money_shotthe mist settled around our neighborhood park as i parked my ride on the side of the street this early morning.  from the bay area to socal, i was back in the east coast.  it was great seeing family during christmas.  everything happened in cali so fast that now all i’m reminiscing is this walk at this hazy four-acre park.  no, i wasn’t going to rendesvouz with some federal agent, but i just felt like walking out so that i could close my eyes, look upwards, and feel the dew drops settle on my weary face.  where the neighbors would walk their dogs, play team sports, and just hang out throughout the entire day; being in the middle of the park by myself felt like something enlighteningly different.  it was quarter past six, and i eventually saw one person walking his wolamute around the football field.  the houses surrounding the park reminded me of the alamo square victorian houses sitting along the hilly roads of san francisco. 

after traveling around for days, i couldn’t tell whether my body was really tired or not.  i just felt like i was sporadically losing my balance ever since i got into the airport’s daily parking garage.  i wasn’t sure if it was the concoction of drinks from the party, the strenuous early morning run along bollinger canyon road in san ramon, the few hours of sleep, jetlag, the 68-degree weather in long beach, or those two other people i slept with… on row 12 of the red-eye flight back to the east coast.  :p 

i finally hit sack at 8am.  more stuff to do on this other side of the nation until nye in vegas.





with my younger sisters in v-town.  shake n’ bake, baby.



20 Comments on “grateful”

  1. Christy0723 says:

    =) Merry Christmas

  2. No problem on the “fiestas”…  but I don’t really party that much anymore… so you’re from Cali, eh?  Niceeee… I love Cali weather.  But this born and raised NY girl probably won’t be relocating any time soon =) Have a happy new years in Vegas!  Probably will be crazzzzzzzzzzy.

  3. xXDOPEYXx says:

    thats a cute pic of you and your sisters.  happy holidays!

  4. rittachu says:

    which part of Cali are you from? I miss socal…

  5. wanarace101 says:

    i miss the sun in cali….. i wanna go back now… shiEt

  6. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have an awesome time in Vegas on NYE. Where in Cali are u at? Sounds like Nor Cal-my old stomping grounds, as I’m a transplant in So Cal. Nice pix. =)

  7. Don’t laugh but… is SF part of the bay area? (Well, cause I like SF. My Grandma lives out there.) =P

  8. Aznqt1 says:

    vegas for new year’s eve? That’s sounds like an exciting time.
    Wharton sweat shirt? Do you go to school there?

  9. vsgirl609 says:

    WOW!! VEGAS for new years?! NICE!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    wait so where r u now?  and wsup w/that wharton sweatshirt?  im thinking about going there…RYC: yeah, i visit xanga once in a while, but i hardly write anymore and i privitized my previous posts.

  11. KatZone says:

    ryc: yea, for some reason most men have a natural instinct for directions. I’d rather have that trait over a gps anyday. But I don’t so I’m lovin my new toy! haha
    I just came back from Vegas…you MUST eat at the MGM buffet if u haven’t already. Have fun and Happy New Year. 🙂

  12. Chaioling says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dude!!! Keep smiling and dream big. =)

  13. SexyCuteSuz says:

    no. i dont go there

  14. Anonymous says:

    naw, im in the infancy stages of looking into getting my mba.  sooooo, maybe w/in the next 2 years?  when’d u go to wharton?  orrrrr are u going there now?  im a bit confused, lol. 

  15. wanarace101 says:

    happy new year……………… muahz

  16. peridot713 says:

    hey stranger, thanks 🙂 happy new year to you too, party up!

  17. mooks_dayoo says:

    happy new years!!!

  18. We’ll do…possibly some gambling will be in store. Happy New Year

  19. KatZone says:

    Thanks! Hope you’re having fun in Sin City Happy 2007!

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