it takes one to know one

“hot towels before we land?”

the stewardess came down the isle to give out those hot towels to freshen up.  we were just forty minutes away from landing and i could already see the sun rising from the eastern horizon.  she handed one down to me and i felt the warmth of the damp cloth while unfolding it.  after a few seconds of wiping my face, i realized that the towel had already turned cold.  i’m not sure if it was the cabin temperature or the a/c blowing on top, but i didn’t realize how fast these things turn into cold baby wipes on me.  “time literally flies in here,” i said to myself.

since we only live once, one of my goals is to climb the top of mt. everest.  sounds lofty, doesn’t it?  it’s funny because i have always had this thing for conquering nature’s many considerably challenging (and dangerous) feats.  i shared this idea with a johns hopkins associate from nepal and she told me that it takes years for one to be fully qualified to climb up.  she said that i had to take several doctor’s examinations, physical tests, and all that good stuff before pre-qualifying for the expedition.  on top of that, i’ve been watching the everest expedition on discovery and noticed that the equipment these mountaineers were using are either in the same price range or more than those of northface’s.  i’m certain the discovery channel had its own budget for that. 

for some of you, this may be another one of those trivial things that you’ll eventually move on to for the rest of your lives.  but for the rest – at least a good percentage – you might even relate to what i just wrote down because (1) you may also have a passion for the outdoors (2) you also love to climb everest or (3) you just love reading and you learn a lot from doing so.  it’s always a numbers game, that the friends we currently have share the same interests as we do, the people we work with have the same goals in the industry as we do, the individuals we care about have the same aspirations as we have.  it may not be true for all, but there’s always that small percentage that stands out from the rest.

my dad and i may not agree on some things, but we totally come to terms when it comes to discussions on string theory, financial strategies, tennis and other so-called dry, cut-throat, ideas.  i could not relate to every woman’s conversation on shopping, but i could say some tidbits of info on grey’s anatomy or desperate housewives.  just little things like that bind all of us in one way or another.  honor among thieves, so they say.

like i said, it takes one to know one…   


19 Comments on “it takes one to know one”

  1. wanarace101 says:

    mt. everest…….. how about beaches instead??? i’ll go to beaches with you but no mt everest :Pmy comp died on me…. :[but yes, it takes one to know one, common grounds…..

  2. wanarace101 says:

    ok so when you getting aim again?… 😛

  3. Empyre says:

    everest.. wow.. just make sure you know where your halfway point is so the trip doesn’t turn out to be one-way!

  4. viviko5 says:

    hahah…time flies. cute. yes the pill dilemma so i’d choose the red one.

  5. mooks_dayoo says:

    mt. everest, that’s HUGE.

  6. yes i have a good feeling this is the right year!

  7. Aznqt1 says:

    wow, that would be awesome.

  8. KatZone says:

    Well said my friend; I agree that everything really is a numbers game….w/ a sprinkle of luck and good karma.  
    and omg did you watch Desperate Housewives last night? I CAN’T believe Alma came back….ooh the drama is so juicy! lol 

  9. SAS0RIZA says:

    thanks for dropping by =)
    not to discourage you from climbing mountains, but have you heard about the climbers gone missing on the news?  just a scary thought you know?

  10. viviko5 says:

    hahah. sometimes that doesn’t even stop the beast inside does it?

  11. vsgirl609 says:

    Wow…Mt. Everest? I’d pass out…I can’t deal w/ heights. But, good luck. 🙂
    Btw, I luv grey’s anatomy…one word…one and only word…McDreamy.

  12. that is a great profile pic! way to show off your guns 😉

  13. Barbs says:

    goals, lofty or not, keep us going!

  14. Anonymous says:

    thank you. Happy New Year!!!

  15. KitTykAtT says:

    Everest? They’re coming out (or maybe it’s already out on Discovery) with a show following a group of climbers tackling that mt. Some of them lose toes/fingers, almost die, etc. I’d rather sky dive/base jump- that way, if I die, it’s hopefully instantaneous.

  16. Anonymous says:

    thank you for your well wishes! Happy new year!

  17. Empyre says:

    so i was thinking just now about something and remembered your interest in fiber optics. if intel ever announces any success with optical processors, that would be a real good time to invest in anything fiber optic.

  18. Empyre says:

    i wouldn’t know the first thing about business man. oh, and that was my carpet, not snow.. pretty cool huh? unless we actually got snow and you weren’t talking about that picture.. it has been pretty cold here lately.

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