the point of the picture, and the joke totally flew over my closet-blonde head, .

  22. yeah, i listen to just about evrything . i like rock because my big brother listens to it and i like rap because my other big brother listens to it. i grew up on country so im pretty casual .
    comment me bak if you wana

  23. Lizbianish says:

    i miss my mummy already.rap is leading to the desecration of good music.

  24. monicasu1024 says:

    yeah i can’t wait till the movie comes out..

  25. The visual DNA thing is HOT… I am a sofisticat =)

  26. btw… thanks for the visual DNA thing I stole it and put it on my xanga =)

  27. btw… thanks for the visual DNA thing I stole it and put it on my xanga =)

  28. Anonymous says:

    what is with this my art thing?

  29. Anonymous says:

    i cant wait to run around naked! wahoo!

  30. ChoCo_LoCo says:

    hahha i love that videoooo!! =)

  31. Lizbianish says:

    you? frat boy?paddle. ❤

  32. decipherme1 says:

    i want to go to hawaii toooooooooooooooooooo~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe even make out with jack johnson while im there! 🙂

  33. ChoCo_LoCo says:

    oh really?? where in cali?? duuude. the weather is awesome i hearddd

  34. KatZone says:

    That’s too funny how you know them. Who woulda thought? I’ve known Dao for years and we all use to hang out as a group back in the day. And I know Grace from my best friend Nancy (aka homieskillet) and from Penn State. They’re good peoples. 🙂

  35. ChoCo_LoCo says:

    fo sho fo sho~ the bread bowl chowder awaits you with you open arms =)

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