mansion2 my weekend had a lot to do with the sunshine state.  manning and the colts reigned the rainy superbowl (yeap, paige, you guessed right), assisted someone in using a power of attorney option to wholesale a parcel near miami (which i never really use on flipping properties but may work since the miami title company approved of it), and tried acquiring riverfront cribs along st. lucie river. 

after pouring in twelve hours of work earlier today (sans an hour at the gym during lunch hour), i chilled to watch heroes and i might just call that other investor in jersey.  he’s waiting for my decision whether we should touch base with some other partners about another venture. 


it’s funny to remember that after i turned the shower off after my run this lunch hour, the shower head instantaneously lowered itself, like it was bowing down on me after a performance in the shower.  yeah, it’s water pressure.  go figure.

yesterday i moved some stuff into a new home office.  i then went to barnes & noble to read a book that i’ve been wanting to get my hands onto.  after reaching 47 pages, i went downstairs and finally decided to use the starbucks gift card a good associate gave me this past holiday.  the lady behind the counter asked me what i wanted.

“this may sound weird but i’d like a vente caramel frap.”

the weather was in the teens yesterday. 

i guess all i want to say is after going through several rainy moments, i realized that i have my own life to be grateful for.  florida could attest to that.  despite recent challenges, i’m glad to be blessed and to have the will to push through no matter how hazy the road may seem.  i’d like to stop, close my eyes, smile, and be grateful at times.


florida.  care for vintage photo?


17 Comments on “earth”

  1. vsgirl609 says:

    Hehe..nanoo nanoo.
    Ryc: I dunno about clubs…philly has alot of lounges w/ a small dance floors that I usually go to. Olde city is the best place to hit. As for the clubs…deleware ave, I guess. I haven’t really been to a “real” club in philly for a long a$$ time. And the one’s I used to go to, I think all closed, lol.

  2. KatZone says:

    whoa, that is the strangest baby. lol
    I agree w/ Kris, Old City fosheezy! It’s basically an area full of bars and lounges that you can hop around to. “Mint” is the popular asian place. For asian party updates But I’ll warn you ahead of time…there’s a lot of youngins at the DNA parties. But it’s all good right? hehe. Happy Superbowling!

  3. trunthepaige says:

    No update. The guy must have consumed to much beer

  4. LILLYMD says:

    Thanks for stopping by. I love caramel frap! -5 or 105 degrees, I can always go for one of those.

  5. wanarace101 says:

    pic whore… haha… which crib is yours, and when are you inviting me over? haha.   well i bought the triple play (3 lift tix for $89) for Mtn Creek.  not bad.  bad mtn to just cruise around in, crowded & small mtn.  good for super pipe & catching air & stuff though.  when you’re around here, we can go.  :]

  6. trunthepaige says:

    Yes he was a freak.Wow it sounds like you are a heavy hitter in real estate. Am I missing something here?

  7. trunthepaige says:

    well good for you

  8. AsianVStar says:

    looks like you’re ready for the cold weather!

  9. wanarace101 says:

    i’m a total newb, so you have to wait for me when we go ^___^it’s ok to be a pic whore haha.   you can upload more pics, or else your entry will be as boring as mine haha…

  10. PkStarburst says:

    hey! you have to click on the article and it’ll bring you to my photos archive, click again to enlarge it. the article is pretty funny.

  11. RYC: I did some research for you on Davis Wiki, and unfortunately Tokyo Tokyo has been replaced by another Japanese restaurant: you go to Davis for your undergrad?

  12. wanarace101 says:

    well, such nice compliments.  thank you.  ^___^

  13. dont over work yourself now…12 hour days suck!  =)

  14. rittachu says:

    hope long hours will end soon and vacation is coming…..wuts up?

  15. Nice houses… You flip properties?  And I watched heroes too-good episode.

  16. wanarace101 says:

    busy season is coming, i’m gonna be working 6 days, 10 hrs MINIMUM!

  17. psychodahlia says:

    Those houses are gorgeous!

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