the silhouette of fall leaves glistened throughout the cool blue reflection of my windshield as the late afternoon sun descended into the foliage of gw parkway.  i was on my way to dc, going against rush hour traffic, while my mind drifted off, basking at the remarkable masterpiece nature could do with our surroundings.  different color gradients of green, red, golden brown, and yellow painted the trees with nostalgic ambience as i realized that i was just a couple days shy from having been to the washington dc area for three years.  the restricted ramp to the c.i.a. headquarters signaled me to switch lanes as the screen on my instrument panel indicated that i have one unread message.  i quickly scrolled down to the menu while paying close attention to my next destination.

past the hilltop neighborhood of georgetown, a plane flew by while glancing through my sunroof.  i reached past the ramp to pentagon as i was instructed that my exit is about a half-mile away before i miss it and reach reagan national airport.  the fall weather was gorgeous this week, and i saw a lot of runners running along the path near the banks of potomac river.  i joined the outgoing traffic along the bridge and merged onto 14th street as the lincoln memorial “sat” still against the amber sunset.  a few blocks past the washington monument, i saw a car pull out of pennsylvania ave’s busy intersection but decided to park at the international trade center’s garage.  i then headed straight towards the hotel where mlk jr wrote his “i have a dream” speech. 

i was going to meet over a hundred people at the willard hotel, not to lobby but to rendesvouz on some business-related ideas.  i seemed to have forgotten the fact that i have been going around places that went down into the annals of us history.  with a sense of urgency, i was one of those individuals naively walking on landmarks where historical figures put these famous places on the map.  and as ironic as it seemed, i also wanted to make history with these business individuals.  these people were the ones whom i would be seeing inside the corridors of steinberg hall-dietrich hall.  professionals from venture capital and multinational firms, television networks, startup companies, and just about any field that i could think about.  entrepreneurs from i.t. and robotics companies, independent consultants and contractors, all of varying degrees and backgrounds.  all, however, with a similar affinity for business and professional development. 

a few glasses of sullenger vineyard red and some hors d’oeuvres later, i exchanged business cards with people whom i just met and precipitated future ventures with.  we almost had varying thoughts about the same plans, but our goals were almost tied down to a tee.  like-minded individuals always attract each other.  the principle is almost the same to that of a homing pigeon.  leave a homing pigeon inside a covered cage and drive hundreds (even thousands) of miles away from the origin, and the pigeon will still head straight for home to the right direction once it is released.  on a similar note, when we program our brains to focus on one single thought or to set up a goal, we emit a certain type of vibration that will attract people, ideas, and opportunities into our lives.  l.o.a. = law of attraction.  out of billions of people and of all places in this earth, i converged with people who thought the same ideas as i did; thus, i decided to be on that same historical place where lincoln, grant, twain, dickinson, houdini and the rest of history attracted and gathered around to what it seemed is going to be what you are reading right at this very moment.

on a side note, i’m trying to change the history of name-dropping to a positive angle here. 🙂


2 Comments on “l.o.a.”

  1. mooks_dayoo says:

    yo! that myspace link to the secret was priceless. thanks! :)) i will try to listen to it from time to time to get motivation. it has the same feel as think and grow rich! :)))

  2. mooks_dayoo says:

    I’ve been listening to “The Secret” Video atleast 3 times a day. I really value it. I can tell it’s been changing my way of thinking. I have a good feeling it will change my life in a positive way. Thanks dude. I’m gonna keep improving till I become truly positive all the time. :))) Also, my desires have been manifesting themselves to me almost instantaneously the past few days. :)))

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