tones of yesterday

per katzone’s request…


when cell phones came to this world, i had always wished to have one that was so small it fit right in my pocket without taking much space.  the first mobile phones that came out back then were so big they could be used to kill people.  looking at this technological milestone in a different perspective, the “brick-sized” mobile phones were the predecessors of today’s crime-deterrent sprint phone. 

as the phones that i had got smaller and smaller, i finally got an ideally small nokia phone for a full rebate in ’03.  i loved how it easily fit right into my pocket that i used my carpenter jeans’ smallest side pocket (situated near the right knee) for it.  i would put the phone on vibrate and walk around berkeley campus without realizing that i had just missed a call.  i could listen to the radio on this phone so i used the feature while spending the entire day reading at the library.  i also got so used to putting my phone on vibrate all day that i only switched it to loud or normal mode when i was out at the club (who actually hears their phone ring in the club?) 

when my plan expired in ’05, i decided to buy a mobile phone that played polyphonic ringtones in it.  i bade farewell to my old phone and used the razr with absolute delectation. 

but just last month, my phone started acting up.  i would fully charge it and after placing four to five fairly short calls, it instantly goes low-batt on me.  it could have been my fault for not discharging the battery, but for crying out loud, aren’t the new generation lithion ion batteries rechargeable anytime these days?  after getting tired of missing important calls, i raised my old phone back from the dead, stuck the razr’s sim card in it, and stopped worrying about getting instant low battery warnings.      

today, i stuck my rusty cell phone into my worker jeans side pocket.  i heard the old-school monophonic ringtone this morning when i forgot to put the phone on vibrate.  i guess this will do for now until my plan expires this june.  although i could survive with my old-school nokia, i’m just hoping some wholesale company offers a full rebate on the iphone by that time.

like friendships, different lifestyles, and great experiences; some things never get old. 


20 Comments on “tones of yesterday”

  1. KatZone says:

    hahaha thanks for updating!
    Your plan expires in June? That’s when the new Iphone comes out! Must be a sign. I love my Motorola E815.

  2. decipherme1 says:

    hahahaha…. true true true…i got a razr in the fall of ’05 because they were doing some type of discount for hilton employees and stupid me thought it was the best thing since sliced bread… and.. well, i got the black razr and absolutely hated it. those razrs may be thin, but theyre like BRICKS! anyway… i got a refund and got a not so hip SPRINT phone. it had all the features i wanted… and i miss it. 🙂

  3. vsgirl609 says:

    I got a razr…I hated it. Too wide for my taste so I ended up trading w/ a friend and took her sliver. But, the best part, I also got this lit’l thing called insurance. 😉

  4. wanarace101 says:

    i stopped getting new phones when i realize i drop my phone 10 times a day and lose about 7 phones a year….
    by the way just got back from vermont boarding trip.  it was awesome!

  5. spoondocs says:

    thanks for the props =)

  6. i dont think its that…if it were for the healthier i’d probably be eating six small meals a day, veggies, fiber etc….

    its more like my body wants to reject food : /

  7. jasminet3a says:

    Hmmm… interesting, I had the razr, absolutely loved the thing, then i lost it, I didn’t want to get the same phone so it got its cousin, the L6. I’ve had it for over yr. They were both with cingular, love them too. The quad band phone gave excellent reception. And soon, all cingular customers will have service on the NYC N line subway line. Thats just beautiful! What I love about these phones is that they are very well designed, very durable, god knows I abuse them and drop them all the time. I don’t like really light phones cause that means it cheap plastic and it will break on me. I don’t want something that gets dented so easily. They even work across the globe. I went on a trip and all I needed to do was purchase a sim card and walla… I has a phone that works in another country!

  8. SexyCuteSuz says:

    I never said I was looking for mr. perfect

  9. dianasays says:

    how is the razr? i wanted to get the krzr, which i hear is just the razr in prettier packaging. ryc: i love pho too!! i would eat it every week if i could.

  10. Anonymous says:

    No, we are moving to CT together  Have a good one!!!!

  11. thanks for the comment..hope things get better for ya..=)

  12. NoLuv4UfRmE says:

    i’m having the same problem with my phone… except, i don’t have the razor. ha.  but it is a motorola phone.    too bad i gave my old phone away.. otherwise i would go back to that.

  13. that is super cool…. i need to play more games to get practice or…better yet go to the shooting range!

  14. dianasays says:

    ryc: working out is overrated! i’ve never worked out before in my life. hahah.

  15. Empyre says:

    weird.. i’ve had my razr for hella long on the original battery. i charge it whenever, wherever and don’t have that problem. i don’t care what the manufacturer says, though.. batteries, on average, do not last more than 3-5 years.oh.. and remember what i told you earlier. keep your eye on intel. they’ve been making some interesting announcements.

  16. Anonymous says:

    have a great weekend

  17. but i don’t live in the valley…hahah

  18. wallbounce says:

    i do my best to have fun in whatever i do =)my verizon family plan contact is ending in about a month, and it’s time to switch. would you believe i’ve had the most dropped calls relative to other carriers i’ve used? =P i usually get the best phone that comes free with new service (trying to save money, you know), and the free samsung i have turns off by itself even at full battery (i have to detach the battery and re-attach it in order to power on again)…maybe i’ll finally buy a new phone with a new service plan.

  19. fun times indeed 🙂 im going to enjoy single life for the first time in 4 years wHoot whoot

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