post-it ideas

did you always have the urgency to write something down for the fear that you might forget it?  i do.  these days i’ve been writing stuff down on stickies so i could take action when i read them again.  it’s not that i forget stuff, but most of these ideas that pop out are unconventionally creative.  ideas like trying an unorthodox marketing makeshift, another idea to slightly revise a patent currently being worked on, an idea for acquiring such and such, and whatever idea most of us ignore because they don’t seem to be that important.  ‘fear’ is not the right word by the way.  everytime the word gets into my mind i always tell myself that f.e.a.r. stands for ‘false evidence appearing real,’ and i couldn’t agree more when i keep on re-conditioning myself. 

while trying to develop my left hand writing earlier, i might as well take a break typing another entry.  today seems to be my spontaneous day since i did not really follow the usual work schedule; although i don’t mind dropping virtually everything once in a while.  my mind’s going bonkers from all these activities and i need a breather.  let me start chronicling what i just did earlier.  

didn’t go to the range to practice.  playing on eighteen holes last weekend sure did take my entire day.  didn’t run or lift weights earlier this morning.  instead i washed my ride with that mr.clean auto dry gizmo and filled up the tank.  went to the lady in foreclosure earlier.  she didn’t answer the door so i stuck my card on her door knob.  bought another book from barnes & noble.  i wasn’t supposed to spend more money but i thought the book might help with my negotiating practices.  e-mailed an attorney i knew back about incorporating in cali.  i’m moving back in three years so it’s always good to be legally protected while doing business.  opened another joint account, inquired about opening a business account with the same bank, and checked the other checking and savings accounts in-state and out-of-state.  no, no offshore accounts as of this moment.  not that sophisticated yet.  went to a bbq shindig and talked to neighbors.

now let’s see what i’ve got in store for the near future.

might go to church early sunday morning, unless i don’t end up doing my early workout.  not going to play volleyball in virginia tomorrow because i have to work on some venture.  it’s been three weeks since i’ve played volley in the sand courts, and i sure do miss it.  the state of virginia is currenlty having a tax-free shopping spree this weekend, a good reason for me to swing by the courts and play, but i don’t really have anything to buy in mind.  i don’t want to lose money if i can help it.  not sure if i should still go to a venture capitalist’s convention next month.  we finally got a tenant to a house in cali, so now i could start focusing on other under-market value houses in dc and some short sales in norcal.  i’m recommending my brother to put the cali properties under a limited liability for expedient purposes, and we ended up agreeing on setting up the prerequisites of an estate when i fly back again soon.   a free concert happening tonight in our park but i might just end up reading.   

yo sean, can you read my private posts as well?  you got mad tech skillz man.

it’s good to journalize.  call it nostalgic, but i’ve seen a lot of difference in the way i think and write from the time i started this blog.  my choice of words has changed, my outlook in life has changed, even the use of my daily monetary value has changed.  i’ve been telling my good friend this, that back then i only used tens, hundreds, and thousands in my financial vocabulary.  these days, i talk to people from all walks of life about business transactions and inevitably utter figures in millions, not statistically but funds readily used personally through an entity, freely.  ‘the florida lots are going for three million.  the net profit that you’ll get from this commercial development is five million.  he’s about to collect his thirty-million from that development project.  we have two hundred million in private money.’ and so on and so forth.

now i sound like socrates’ allegory of the cave when i start talking about these things; moreso, i sound like socrates in front of his enemies.  but who cares right?  i busted my ass a couple years back, failed and made mistakes several times, and still pursued on working till the wee hours of the morning, and all i can say is that i deserved it.  yeah, i still work more than 40 hours a week, but i like what i’m doing.  donald trump despises the tgif mentality because he works during the weekends as well.  who said you can’t work and do business while playing in the green?  or while closing a deal with decision makers over lunch?  or while taking time to drive over a commercial property that will net a good figure.  the power of words and leverage.  i do agree with kiyosaki’s statement about words being leverage.  the words you use can either make you rich or poor, blessed or miserable, fulfilled or defeated.  if you use the right words in your brain you will become the former adjectives.  if you use the wrong words, your brain will make you the latter.  your brain can be your most powerful asset or it can be your most powerful liability.  but then, these are just my personal beliefs.  and i hung onto them because they worked for me.    

ok so now i feel like going back to reading.  if i can recall correctly, i’ve been writing down notes on and off for over 10 years now. before i go to bed, when something pops up in my mind, or even when i remember my dreams.  i believe it’s where our creative genius comes out.  we normally dismiss it, but those who take heed become the pioneers of inventions and icons of society.  remember emerson, beethoven, edison, and a whole lot more.

like this entry, i might just go back and re-read all of those post-its that i wrote down, and find out which ideas made me successful and which ones were merely nostalgic doodles.


3 Comments on “post-it ideas”

  1. PkStarburst says:

    I’m a post-it fanatic!! I always have to write things down, the problem is sometimes even they get lost among the thousands of other post-its on my desk!

  2. Empyre says:

    provided you could find an area with little competition it wouldn’t be bad. can be an expensive material to store and care for since it’s so fragile. you know careful handling, not too humid, etc. it’s still not an incredibly demanded upon product in the industry yet. they’ve been saying everythings going fiber optic for a long time now and industry is still the only really marketable area for it right now. i think that’s an even trickier market due to the possible demand for large quantities.. and that stuff can get large and hard to ship.
    just my $0.02.. i’m by no means an expert on the stuff. i just work on it at the component level. =)

  3. hey there. im a long ways from vista, CA. i live in san jose, ca but my mom’s shop is located in sunnyvale, ca. why might you be asking?

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