while chomping on spicy chicken strips and rice for lunch, i came up with my own ways of approaching my problems:

1. i can’t do it so i’m not doing it
2. i can do it but i didn’t do anything about it
3. i can do it, did it, but gave up because it is so hard
4. i can do it, did it, didn’t give up, and eventually became successful.

sometimes it makes sense to take #1.  if a challenge is not feasible enough, what would be the point of pushing it further and wasting one’s time?  single men and women can relate to this.  what’s the point of going for someone you like when the person doesn’t like you back?  i may be hearing a lot of cringing out there, but quite honestly, i don’t see any point to pursuing something that’s not worth my while.  in conjunction to salesmanship, the corollary is true to a certain extent.  it would be a waste of time sticking to the same prospect if he or she doesn’t want to buy a certain product in the first place.  a former mentor once told me that he wasted two weeks convincing a fellow investor to sell his property wherein he could have used that same time finding other individuals who are more willing to work with him.  there are a lot reasonable factors that count, nonetheless.  however, excuses such as “he/she/it is out of my league” doesn’t just fit the bill.

however, it is always best to FIRST say one can do it instead of saying no and giving up easily.  i would normally say yes to any challenge first because saying you can do it opens up your mind to greater possibilities no matter how hard the situation may be.

#2… anyone can do whatever he or she wants in life: be successful, healthy, rich and famous, whatever.  of course you hear these statements from people you know from all walks of life.  these individuals are one type of optimistic people who got what it takes to internally affirm that they want to change their lives for the better.  honestly, it is not bad to dream about all of our goals.  i even highly recommend it because i do the ritual (visualizing to be pc) myself daily. but the main reason why many people will always stay as daydreamers is because they lack the very single word that fundamentally makes this world go round: action.  admit it, who doesn’t want a million dollars?  be honest.  even though one may say that it may or may not be enough, a million dollars can still go a long way.  a million dollars is better than nothing.  but to get to it – you have to pay the price; a price not all are willing to partake in.  success takes blood, sweat, and tears.  it doesn’t happen overnight, and it will take a million small actions before it is the right time to shine.  it will take thousands of failures, mockings and criticism from other people – well-meant or not; and it will take a lot of discouraging moments from virtually any form of doubting thomas that you can think of.

however, like root said, it only takes one homerun out of a hundred trials to get there.  it only takes one phone call of acceptance out of five hundred rejections to get a job that will buy your house in malibu, ca; or a private jet; or your own private island.  it only takes one out of 500 approvals to get your business running and making billions of dollars annually.  and that one homerun will be the only moment that most will remember, the other four hundred ninety-nine failures will soon be forgotten.  who said that success is easy?  that’s why not all are willing to pay the price by taking action.  deciding to be successful is only half the battle.  action corroborates the entire equation.  as the song goes, “i want a piece of the action.”


3.  i once knew of a former co-worker in ucsf who used to work in the emergency rooms when he decided to drop everything and become an instrument technician, a notch lower than being a part of the leading team of surgeons.  big deal, you say.  of course, he did that because he doesn’t want the unruly tension everytime a patient is in the verge of seeing his or her maker.  instances like that are due to reasons such as stress.  an i.t. manager who abdicated her position because the position was too much for her, a former manager who didn’t like the 12 hour shifts and decided not to take any managerial openings presented to her, my dad who started his construction business while finishing his mba and being a newlywed to my mom closed shop because everything was too much to handle for him during that time  ( i wasn’t born at that time yet).   individuals who want to take the less challenging route.  i respect their actions, but i believe it also has something to do whether they really love what they’re doing or not.  so it is true, every guest speaker at a graduating class will always say “do what you love to do.”  i didn’t believe it at first, but quite frankly it is all making sense to me.  if you don’t really love what you’re doing, then stress imminently comes out of it.  i passed by this warehouse yesterday noticing that the business owners were still there.  why did i know they were business owners?  the only cars left were porsches, benz’s, and other luxury names that you could think of.  besides, i see them go to work on sundays so i got used to seeing their rides parked in there.  (ok, i cheated on that).  but a recent study showed that business owners don’t mind working 12 hour shifts because they truly love what they’re doing.  the other perks of that include a higher salary that can be increased through increased input compared to fixed income,  taking vacations whenever and wherever they want instead of the normal corporate accrual, and the flexibility of time itself.  do what you love to do.  not many people get the blessings that you have gotten, but think twice before you jump ship because many sailors wouldn’t have second thoughts of pushing you off the boat themselves.  if you think you’re already working in the higher rungs of society and are still getting stressed out of it, ask yourself: do you really love what you’re doing?  winners don’t give up no matter how hard the task is because they always love what they’re doing.  now, i’m in that same situation where my dad used to be.  you decide which route i took.

the last one: self explanatory.  you can read about success in every book there is.  i just went to barnes & noble this past weekend and pulled out at least 4 books about being successful in different aspects.  the rule of thumb here, if the going gets tough, keep pushing, or whatever wording you want to plug on what i just said.  now here’s one glorious truth that i learned about successful people besides their long-aged secret of tithing: they actually welcome the problems in their lives.  they do not cuss or whine to God on why they got into such rut; they welcome problems in their lives.  problems are actually diamonds in a rut (i said rut again).  one’s mind becomes very creative if a dilemma kicks in their lives and they choose to tackle it rather than creating another excuse for its inception.  creativity also stimulates other forces that will help you attract the same people and circumstances that will help you in your current situation. 

“the speed of electromagnetic energy signals is 186,000 miles per second, while the speed of a diffusible chemical is considerably less than one centimeter per second.” -bruce lipton

as electromagnetic spectrums of energy we have a unique energy signature. this force can enable us to achieve what we believe. consider the placebo effect where people took sugar pills and were cured of their illness because they believed they would be.

ok, enough quantum physics here.  but the mind attracts the same very thought that dominates it its mind, positive or negative.  thoughts are energy, and the same energy that attracts the same energy of a billionth spectrum eventually gets into your life.  so why not start thinking positive?  the statement is absolutely true, “be careful for what you ask for, you may just get it.”  the law of attraction is in full effect here. 

nonetheless, i decided, i failed hundreds of times, got back on my feet… i’m sure you did too.


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