turkey day flashbacks

almost over seven years ago from today, my cousins and i hung out outside my aunt’s driveway after thanksgiving dinner in south city.  before we split, one of my cousins invited me to go with him to this one event in oakland the next day.  he said it was some warehouse party called “the spirit of giving” nearby the raiders stadium.  i, being the partyhead that i was, agreed to go and check it out just for the heck of it.  i was working swing shifts at ucsf and realized that i was going to have the day off that same date.  some co-workers and i just went to a rage against the machine concert in oakland arena, and during that time, it was a hiphop group called rockstar that opened up for them.  during this phase, i thought the genres were inevitably doing collaborations so it was time for me to try some other things.  the day came and i drove all the way down to the east bay that late friday afternoon.   i was invited to crash over at my cousin’s place right after the party as i was told that the event was going to last all night long.  little did i know at that time that “all night long” meant until 6am or later.  on the way to one of his friends’ place, he told me that i was going to be listening to similar tracks playing on his cd player.  call me a late-bloomer, but it was the first time i heard of these synthesizer-mixed, repititious morphing beats playing at a 148-bpm-tempo.  i finally met all of his friends as we rode on the same van to the event.  when we arrived there, there were already hundreds of cars parked outside the venue. i was wearing my snowboarding pants and a sweater since i was told that it was going to take forever to get inside the building.  my cousin was right, we waited in the cold for forty-five minutes watching people pushing the lines, slanging away, and anxiously loitering before we got to the thumping beats inside the warehouse.  everything else was history… virtually everything.

several exciting events, various artists, lots of overnight hours, tons of money spent, hundreds of venues, thousands of great friends, and seven years later… i am relaxing in my living room, reading a good book; i cannot find a wine opener, and i am deciding whether or not i should continue watching “sideways.”               

did i regret those years of money-splurged, chemically-induced, trance-like, body-wear-and-tear events? 


someone would say that i could have used the financial resources for other long-term purposes; however, meeting a lot of people in these events was a learning experience that i could now i use for networking purposes.  i’m sure no tuition money or classroom experience could pay for that kind of social skill.  secondly, it was through this going out and partying that i realized that i had a longer-termed purpose in life.  after going out three times a week for over three years, i was finally partied out and decided that i had to move on to the next level.  sometime in 2000 i was working for a law firm in downtown sf, and an i.t. guy told me that he once used to go out and listen to trance, techno, and these types of music.  during that time i believe he was in his late 30’s and i still couldn’t figure out why he no longer listened to tracks of paul oakenfold, chrisopher lawrence, rktech ron reeser, mars & mystre and many others.  during that time, i thought that this type of genre was the center of the universe and it wasn’t going to die in me sooner or later.  it never occured to me that i too was going to change sometime in the near future.  i may have changed, going out clubbing to hiphop music during the next couple years, but i still get hyped up when i hear a catchy drum & bass tune.  all-in-all, it was a great learning experience for me, and i couldn’t be any grateful for learning a lot from that phase.   

today i woke up late morning.  not because i went partying last night but because i just felt like sleeping in.  this sunday weather was actually fantastic, and i knew i was going to miss watching the same people playing cricket in our park while catching a few rays reading something enlightening.  i was rummaging through my clothes, deciding which ones i should give away to charity to make way for this past black friday sale, and i saw the same snowboarding pants that i once wore seven years ago.  i knew i gained some weight because the pants were a bit snuggly now, but i could still wear them when i go snowboarding in heavenly a few weeks from now.  i took the old pair out and threw them with the rest of the laundry into the washer.  and no, i didn’t actually buy any clothes this past black friday sale.  b&n got a kick out my pocket.  yes, this time you’ll never get it out of my system.    

as i mentioned, i don’t listen to tracks of pvd, daft punk, or aphrodite, and the like that much anymore.  over three years ago, i transitioned into the clubbing scene.  before my cousin got married, we took him out for his bachelor’s party.  it was so funny that he still hung out with the same friends whom i met back then.  on our way to the club, i mentioned listening to house or trance to pump things up on the road, but they preferred listening to hiphop.  things have changed a bit, but only to a certain extent.  this past august, i flew back to the bay area and still saw the same crew of my cousin’s at the reception when he and his wife had their baby baptized.  it’s really funny how they managed to stay together for that long.  and these same circle that i knew back then knew some people from other circles who were connected to them in one way or another.  a gym rat back then was a cousin of one friend, someone messed around with this one friend’s so-and-so… you know the deal.  six degrees of separation, it’s just amazing.

this past summer, i woke up around 3am and went outside to feel the warm summer breeze when i heard splashes in the pool.  i went downstairs and saw teenagers sneaking out from the railings of the swimming pool.  they must have heard me coming.  well, instead of yelling at them, i let them go.  sounds stupid, but i would have done the same thing when i was their age.  the same things i did similar to those party events… and grow up from them eventually.  early this evening i swam in the indoor pool to accentuate my exercise routine besides running and lifting weights.  i might be swimming more often during these next couple weeks before i head back to the bay area.  most people at this time of the year easily gain five pounds from all the eating, and spending christmas with family is one of them.  writing this plug has nothing to do with my overall theme, but i may learn something from it weight-loss-wise soon.  i am hoping the dealership can give me an e350 for a loaner that i can use to visit a friend in jersey, that while i turn in my ride for a service check; and like i said, i did not regret that purchase early this year.  so an awd is next on my list.  learning experience plug.

and then i might just write another similar entry a couple years from now from any similar event that i experience starting from this very moment.

flashbacks.  memorable and nostalgic treasures to learn from.

as i grow older i pay less attention to what men say.  i just watch what they do –andrew carnegie


5 Comments on “turkey day flashbacks”

  1. mooks_dayoo says:

    as i grow older i pay less attention to what men say. i just watch what they do -andrew carnegiei like this quote a lot, i shared it w/ a friend. 🙂

  2. mooks_dayoo says:

    i received the secret dvd a few days back, but it was different from the copy we were watching online. i think it is missing esther hicks. she prolly was one of the best speakers in the film. the new movie is good but with a different feel to it. i decided to sell my used copy online at ebay and buy the rare original at amazon. it’s $50, but worth it to me.

  3. mooks_dayoo says:

    ebay has it on sale for less than $50 but you have to go through the whole auction process unless there is a seller w/ the buy-now feature enabled. i saw a couple of them for $50 at amazon.com. i read on the net that esther hicks actually asked to be deleted from the video. i have no reason why. when watching the online version that you sent to me, i thought she stood out. her words and the feelings behind them had a nice, loving, kind aura.

  4. mooks_dayoo says:

    i received the esther hicks version a few minutes ago… watching it now :)))

  5. Anonymous says:

    nostalgia… 🙂

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