ever had a discussion with a perfect stranger in business transactions whom you end up talking to longer, even hours, because your minds were vibrating on the same frequency?  it’s happened to me several times already: on the phone, at parties, at conventions… virtually just about anywhere.  i couldn’t really explain the feeling, but once both of you start saying the right words that eminently click, the enthusiasm level for both parties goes up.  it’s like, “wow, that’s exactly what i was thinking!”  it’s almost like you were finishing each other’s sentences.  and when you mention a great quote or something that you just read, saw, or experienced; the other person turns out and says, “yeah, i’ve read that book too,” or, “yeah, i liked that movie.”  it’s just amazing.  and then you start talking about ideas, goals, aspirations, the good stuff currently happening in your lives, the things you are grateful for, and just everything that’s making this world so much better to live in.  the feeling is just like bill withers’ “lovely day” or some mind-refreshing track playing in your head over and over on a cool sunny saturday morning, and the next two or three weeks will be your vacation doing nothing or going out of town.  haha the details to recreate that good ole feeling.

for info: what i meant to say above is when i wanted to strike good business deals with people whom i’ve only met for the first time.  katzone, you got it right… *two fist bumps and a slap at me haha

i used to listen to npr during my commute hours back in norcal until my first year of transition to the east coast.  i probably must have picked it up from carpoolers who were listening mostly to talk radio while we traversed across the bay bridge from berkeley to downtown sf.  on top of that, i always liked to read the paper on the train to keep myself abreast of current events.  however, these days i’ve been keeping myself away from all these types of current affairs… and without getting inundated by the recurring news happening everyday, life has gotten better.

this is what i was talking about mooks.  fist bump is out man.


tonight i am looking at the stars on this cool and final phase of the winter spell.  the dark canvass of this peaceful world is reminiscent of how life secretly presents each experience in unknown ways.  unknown not because the distress is sometimes unbearable at the moment, but because the fleeting pain is a valuable experience to learn from.  like darkness, it is not the overwhelming shade of the night that we have to focus on, but the luminous lights that will always remind us of hope.  hope that for every dark evening is another great event happening when morning comes, and the millions of lights are out there to carry us out of evening’s despair.  these lights are reflections looking back at us, telling us that we must hold on to our dreams by taking one step at a time.  we do not need to lose sleep over every problem, because in the end it is our life and for waking up everyday that we always have to be thankful for.  these stars are reminders of our successes, big or small, as long as they keep on shining out there.  we are not forgotten, and that is why we are here.

i clutched my hands under my head, closing my eyes and breathing deeply through this undisclosed part of the runway.  twelve buddies of mine waited in silence as i thanked them for hanging out with me during this short undisturbed sunday reflection. 


21 Comments on “88.5”

  1. trunthepaige says:

    We should stay informed but remember much of what is “news” is so much garbage. Quietly looking at the night sky on a clear night, has greater relivancey most of the time.

  2. decipherme1 says:

    ive been shying away from politics and the news of today… it’s been a little dry for me… yay for you and i.
    although i do wish i had done things differently from my past but if i had done things differently, id probably be where the majority of the society is today… accepted, and i like not meeting up to society’s standards at this time in life. it gives me time to think that what really matters in the end is not how much ive measured up to society’s standards, but how much ive enjoyid and appreciated… me.. unaltered or demolished.
    … whoa.. you must be one important person. TWELVE people while you mused on that deep thought!???! they weren’t like stoned or anything right??? hehe. jk.

  3. Kestryl says:

    eventually, the ‘click’ fades. it always does.

  4. Lizbianish says:

    the “click” thing happens with older guys, since guys of my generation aren’t at the same brain level as me. it’s quite pathetic.
    we talk on the phone for about two days on average, and then all ties are severed and it’s just downright awkward to see them. my brother’s best friend, a year younger than he is, went from skinny teenager to hot business man in a matter of ten years. we talked, went out for coffee, but it got incredibly awkward because he had always seen me as my brother’s brat sister, and i had always seen him as the skinny kid that came over every sunday to have lunch after church.
    le sigh.

  5. deep2000 says:

    must say isn’t that is where it all starts off as strangers, then become friends, enemies, lovers, or even partnerships? hahaha=P

  6. KatZone says:

    eh…no, long chats w/ strangers rarely happen to me. It must be your ability to strike up conversation which is probably why you’re so good in business matters. 2 fist bumps and a slap for you! haha

  7. wanarace101 says:

    haha don’t make me post another entry about how useless men are these days, and how uncapable their brain functions are!

  8. Lizbianish says:

    i always write like that, although i won’t get a college rec. from it. ugh.

  9. Lizbianish says:

    real estate? le sigh.

  10. KatZone says:

    hooray for my oblivious answer! lol

  11. mooks_dayoo says:

    u should have shown me that video earlier, i would have slapped those KFC dudes in the face instead of fist bumping them.

  12. Anonymous says:

    oui, je parle francais. J’ai etude en francais depuis dix ans. Et tu?

  13. You’re in Real Estate?

  14. wallbounce says:

    haha, dang, i dunno bout slapping my superiors in the face, and i don’t drink beer either.ryc: i restock my skin care quarterly…that’s where most of my money goes other than vacation/travel expenses. not counting my boarding gear, i probably buy about 3-5 clothing items (undergarments excluded) a year. i don’t collect purses, and shoes are a hard fit for small feet. shopping should be easy, but for me, it’s really not, haha.

  15. rittachu says:

    Snowing or raining most of the time during the night here in Stamford…not much chance to see stars…you are very lucky~~

  16. Lizbianish says:

    it’s snowing again.oh man. i’d rather get a fist bump.

  17. PkStarburst says:

    check out this kid’s page (http://www.xanga.com/jesselear). he’s quite ambitious! his goals page is a great idea!

  18. wanarace101 says:

    yay i’m better!

  19. Lizbianish says:

    it’s fun to slap bald people.

  20. I like it when you click with someone and you can read their minds. in sync. haha

  21. Lizbianish says:

    like?i’m as awkward as can be when it comes to that stuff

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