got change?

boy this is going to be long.  if you want to get the gist right away, read the first and last lines of each paragraph.


fall season, the second equinox passed us like playing hookie was barely noticeable from the alibi list.  i noticed the leaves’ color turn to brown while some started falling.  it just got chilly these days.  supposingly, this time of the year, along with spring, has been one the best seasons for me weather-wise.  neither too hot and humid, nor cold or freezing.  summer clothes in, winter clothes out.  the walk-in closet stayed the same since we didn’t do any official spring cleaning this year.  my dad told me that he and mom wanted to fly over to experience the east coast feel.  it won’t happen anytime soon though.  most of the family’s going out of the country for a vacation this november so i’m thinking next year.  i was supposed to finish this entry this past tuesday but i decided to drop my laundry list and do nothing that entire day.  well, other than running and catching up with some reading, i considered sunny tuesday as my rest day. 

besides autumn, i have noticed a lot of change in my surroundings recently.  my dentist changed my appointment to a later date.  the pest control people decided to come in for a visit next week without my full consent.  after all that running and training, i’m not participating in the 5k/10k run around our neighborhood (just didn’t feel like it).  moved the negotations with a mortgage broker about covering a particular market area and the 520k house cash offer to next week.  decided not to go with the company’s security personnel proposal in the interim (the home security alarm already does the job for most of the cashflow cribs).  still unloading fifty cribs for interested investors and i’m thinking of changing buyers.  changed my mind about not going to the national conference the first weekend of october (although meeting new investor networks in this annual event is highly favorable, paying several hundred dollars to get a kodak moment with george ross isn’t going to do it for now.  there’ll be more opportune events coming in future).  noticed an exponential growth in my lady’s shopping spree (she just left for the mall a few minutes ago).  the sun just broke out after today’s drizzle.  fo shizzle ma nizzle. 

i know several people who don’t like change.  k12ers dreading school transfer, seasoned employees worried about the axe or job relocation, cushy relationships going through changing lifestyles, loss of a loved one, individuals required to undertake short-term sacrifices, unexpected problems, rejection, new management, company takeover and buyouts, financial loss or defalcation, market downturns, and so on and so forth.  i admit that i sometimes deem change as overbearing, but that doesn’t mean i don’t accept any part of it.  i’ve got my own good reasons why change and i have been buddies for life. 

change has been good for me because it forces me to think creatively.  if things don’t turn out right, my mind gets to work so i can still find ways to get to a goal that i want.  this past thursday i was in a meeting with a business partner about a medical staffing venture that we recently started.  seeing that the real estate cycle has turned into a buyers’ market, my partner immediately took action and wanted to fill the void for this huge, ongoing demand.  in the next few years, the baby boomers of this industry (along with other big institutions) will soon retire, and the hospitals will be in dire need of fresh blood.  i already saw what may happen five years from now so i joined in with the venture.  if everything goes well, within two years this new venture will turn auto-pilot while jw and i can continue our hobbies in commercial and residential real estate.  change doesn’t have to be an entirety in itself, it may just ask you to adjust your sails to go with the wind’s direction.

many people only see the other side of the coin when they face change.  they see change as the angel of death to their comfort zones.  this is evidence why they relentlessly cling to whichever current situation they’re comfortable with.  preventing loved ones from doing something because of a bad experience, avoiding a certain habit because of some uncanny belief, holding on to a grudge because it allegedly makes them feel better.  they reject new concepts and only accept those which they have held onto for ages.  don’t get me wrong, there are ideas that we can hold onto for life. but when there is a dire need to change for the better, there’s always a reason to let go and embrace the new values.  there is always this mysterious yet immaculate feeling of letting go, and it definitely revives a healthy personality within us.  releasing grudges can also allow us to focus more on our success instead of being held back.  who said forgiveness isn’t change for the better?

the good part about change is it can be viewed in two ways: for better of for worse.  yes, change is like tying the knot and finally realizing that the wedding cake is the most dangerous food to eat.  but for the most part, you won’t see change sitting on the fence.  being the humans that we are, we only see change as change itself.  we actually fail to see what lies after it.  being very comfortable in cali, moving to the east coast was one of the hardest things that i had to overcome because it meant leaving my family, friends, and every conceivable social network and dream that i have started from scratch.  after a few months of (mal)adjusting to short-lived circumstances, little did i know that my move had a predominant reason in my life.  i finally knew what i really wanted to do in terms of being in business with myself.  ideas and people introduced themselves in unexpected ways so that i can fulfill my goal of helping communities and other businesses succeed – which i now believe is my ultimate purpose.  i was rejecting old, discouraging beliefs from negative people and opening new doors, meeting new like-minded individuals, receiving new ideas, and accepting very helpful circumstances that would help me succeed in what i truly believed in.  what some people saw in me two years ago only saw the me of two years ago.  they didn’t see what i can actually do in the next few years.  it’s like underestimating the lifestyles of google founders page and brin.  they drive green cars, live in apartments, but are worth 11 billion (and rising) each.  two years, networks of thousands, and four ventures later, i didn’t think the move wasn’t bad after all.  and they haven’t seen the best of it yet.  it’s good to have a little opposition anyway, but if it weren’t for the flipside of oversight, i wouldn’t have seen past this change in my life.

