higher levels of inclination

everytime i am about to do something pertinent in my daily routine, i tend to pause for a few minutes and listen from within.  call it a hunch, gut feeling, faith moment, or whatnot; there is a higher plane of consciousness that gives out great ideas to individuals who listen to it.  i read this principle from prominent people who did similar routines, privately or publicly, before they embarked on another trailblazing idea.  einstein did visualization exercises in his mind before he came up with e=mc².  ralph waldo emerson closed his eyes for a few minutes before he started writing his works.  jennifer lin, a sixteen-year-old piano prodigy featured in oprah, meditated for a few seconds before composing a great piece from scratch.  the rolling stones guitarist wrote down the guitar notes for “i can’t get no satisfaction” before he passed out drunk again.  the rest was history.  

the mind is so powerful that it can attract great ideas when we attune ourselves to the right mind-set.  i believe in brian tracy’s quote saying that “you are what you think about most of the time.”  people who talk about hopes and dreams all the time tend to be success-driven and goal-oriented.  since they focus more on their achievements and aspirations, they tend to accomplish more.  don’t get me wrong, but i’ve never met prosperous people who talk about money problems all day long.  they may talk about their financial shortcomings briefly but they already have a strategic plan to conquer these obstacles.  they focus more on what they could do rather than their problems.  it’s true in a way; because the more you think about negative circumstances, depressing relationships and setbacks – the more you attract the same things over and over again.  give it a shot and observe if i am right or if i am right… double optimism there.  

so now, i’m going over details with an investor from fremont about putting an equity trust into a real estate transaction.  another business partner was recounting why an employee was upset about not getting another raise in his startup (minor setback).  he then mentioned that he’s had twenty applicants lined up after the former employee left (opportunity).  ran over ten miles today.  five miles early this morning and another five around 7:30ish.  running late in the evening reminded me of my late runs along college ave in berkeley, one of a few good excuses for me to curb my appetite during this festive season. 

thank you, everyone.


17 Comments on “higher levels of inclination”

  1. vsgirl609 says:

    Yes, listen to those voices in ur head, lol. Hahahaha…no but seriously, that split second is sometimes all you need to make the right decision. 🙂

  2. vsgirl609 says:

    lol…good thinking!

  3. KatZone says:

    Nicely written.  And if you’re ever really torn on a decision, just flip a coin.

  4. mooks_dayoo says:

    excellent post, cool thing is when we focus on positive circumstances and positive relationships and successes – the more we attract the same things over and over again.. hehe 🙂

  5. So you’re in real estate?

  6. kplz_glare says:

    not that cold in boston actually.  no snow either.  a bit strange..
    good entry!  I agree that negativity attracts negativity and if you are positive in nature, you can turn any situation around and make it a lesson to become a stronger person.  I notice that negative people stay negative to avoid disappointment and you can’t change their mindset.  It’s sad because when you see everything that way, you stay within your range of achievements and even sometimes aim lower because of this way of thinking. 
    I always say, aim high and you’ll get there.  =) 
    Take care.

  7. lelebebe says:

    nice blog. tis very true. I’m referring to the depressing relationships part.

  8. wanarace101 says:

    yes…. mind is a powerful thing… i’m not a bar person since i’m a light weigh, but i can rock the stages in the club 😛

  9. galai says:

    thank you… u r right….

  10. mzteresa says:

    Glad to see my entry made it all clear for ya J
    It’s never advantageous going into a situation with negativity.  Key actions I’ve learned are to 1) identify the root cause 2) remediate, and 3) mitigate…. Instead of dwelling on the past that can’t be changed. 

  11. galai says:

    merry xmas to you too!
    btw, i think reflection is just as important constructively strategizing..

  12. mooks_dayoo says:

    merry christmas! that’s awesome about how the book showed up like that. it’s amazing stuff and it is my wish that more of such wonderful instances occur in your life abundantly in 2007! 2007 will rock!!!

  13. momolo says:

    happy holidays

  14. into real estate huh? I’m looking for a house, lol…..

  15. illeflynana says:

    Have you heard of the book ‘The 11th element: the key to unlocking your master blueprint..’ by robert scheinfeld… totally talks about this 6th sense. =)  I agree though.

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