i was at the gym somewhere near napa.  my brother offered to drive
and hit the weights with me even though he usually works out late
afternoon.  when we got to the gym, i went on to the free weights while
he did his exercises on the machines.  i started off with the dumbbell
incline.  a gym rat on the other bench started off with seventy-fives
on each hand while i started with a lower weight.  i would usually end
my last sets with what he started.  like the normal cat that i am, i
striked a conversation in between sets and eventually told him that i
have not lifted hundreds on each side when he picked them up from the
rack.  “it’s just a matter of recovering from every muscle failure,” he
grinned.  i nodded and started off with my third set.  instead of the
usual, i took the eighties and did more stretching.  if i
probably managed to lift this weight with a spotter back in the day, i
have not lifted eighty-pounders on each side by myself.  i lifted the
weights and heaved heavily to raise them up.  i pulled the first
repetition, second, “thrrreeeeeee,
fffffoouurrrrr, fffffffiiii”…failure… the background music in the
gym started to sound like a motorola ringtone.     

the alarm
clock on my phone went off with a generic “hello moto” tune.  it
was 7am on a saturday morning.  back in the east coast.  i planned on
running early this morning to jumpstart the weekend.  a few minutes
later i was still laying in bed while my lady made herself some
coffee.  i didn’t get out of bed until half an hour after.  i must have
lacked sleep the day before.  after self-diagnosing the stinging
feeling on my right heel as a mild case of plantar fasciitis, i decided
to take a break on running for about over a week right after i flew in
from the bay area.  however, these past few days i finally slipped on
my new, cushioned running shoes after the sabbatical.  instead of
running twice everyday, i toned down my routine by only running in the
morning and hitting the weights later on. 

the trip to the bay
area must have had a profound, rested effect on me.  the usual 24/7
hustle schedule that i had been imposing on myself toned down a bit
when i got back.  after taking the xbox with me, i got hooked with two
of the prince of persia games and started to satiate my callus-growing
fingertips until the wee hours of the morning.  this was my only way
of letting the game craving off my system in order to focus back on my
usual tasks.  i knew i had to overindulge myself because the same thing
happened to me when i brought the gameboy advance to the east coast. 
my daily routine drastically got superseded by this small mesmerizing
gadget.  thus, i finished both games in over a week’s time and i’m
ready to focus back on what i should be doing.  i still have one of the
old school splinter cell games to start with but i finally let the need
for gaming gratification out of my system.  i may just have to return
both game consuls to my brother since this gaming hobby is
apparently taking over what i’m supposed to be doing on a daily basis. 
or maybe not.

it must have been a while since my last journal.  i
write my “mini-journals” during the first hour of the day every
morning but i finally had the time to write another entry.  what else
was missing for today’s agenda?  run, do laundry, take the the trash
out, talk to neighbors enjoying the weather outside, drive down the
business mailbox to get the mail and checks, buy a gatorade rain drink
and some energy bars at safeway, go back to prepare lunch, then return
to my usual reading.  after digesting another chapter of dan kennedy’s
no b.s. books, i finally decided to call some real estate investor
networks in michigan by browsing over their detroit associations
online.  with a phone on one hand and the book on the other, i heard
the the investor’s voice on the other end while looking for any
conceivable bookmark on the table.  i would normally do some in-depth
research on an individual’s business before placing the call, but for
some reason finishing that chapter coerced me into taking
immediate action that same moment i finished the last word of that

“hello?” i heard him utter the word several times
while i scrambled over the table.  i saw a 250k check stuck underneath
the xps, slipped it into the book, and started the conversation while
scurrying over the property information and doing further research
about the gentleman’s company.  preparation did have its benefits,
ironically speaking.  

“yes, this is so and so…” and the usual
salutations.   i asked him what his exit strategies on real estate
investing were these days and mentioned about a property that a lady
and her husband were desperately trying to get rid off.  i ain’t no
expert on the local detroit area but when i looked up his 8 mile street
address up on google earth, my gut started to tell me something.

you give me the property address of the homeowners?” i started becoming
wary and told him that i still had to look the information up and get
back with him.  i did stick to my word, and a few minutes of calling
him back he said that he was not interested anyway.  that may have been
the first failure call of the day.  i was supposed to be at a local
investor’s conference this morning but i figured i had to do some other
networking.  a few other phone calls and i had an interested detroit
investor willing to partner up on the property.  then i called a local
business to partner up with them on marketing to an upscale suburb that
i have been eyeing on ever since.  it seemed that their business had
been focusing their marketing on that neighborhood as well.

the gym rat’s analogy to muscle failure, encountering failure in real
life doesn’t mean we need to stop our big dreams and goals for good, it
only means our mental/business/marketing/academic/social/relationship
muscle threshold currently could not handle the pressure. but with
growth and development we will eventually manage to take the bull by
the horns.  by then we will soon be ready for the next bigger event
life has to offer.  and as amazing as it seems, it always gets bigger
when we are ready for it.  things do happen for a reason.  i once heard
of a millionaire entrepreneur who wondered why he wasn’t reaching his
goals a few years back.  he soon learned that once he overcame one
small obstacle, and every other seemingly growing challenge his way,
another bigger trial would come in and he wouldn’t get to the next one
until he went past the one that he was currently facing.  and it was
all worth it.  what was?  the reward for overcoming those
challenges.  we may be able to look back from today and realize that if
it weren’t for those troubles and overwhelming episodes of the past, we
would not have gotten to a point where we are currently at. 

truly believe that failures are part of goals.  they are there
to correct, hone and and further develop our courses of action.  as
what i read from dr. maxwell maltz’s excerpt via dan kennedy’s book,
“hardly anybody gets to a goal on a straight line, but gets there by
moving, bumping up against something, moving a different way,
bumping, zigging, zagging, but moving, moving, moving.”   

no wonder something’s missing with today’s agenda.  i’m cooking late lunch today.


2 Comments on “failure”

  1. mooks_dayoo says:

    i love the last 2 paragraphs, i experienced similar thoughts while driving on the freeway on the way back from work on Thursday.

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