letters from the past

beyond the darkened sky.  beyond the expanse of lights towering the field between the illuminated cityscape and our eyes.  i tried saying those words but it seemed the occasion did not fit right.  maybe there would be a next time for me to ask again.  i just didn’t know when.  i hope i’m not late by that time. 

the dark sky was always stretching throughout the entire horizon.  it did not directly tell us how it hung its bright stars for us to wish upon.  but we knew it promised us a better tomorrow no matter how many days have gotten worse in our lives.  through science, we eventually found out how it worked.  but it really didn’t matter to everyone.  what really mattered the most was the sky’s peaceful darkness provided the hope that everyone had been looking for; after every fallen day seemed to be endlessly full of trials and troubles.

i still haven’t found all the right answers to your questions.  and i accept the fact that you can get mad at me for that.  but all i know is i want to love you for the rest of my life no matter how murky the incremental plans of fulfilling the steps are as of now.  i won’t be the perfect guy to tell you how i could manage to have us live together soon, get our own place, provide for you, and all the hopes that i have wished for us to live on.  but i do know that through this murky vision that you’re seeing within the darkness, there’s always hope rising up each day.  that you know i’m working on it even if it tests your patience so much that you require the answers right away.

i can start from scratch, just as the dark sky will have no stars sometimes.  but someday you’ll find out even without the slightest reason or planning why this dream i’m holding onto did work for us or not.

nov.13.2003.3:12.am entry


2 Comments on “letters from the past”

  1. mooks_dayoo says:

    hmm it can be a chapter in a life recovery book 🙂

  2. mooks_dayoo says:

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