parking underneath a tree on a rainy day

i’m still waiting for some site approvals on the virginia commercial development project.  the architect and engineer have already submitted their plans and i’m waiting for the county to review them.  realized that another broker was interested in buying the florida lots.  they were going for 50% the market value and i thought we were going to take the transaction from there.  to this point i don’t really mind having someone else close on the deal.  as long as the land gets developed for future use, why not?  meeting with a few investors in the bay area this weekend.  one from emeryville who charges $10k per transaction, another from diablo who still prefers doing auctions on million-dollar homes, and another one in atherton who’s already managing fifty cribs under her belt.  a former road rules contender didn’t seem he was ready with working on developing transitional areas around oakland.  he just got accepted in cal for his masters and i told him to let me know if he’s ready to go back with his designing venture down the road.  i’m sure he’s already turned down a lot of opportunites after that stint from semester at sea.  people have their own ways of getting with life, and i respect that.

several years back, i was wary of not parking my ride underneath a tree when the weatherman called for showers.  why?  a car’s freshly-waxed surface can turn itself into a display of pollen, damp leaves and spots once the skies have cleared up, and i just don’t feel like going back for another wash.  you learn something from every experience.  sometimes you tend to redo them after several months or years just to find out how it felt re-learning the lesson.  call it mere stupidity, but i tend to go for another ride just in case something else might happen.  i’d actually like to call it imaginative perseverance no matter how ludicrous the experience may get.

so i guess i’m incorporating another venture next week in cali.  something that’s not related to real estate; however, something in the i.t. arena.  a former bandmate and i have been talking since last year about submitting a patent that will ergonomically help all programmers and computer users alike.  during the process, i was reading thomas friedman’s ‘the world is flat’ and realized that right after the dot com bubble, america had a huge surplus of fiber optic cables.  yeah, it was from that one chapter; i can see the book right in front of me but i don’t feel like looking the verse up and quoting it.  thus, i might as well start another venture that has something to do with electronics, i.t. or whatever.  basically buying surplus for less than the market value and selling boatloads of them to telecommunications companies of developing nations a tad higher but still a lot cheaper.  of course, like real estate wholesaling, the margin is always there.  i’m just applying it to a different field.  the surplus/wholesale concept also kinda triggered in my mind after watching the movie ‘lord of war.’  some guy actually earned millions after re-selling defunk mobile phones in america to mexico.  i guess it all starts with a single idea.

the ‘spotty’ concept of the ruined wax finish seems inevitably redundant, yet after five long years of not realizing what might happen did i have the urge to conduct another test.  i know for this instance, that it is going to be the same outcome forever.  but generally not for all occurences.  i totally believe in the idea of the numbers game.  the more people you reach out to, the more chances you will end up making more friends, expanding your network, and finding the right channels for your field of work.  the more clients or companies you expose your venture and market the business to, the more chances you land the right deal.  thus, the s.e.o. strategy comes to mind at this point.

to sum up what i’ve been doing this past week, i’ve called a former computer science roommate in cal who’s interested in joining in.  maybe his masters in computer science from ucla will help.  talked to some i.t. people from all over who already know where to find suppliers selling the cables for a wholesale price.  i’m not sure if this is related, but i’m about to do business with a search engine optimization oxford grad from north carolina.  he used to live in the bay area and decided to continue his s.e.o. consulting business in the east coast.  i’ve contacted some linkedin people about visiting googleplex this week to see if i can learn something from their business and apply the principles on the venture.  heck, if they’re interested in the patent, i don’t mind sharing it with them although it’s a long ways from being there.  the former bandmate and physics p.h.d. who i initially started this idea is in even though he is currently based down under, already talked to another former bandmate/industrial engineer based in my homecountry about touching bases with the telecommunications companies.  i’m still trying to contact another s.e.o. guy who might help in the marketing aspect of the venture. 

i guess that’s it in a nutshell.    

i end up getting spots with some of my ventures on rainy days because i persist on pushing something.  but they say success is governed by law, not chance.  if i keep on pushing plans and other goals, like billiard balls rolling around on the pool table, one of them will bang into each other.  i just need one right ball to bang with a similar one to get there. i probably forgot to mention the financial aspect of the venture.  while at the d.c. real estate investor’s meeting this past weekend, i only need to meet one out of 600 people in the hall.  turns out that he has a network of nyc investors with 300 million in funds.  another network out there has 2.  

3 + 2 = 5.  not bad for a good start. 

carnegie became successful by employing and surrounding himself with people more knowledgeable than him.  henry ford and a whole lot of successful people did the same thing.  that only goes to show i’m not one of the smartest people around.  i only try to surround myself with the smartest experts in the needed field so i don’t need to re-learn another ‘spotty’ experience on a rainy day… unless i like to re-learn the experience in a different way.


One Comment on “parking underneath a tree on a rainy day”

  1. Empyre says:

    sorry man.. i’m kind of, how shall we say.. “absent” mentally sometimes? i totally missed your message asking to call.. =   Like I said, i’m just an end user of the stuff so anything I have to say about it on a production/storage/resale level would be pure speculation..

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