t.g.if. sked

i’m just about to head out to the gym and i end up checking myspace and writing xanga.  my doctor’s appointment won’t be until 12 noon and i need to have my throat checked out.  i hope it’s not mumps (already had it when i was 7) or some virus that will keep me in bed this entire weekend (the virus won’t keep me in bed, the drugs will) since i need to do a lot of stuff saturday and sunday.  well the reason why i checked myspace out is i wanted to confirm with a real estate auctioneer if it was ok for me to check the development land tomorrow without her showing up.  to tell you the truth, i met and networked with boatloads of real estate professionals nationwide through myspace.  i have heard the media say a lot of bad stuff about myspace, but for me myspace just became a haven for great referrals and professional networking.  it’s like the ’06 real estate survival guide column from fortune magazine saying that investors who are focusing on subject to and lease option strategies have it made for this year’s current market.  thanks to a prominent investor who mentioned the column, i could not agree with him in any other way.  you rarely find accurate and optimistic views from media these days.

to confirm my schedule for the weekend: i just left a message with a reo broker to meet him up tomorrow in a bank-owned house in northeast dc.  got another call from a realtor confirming if i had received the logistics and comparable sales to this one property that my partner and i will be checking out soon.  my partner just got off the plane from florida when i called him earlier this morning.  i hope the meeting with his architect, lawyers, and developers went well.  he’s told me that that everyone got behind their schedule: attorneys took longer than expected to ratify the legalese, developer’s wife and two kids got carjacked before their meeting.  thus their meeting got postponed and he had to spend another day in the sunshine state. life happens, i tell ya.  i will be meeting with him later today to take pictures of another condo unit from one of the apartment buildings that he sold in the district.  he forgot the right key to the unit when we met this past monday so it’s time for another drive; besides i need him to approve the contracts that he needs to sign anyway.

e.f., my partner-in-crime: let me just briefly write something about him.  you wouldn’t know if he’s too young to be living where one of the waltons is living in mclean, va.  with 4 kids and a loving wife, he’s got his hands full with their time.  started out as a dishwasher at age 16, his love for cars got him into car sales while going to college.  he ended up becoming a minority owner with one of the dealerships owned by a family called koons.  during the early 90’s, they sold the dealership and at age 25 he traveled around the world for 2 years, spending the cash that he got from the liquidation like there was no tomorrow.  when he came back, he bought his first multi-unit property in dc.  his mantra, like google’s, was to do good in every way.  he did so by helping tenants with the properties he bought.  eventually he acquired buildings around town and went to harvard to get his mba.  after a while, people started abusing his good-natured real estate philantrophy so he sold most of his buildings, downsized his entire 145-employee real estate company, and concentrated on developing golf-course communities.  he now separates his magnanimous giving back mantra between real estate and charity.  the guy is just amazing; we were talking to one of his tenants this past monday – a 90-year old couple dependent on social security – and my partner was very cordial with them and treats them like family.  i normally don’t see someone with 200 million in private money sitting down with financially-challenged individuals in a broken-down unit and talking to them like they were his own blood.  his earthiness is just amazing.  these social rarities are hard to find… that sounded redundant.

so yeah, going to the gym now.  i hope i don’t end up getting stuck in the pentagon again after taking the wrong exit off gw parkway.  maybe my buddy’s working there now, could bug him if he’s not busy.  ok, exercise first, then the rest of the schedule later…


5 Comments on “t.g.if. sked”

  1. Anonymous says:

    y did u go to the gym when u might have a virus?!  =[

    now smart.

  2. Empyre says:

    media and government are two huge entities in this country that need serious humbling.. now, lol..what were you trying to do in my xanga comments? i was trying to connect the dots and came up with scribbles.. =)

  3. JJ_Swing says:

    working hard, i feel you

  4. JJ_Swing says:

    do you have a professional looking myspace?  myspace does consist of a huge network and i’ve actually gotten referrals by just throwing my name out there.  have any suggestions as for a professional format on myspace.com?

  5. JJ_Swing says:

    if you don’t mind me asking…  what’s your myspace?  i just wanted to know what it looks like.  i don’t get on myspace much cause i’d rather be working, but when you can blend internet surfing and lead-generation it’s worth it.
    -get money

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