dirty little secret

this past week, i had dinner with associates at a french bistro in bethesda.  at 7:30ish in the evening, i was surprised to see the parking enforcement personnel still doing their rounds.  we left around quarter to 10 and one colleague who got a parking ticket told me that the parking ordinance lasts until 10 in the evening.  the city must really be making boatloads of money with all the aggregate chunk change.  i know some bigger cities do.  it’s their bread and butter.  nevertheless, i was one lucky sob who got away from this system, and l.o.a had a lot to do with it.

saturday morning and the morning sun was rising, i left the pad at 7am to start the weekend right.  i didn’t really notice this until now, but seeing the neighbors’ parked rides outside made the street look like a range rover expo.  i finally decided to join another fitness club besides the one that i currently have.  my upcoming sunday schedule would look like hitting the weights and running, church, barnes &noble, and outdoor sports for the rest of the year.

last year in baltimore, we hung out with a friend of a friend who worked at his dad’s bar/restaurant/music hall.  toad the wet sprocket just performed the night before and the gentleman was still hungover from the shindig.  he then offered to wait the tables while we chose their signature liquors.  mt asked, “how much do you think is this guy’s net worth.”  cl replied, “with several businesses run by the family and him taking over this place, i’d say he’s way worth more than what this business is making alone.”  and he doesn’t mind waiting tables.

i still thank God for preparing me to be strong through all of these life-changing circumstances.  after years of honoring my vows, breaking my trust will not deter me from attaining my ongoing business endeavors.  my goals will be much easier and faster to achieve this time.


13 Comments on “dirty little secret”

  1. wanarace101 says:

    what’s your secret? haha

  2. wanarace101 says:

    why you up so early in the morning on a sunday? 

  3. mooks_dayoo says:

    good luck w/ your endeavor!

  4. trunthepaige says:

    Life is much better lately.You are lifing a active life, it is always interesting reading your stuff

  5. JennY71887 says:

    dude, waking up early in the morning on the weekends rocks. :Di usually wake up by 8AM, work out, head to work, chill with friends, then find time to study. hahaoh yeah, it’s nice you’re into real estate, but too bad you can’t help me in SoCal. Haha, I’ve been convincing my parents to look into new real estate for the last couple of days!

  6. yeah unfortunately thats we get down in LA

    what a reckless night

  7. wallbounce says:

    wow, such discipline on the weekends. i usually sleep in on weekeends. what kinda outdoor sports? is it warm enough already for outdoor sports? it was raining almost all weekend, but today was surprisingly sunny and dry.

  8. KatZone says:

    You’re lucky. I use to have the WORST luck with getting parking tickets back in Philly. I swear those parking attendants were always lingering around MY meter to wait for the very second it expired. They were out to get me I tell ya! I’m so glad I don’t have to deal w/ that here in Phoenix. Hmm, I wonder what my net worth is….probably in the negatives. lol

  9. KatZone says:

    ryc: You’re coming to Phoenix in JUNE?? I hope you’re ready to bear the heat! Just curious, where is the wedding ceremony/reception being held? You should look at some properties while you’re here too!

  10. psychodahlia says:

    Awesome video.  Check out the PostSecret website lately?

  11. SexyCuteSuz says:

    where are you from?

  12. SexyCuteSuz says:

    Single and independent. hm…you’re right.

  13. KatZone says:

    You’ve just been tagged, see Katzone.

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