the secret power of a seed

it usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech –mark twain

after leaving satisfactory comments and feedback to different sellers on, i figured if i can still book a flight on jetblue for nyc tomorrow.  a good old friend is flying in for work and i thought of swinging by just to catch up with the good old times.  for all i know, i haven’t confirmed if we were going to rendesvouz in the big apple and take things from there.  on top of that, his boss may also have other plans for them this weekend.  with this uncertainty, driving up north may delay my plans of meeting with an investor in brooklyn.  nonetheless, booking tomorrow’s flight may be too late if i were to leave early in the morning.  so no trump hotel check-in tomorrow.   besides, i already invited a colleague to drive up north with me since he also wanted to catch up with future business plans.  then on the way to jersey, i may just visit an investor before i check out this land transaction in new york.  i also wanted to pass by upenn and check out some of trump’s future development projects along the delaware river.  then probably watch a cpa and his daughter perform in a school play when we come back in town for the evening.  i tell ya, spontaneous plans can be quite refreshing and stimulating in some ways.

my lady would have asked me why in the world i would do such things on short notice.  well for starters, i would have been happy to tell my mom that i did visit our family friend as promised.  two, i really had to swing by upenn for some commitment.  three, i have some out-of-state real estate transactions that needed to be squared away.  and lastly, i’ve known my friend since who knows when.  call it some long-lost friendship (and i know my older brother used to hang out with him more often) but a seed was planted with that friendship despite the changing times and distance.

when you plant a seed on each aspect of your life, it just tends to stay there until it grows bigger and stronger.  friends still remain friends despite the distance because of a strong bond in the past.  i tend to clean after myself because my mom used to remind me to clean my room back then.  i could still play the guitar decently because i used to play for hours everyday over ten years ago.  said in another way, if people ask me how i consistently drink over a gallon of water everyday, i just say i started with an 8 fl oz bottle over five years ago.  if they ask how i could read over twenty books a year, or periodically stay at barnes & noble reading for three and a half hours every weeked like it was a vice; i’d just tell them that i started going to the booksellers years ago, and read on anything that i could get my hands on for ten minutes every week.  or worse, i probably marinated myself with text readings for over eight hours in one of cal’s libraries back then.  if they asked how i got to fulfill my goals faster even though it seemed like nobody had the time and motivation to do it, i told them that i stopped watching tv in the evening, and instead, did the things that i knew had long-term results in my life.  i was talking to a runner this past tuesday at the gym during lunch hour, and he told me that before he could run less than three and a half hours during this past twenty-two-mile dc marine corps marathon, he resolved to achieve that goal by training several hours for three years.  everything comes with practice: writing, negotiating, artistic talents, skills, perfect relationships, success, wealth… the whole nine.  but the resolution does not occur overnight.  it comes with a specific need or desire to outperform, when in times of pressing problems, or to individuals who have a natural talent on focusing their goals for longer periods of time.  it’s just this one little seed, so tiny, yet when nurtured well will bear the best fruit from all of those thousands of unseen actions from the public.  einstein was first taught how to add and subtract numbers before he came up with the theory of relativity.  sir edmond hillary was taught how to climb a hill before he conquered everest.  we can sit and talk all day about this.  just one powerful seed.

well, as of yet i haven’t heard from my good ole friend.  so i guess i could still go on with the other plans; like edumecate myself while visiting those historic sites i saw on that national treasure movie, or grub on jim’s world-famous philly cheesesteaks on 4th and south.  but if i were pushing it with one of my passions, i would have been talking to business partners this late evening like i did before, talking about strategies, patents; closing transactions and moving funds over the laptop like those suisse account transfers you see in the movies.  thank God for paypal and the cayman islands.  ok, going to sleep now.  cheesesteak whiz, here i come.

yeah, i heard about the ps3 bum rush in socal.  crazy.

if you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got.


3 Comments on “the secret power of a seed”

  1. mooks_dayoo says:

    ryc: i dare not duplicate donald’s hair. btw: highlyly likely i will purchase thescret dvd. have u noticed the free full length movie is gone?

  2. mooks_dayoo says:

    just checked ebay for “the secret” and there is a seller there with a good price. it’s $25.69 + $5.25 for shipping. he must have bought in bulk from thesecret, he has 131 of them for sale.

  3. mooks_dayoo says:

    you’re welcome! it’s no biggie, actually.. thank you for introducing me to the film. 🙂

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