nfl playoffs.  i drove down to mclean to drop a package off to a developer.  it didn’t seem like they were home because i knew his wife was big on nfl, a steelers season pass holder to be exact.  they might have taken the kids back to philly and headed straight to the ravens stadium – one of the events happening this weekend to say the least.  one of e.f.’s neighbors was detailing his yellow murcielago while we drove out of his neighborhood.  the law of attraction must be working in some ways.  “just like the same picture i had,” i said to myself as i went past the gate that almost looked like a two-story brick house.  i didn’t have to stay in the area any longer cause a buddy was riding with me and i decided to hang out with him at his pentagon city pad right after.  twenty-six years old, he was still cool with his wife going out to pa to hang out with her friends while we could discuss more about the upcoming business plans.

after a few hours of sharing ideas, i found out that one of our accountants doesn’t watch tv because he decided not to have one at his place.  this cpa is like a light switch.  all he does is do research all day and spend time with his wife and six-month-old baby, which i totally respect and commend…  although this twenty-nine-year old surfer from florida also acts nutty when we have poker night.  in retrospect, i used to keep myself away from the tube for several years back then – well, unless i crashed over at my folks’ place.  but since there’s nfl and college football, i guess this is where the rubber meets the road… and now i am sort of hooked on 24.

i just found out that we have already started more than four ventures within two years.  and i will still be going for more if there’s another stream of income presenting itself in the future. 

which desirest thou the most?  is it the gratification of thy desires of each day, a jewel, a bit of finery, better raiment, more food; things quickly gone and forgotten?  or is it substantial belongings, gold, lands, herds, merchandise, income-bringing investments?  the coins thou takest from thy purse bring the first.  the coins thou leavest within it will bring the latter. –george clason, the richest man in babylon


20 Comments on “hajiki”

  1. vsgirl609 says:

    Hahaha…I barely watch tv. In fact, if my room mate never got cable, I wouldn’t care. I only watch tv 1hr a week for my grey’s anatomy.
    Hope you had a good weekend! πŸ™‚

  2. viviko5 says:

    haha. okay let’s say i can get it easily…but isn’t that the case for all girls?

  3. wanarace101 says:

    yeah yeah… hehehehe

  4. wanarace101 says:

    so get the real aim lolz…totally don’t watch sports, can’t relate to all the football craze that’s going on right now…

  5. psychodahlia says:

    re: songs.  I still listen to most of those too.  In fact, sometimes it seems like the old school music is much preferable to some of the crap coming out now πŸ™‚

  6. wanarace101 says:

    actually haven’t been to a party for a while…

  7. u should…food there was great πŸ™‚

  8. KatZone says:

    u should watch Greys Anatomy too. πŸ™‚   Interesting quote….

  9. Anonymous says:

    I went to a NFL game in Chicago. They played good. But, I still think NFL is a man’s sport. =P
    You’re such a great writer.

  10. mooks_dayoo says:

    thx for adding, hope 2007 is treating you well. πŸ™‚

  11. thunderchi says:

    where is ur “side?”

  12. CoutureFemme says:

    Then I shall leave the all the coins within!  I desire the latter much more =)
    So Jolene tells me you’re her friend.  It’s funny, I’m at her house right now and happened to wonder aloud who rkteck was.  She laughed and said she knew you!
    The weather outside is cold!  Warm inside though, with family and friends.  How’s the weather where you’re at?  I assume you spoke of McLean, VA?

  13. xXDOPEYXx says:

    so ambitious, very impressive! g’luck with all your ventures… send some tips this way

  14. KatZone says:

    It’s comforting to know SOME people love what they do! lucky you….but sure luck has nothing to do with it.

  15. wallbounce says:

    just dropping by your blog. you’re a great writer. 24 is such an intense series…did you just start watching this season?

  16. wallbounce says:

    ryc: thanks! oh no…what if you just spoiled it for someone who hasn’t watched yet? i was hooked after someone introduced me to season 3. i still plan on watching 1 and 2 for the history i missed, but my friend’s season 1 dvd set has been sitting on my shelf for a year already, haha.

  17. Lolerrr says:

    I work wid a lot of accountants….and most are boring like dat.  They also turn into another kind of being when playing poker.  What’s up wid accountants mang?

  18. Anonymous says:

    thank you Have a good weekend!

  19. wallbounce says:

    woohoo for your banking choice.omg…2 people have read through all the pages of my 2006 entries. one is “Unknown”, and the other is user trendee176. why are they reading a whole year’s worth of entries…dang, it’s good i don’t post too many pics on xanga and that i keep certain posts protected.

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