longing for longer weekends

last night, a buddy and i walked out of a bar at some historic district while my good associates kept on with the shots.  it was only 11pm and the crowd just started pouring in and getting rowdier.  the conversation over drinks was great, but i already called my lady to tell her that i was on my way home.  still a bit buzzed, three flights down from the bar’s third floor patio, and my buddy’s cel was ringing; her fiancee just called. the c230 was still in good condition after parallel parking it on a busy street.  i made sure that my body could handle the drive while doing a three-point manuever and was on my way back to a peaceful evening.

on the way back, i can’t stop thinking about how fridays were to me a couple years ago?  the phrase ‘too many options’ could be considered an understatement.  i probably had eight or more circles whom i could hang out with on a single evening.  some of them were into the club scene while the others were on chill mode. 

five years ago from that very same friday evening, i’d leave the gym by 8:30pm and drive back home to my former pad in park merced and freshen up.  some workout buddies whom i spoke with earlier at the gym wanted to hit a bar.  i may also get a call from homees in san hoe if i wanted to hit up the former swinger’s club along heggenberger.  my former pad was near sf state, so either some park merced neighbors or a few sf state heads could tell me if there was a college party going on nearby.  some house/break/trance club regulars could have guest passes at a warehouse along barnevald or a few other clubs in the city.  former co-workers just got out of a bar and wanted to hit up another young professional lounge.  some good folks around the peninsula may also have a house party going on in fremont or elsewhere.  last-minute decisions to drive over and meetup party folks in l.a., a birthday bash turned into crazy hotel all-nighters, alkie and bonfire at some beach north of golden gate bridge, street race in milpitas ended up as an acquaintance’s shindig at an abandoned area…  friday nights sure did go by fast during that phase, and so did time and mula.  experience did make a good teacher.

if i didn’t feel like hittin the joints: a good friend in san bruno regularly asked me to kick it with his buddies and chill while watching airplanes take off and land.  a former co-worker just wanted to grub on some pho or thai food around the sunset or richmond district,  some folks wanted to do late night fishing around half moon bay, drinks over a rented movie in south city, a good friend’s mom cooking dinner after band practice, lingering over someone’s garage while watching someone fix their rides.  if i were to push it further during these later phases, lounging at barnes & noble until closing, ordering korean bbq at the asian ghetto place late in the evening, or hitting the books over caramel frap at the 24/7 library.  

those were the days: an amalgam and cycle of little things that i once called life.  and then somehow, you change there for a sec.  you realize that everything stays the same and it comes back full circle.  you realize you want to dwindle down for a bit on a lifestyle that becomes recurring and somewhat boring.  then people start changing.  they change their numbers, change their addresses, change their lifestyles and habits, and you find out that you’re also a part of this exchange.  you shed off the thorns, learn from them, and retain the budding ones that you think will help you move on.  every single second that you do becomes what you are and where you are at this very moment.  i guess we get to a point where we find out what we should do with our lives.  we may or may not be aware of it, but those unnoticed moments that you had experienced –  molded the very person whos is staring at this glaring screen.  then the rest becomes a meaningful and tragic memory…

my friday night was fine, i hit sack around midnight and now i’m taking a break after pursuing a great life that i’ll soon be writing in the future.  advanced happy 4th!


One Comment on “longing for longer weekends”

  1. wow!!!   you had a lot of friends in the past!

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