one thing i like about change is when things don’t turn out the way we want, this detriment becomes a reminder of the blessings that we have.  being on the fast lane, i am glad to see change at this angle.  there may not be a place called perfect as the walgreens commercial impeccably puts it, but there is always a time and place to think about how far we’ve reached in life.  no matter how hard the trial may be, the greatest blessing that i’m always thankful for is my life and for being born with complete body parts.  as hansen and canfield of the book cracking the millionaire code said, we are already worth millions.  even if i were that desperate, i’m not going to trade my eye even for a million dollars, or any part of my body.  because seeing how far i’ve come, it is easier for me to be resilient so i can move on with my ongoing journey: success.  success is a journey and not a destination.  whenever you reached another milestone of success, you’ll realize that there’s still so much more to learn and attain… another void to fill in to become more successful.  change is one way for me to be grateful everyday so i can recharge my batteries and continue pushing through with life.

the good thing about change is you can change change by changing change itself (now say that phrase aloud faster ten times without stuttering).  what i’m trying to say is, you can strive to make things better with change instead of complaining that you have been dealt a bad hand.  instead of being reactive, i have convinced myself that being proactive opens up a possibility of getting two sides of the coin for every episode of change in my life.  whichever side it may be, i make sure that i have developed a plan to make things better if things don’t go my way.  on the other hand, i can choose the outcome of every situation; tails and tails.  anyone but a supergenius cannot simultaneously choose wharton or stanford mba at the same time.  however, whatever hand change deals the prospective student with, that individual has already conceived different plans for both eventualities.  while driving around to deposit checks in different banks,  i was met with the unexpected circumstances beyond my reach.  unruly drivers, heavy traffic due to rain, hitting the door against the drive-thru atm machine’s rail, forgetting the code to one of my checking accounts, almost getting run over by a senior citizen while checking business mail, and all that good stuff.  we can give credit to daniel goleman’s book about emotional intelligence for this, but if i decided to let my emotions run rampant and conceived that this saturday was going to be a bad day, what do you think will the rest of this day turn out?  instead, i channeled this morning’s array of negative experience into positive thoughts and now i’m feeling good about sharing this entry with you.  it only takes one thought to make change a better change.  no tongue-twister this time.

and finally, change really couldn’t be that bad if you know where you’re going.  in actuality, change creates a quasi-nostradamus in us.  this is almost similar to an aforementioned paragraph, but if you think long-term and look past all of the struggles that change has been constantly whirling at, you can actually see the great rewards waiting in the horizon.  stephen covey apparently relates to this second habit as beginning with the end in mind.  if you know where you’re going, then change is only deemed as a sign to change your sails to adjust to the wind (ok, now this sounds like one of my previous paragraphs… unless i tweak some minor adjustment here).  before i reach a certain goal, i always visualize myself already attaining it.  within three years, i am moving back to the bay area as i promised my parents.  and funny as it seems, i already know where i will be living, the house that i will be staying at, the new business people whom i will be associating with, the remunerability of my businesses, and everything that i wanted to happen.  call me nuts but the efficacy of this technique has worked for thousands of people in terms of remunation and myself ever since i started doing it in different aspects of my life.  i’ve done this technique before i talk to a person whom i’m doing business with.  before calling the individual i have already seen myself closing the transaction and shaking hands with that person.  if i still continue blogging for three years, i can tell you whether i made it or not.  over the years, i have come to terms with myself that i don’t need to see the current challenge change is whipping out in my life.  i have never stopped looking past the initial and unfolding pain of it no matter how excruciating it may be.  then after all of these ephemeral episodes have passed, i just stop and laugh in wonder on how the trouble – no matter how long it took – turned out to be another yesterday.  everything’s kosher from thereon. 

there are a lot of overrated truisms that can be said about change.  but let me just leave one related statement hill said:

every adversity, every failure, and every unpleasant experience carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit which may prove to be a blessing in disguise. 


i knew this was going to take forever.  i still got more ideas but i’m letting change take over my decision to write more this time.


2 Comments on “got change?”

  1. great post on change. .., quite spiritual

  2. mooks_dayoo says:

    the greatest moments and emotions i’ve experienced in life occurred when i stepped out of my comfort zone and embraced change.

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