justifiable cognition

saturday.  early february.  the weather piled 12 inches of snow outside while i made tracks going to the gym.  surprisingly, the regulars were in there; i was expecting nobody after all the lethargy this lazy morning was driving the east coast with. for starters, i lifted 45 pound dumbells from the rack after i snuck my gloves in.  i was still wearing my fleece jacket.  a former wrestler in college told me that wearing layers of clothes while running made him lose a lot of water weight.  thus, i did the same thing with my warmups from thereon.  looked at the mirror.  i always loved staring at the mirror while working out.  it felt bear if i was lifting weights without gauging how my ranges were doing.  

it’s 7am and my body’s semi-awake.  i did 10 reps slowly and carefully.  i still needed to wake my body up.  after the first incline set, i went after the ezbar to work on the biceps.  put on 25 pounds on each side of the bar for a half-cycle warmup.  i prefer supersets these days.  don’t have time to stay at the gym for 2 and a half hours.  after a few minutes of resting, i exchanged the forty-fivers for 70 pounds sitting on the ground.  stretched for a while and went to the fountain.  second incline set; my body still seemed to be struggling.  my muscles weren’t fully awake yet. 

motivation may not be an issue to the matter; i made it to the gym anyway.  6 hours of sleep sounded good to me but my body needed a jumpstart.  having a workout buddy could actually help out with getting a good exercise routine.  otherwise, i would have rested longer in between sets – or worse, not even show up to lift weights in the first place.  before lifting the weights off the ground, i remembered my workout buddy who used to spot me with 75 pound dumbells on each side.  i imagined the 24-hour fitness center in different parts of the peninsula where we worked out – daly city, san mateo, right on ocean ave.  my world suddenly changed like it were the old workout days.  the mp3 player helped with the natural adrenaline and my body was ready to go.  after catching my breath, i lifted the first weight with my right leg, and then the other.  6 reps… not bad.  my muscles were still shaking.  put the weights down and headed for some more water.  some visualization exercise right there…

i like the principle of visualization.  in fact, a whole lot of successful people employed this technique to achieve their goals.  olympic athletes rehearsed their moves a thousand times before every event, speakers imagined their audiences in standing ovation before they came up to the stage, students thought about receiving a’s in their exams the night before they took the tests, businesspeople clearly saw deals closed – signatures signed on multi-billion dollar deals while on their way to their client, and so much more.  that and action.  yeap, we only use 1% of our brain’s capacity so they say.  visualization is probably another percent or more of it. 

thought i did a great job shocking my muscles after the second superset.  took less heed on what’s on the tube as i cranked my earsets up a notch.  drum and bass: always pumps my heart out.  the music reminded me of the capoeira dances that i wanted to emulate.  an acquaintance recently invited to me to his jujitsu around town but i didn’t have time to go, plus it’s been a while since my last spar.  they’ll beat me up to a pulp if i get on the floor with them.  anyway, i can’t just spar with them the first time i get to their dojo – i gotta pay too.  the capoeira place in berkeley’s addison street 3 years ago was the last one that i attempted joining in but i’ll be learning this technique when time permits.

back to the third set…

i began imagining my buddy ready to support my tris while i heaved up for the last few reps.  last set: i almost felt like my muslces were about to fail on the first rep yet kept repeating the words ‘i am strong.’  for some reason, i also say statements such as ‘i am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.’  sounds silly, but reading about people who used this mantra made them healthy throughout their lifetime.  those who even have a physical disability managed to conquer the feat and started functioning normally.  self-hypnosis so to speak.  i earn __________ a year.  i drive __________.  i live in a mansion in _________.  yadda yadda yadda.

i tell ya, it’s all in the head.  the worse thing you can do to yourself is to plant in negative thoughts about what you supposedly can do.  redundantly said, your outer world tends to be a mirror image of your inner world (b.tracy).  what’s going on outside of you tends to be a reflection of what’s going on inside of you.  if you keep on telling yourself discouraging things, then you won’t be disappointed.  so why not take the other route?  it may sound ridiculous at first but the words you actually internalize into yourself actually get buried by your subconscious mind.  the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference of what’s true, moral and what’s not.  it just accepts what is feeded into it.  you can say you can’t do it and the subconscious mind will eventually accept it.  but that’s why those who reject being influenced by the negativity tend to reach their goals – it’s because they feed the right mental diet into what they want to be, have, or do no matter how impossible the situation may be. 

on top of that random internalization earlier, i recalled the a conversation with real estate attorneys these past few days that made me weary of a deal.  i almost lost touch with my workout mode but somehow got back to what i was supposed to be doing… 

someone said that the average person produces about 4000 thoughts per day, and it is up to the person to choose whether he or she wants the positive ones to dominate over the negative thoughts and eventually eliminate whatever’s diminishing.  i thought to myself, ‘what if i can contain all productive thoughts, wishes, ideas, opportunities, and anything positive under the sun for the next 24 hours?’  that would be nice.

finally puffed the last rep of pushing 75 pounds on the incline.  it’s funny after years of flip-flopping through the workout routine did my arms finally manage to lift 75 pounds on each side. my friend is still my workout buddy in essence and not in presence.  went for the last set of full bicep curls and yet another 3 sets on the regular bench with the same 75ers again…

the world can easily influence us with thoughts that can penetrate through our subconscious mind with media, well-meant friends who are not in line with our goals, and other types of communication.  it is up to us to filter out which we think is best for ourselves.  probably 5% of 4,000 thoughts are what i’m currently using for my training while i struggle.  off the deal and back to the workout.  i’m letting go of my worries to a higher power because worry is of no use.  probably that’s why donald trump got back to his feet after being billions of dollars in debt.  he never thought about worrying but focused on getting his money back – which he did.  if i can focus all 4000 positive thoughts per day and keep on doing the same routine everyday, then the law of attraction may just come into full effect easily.  more on l.o.a. soon.

finally gone through all 6 sets of incline and decline, 6 sets on bicep curls, and on to the treadmill… more inner self rumblings at the gym. 



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