on a single day, a gentleman from pennsylvania referred a washington dc individual to a commercial broker in atlanta who knew another commercial broker in california who was representing a client who wanted to get rid of a 9.6 million estate in santa fe for 6.15 million – about 70% less than market value.  what are the odds for someone living in dc to know of such a network, jumping from state to state through an initial e-mail that led to a signed disclosure statement before the ball starts rolling?  rephrasing what mark victor hansen and robert allen said in their book called ‘cracking the millionaire code, ‘it’s not only acres of diamonds, it’s continents of diamonds.’

true, i once heard in an interview that this one individual didn’t realize that people were making money in his backyard.  he didn’t realize that there was a network of millionaires meeting regularly in his town until he finally decided to take hold of his life and become rich.  acres of diamonds.  quite a story.  someone who comes from a prominent family and explains that the people he or she knows ears $100k a month only knows that statistic because he or she was raised in that environment.  but someone who only earns less than that will definitely not understand the person… not until they open their eyes to the fact that every single experience is wealth waiting to be discovered.

this world has an enlightened network wherein we just had to find the pattern to self-actualization.  i was indulged to write about the ascending date pattern on april 5, 2006: 04/05/06 to be exact.  i was fascinated by numerology at one point in my life, avidly read the study similar to bioryhthms and other subtle yet forgotten patterns of this world.  the idea never occured to me until i remembered a former vendor in san francisco asking me that same surreal question a few years back.  he asked if i was aware that January 2, 2003 sounded odd to me, its numbers formed seemed like the stars aligned in the universe for some great event to come.  a few unnoticed early mornings in 2006 of watching ms-nbc’s squawk box never came to mind; but while running on the treadmill sent my mind back to unearthing another deja vu.  a cornucopia of enigmatic patterns springing to me saying, ‘wait, i’m one of those signs.  listen to me.’  it’s like one of those things wherein you listened to your inner voice to avoid an imminent danger. 

the mind is so powerful.  what comes out of it can change people’s lives.  it can raise blood pressure, can make someone weak in the knees, make people ecstatic, or even coalesce an entire nation to follow a cause – ghandi-style.  moreso, it is more like a mind over matter phenomenom – a strong feeling that you only wanted to have 6 voice messages instead of 20 after you have been away for over an hour… and interestingly enough, stuff like that happens.  trivial, but try a job where you thought you’d never get it, but you somehow got it despite unconventional circumstances.  or finding financial rewards from unexpected people, places, or circumstances.  yeah, the mind is so powerful it can emit an energy that attracts the right kind of people, the right events, and the right money into one’s life. 

simple occurences such as you thinking of someone and they call you – didn’t that sound so odd yet true, or getting back to an unmarked page of a book and you get there in one flip.  you see these things all the time.  signs, they’re all out there.  call me a heretic, an old-timer, or a lunatic, but most of our creative geniuses are suppresed by constant naysayers.  since childbirth, we are obliged by institutions to color between the lines, erase the grey areas, and conform ourselves on what our senses only tell us.  honestly, a half-empty or half-full glass of water is neither.  it’s always been full.  we forgot to see the inconceivable, the air occupying the other space.  and that air has made millions out of people who opened to their eyes to what isn’t there.  because with hard work and perseverance, their visions formed vast empires out of what most people do not see.  you never wondered how you’re reading this xanga entry that there is someone making money out the idea of producing an online blog for many to enjoy.  someone is still sleeping and making billions from the clothes you’re wearing, the amenities of the house you’re living in, the food you’re taking, and so much more.  out of every unbelievably small matter that we see, someone has seen the supposedly half-full or empty glass as full and made a great fortune out of it.

reproducing brian tracy’s speeches,’ in your life, your are given this combination lock that can lead to your success.  but most people look at it as a mere gift given to them.  they walk around with it, watch tv with it, talk to people with it, and don’t realize that all they need to do is spin the right combination until they can see their full potential.  sadly this combination lock is the wealth that can produce them billions of dollars or more, and it is only situated six inches in between their ears.’

many of us have done things that most people did not approve of.  but since we believed in ourselves, we did it.  we seeked our inner voice, relied on faith, prayer perhaps, and still did it no matter how many times we failed.  it’s all patterned right on the palms of our hands, its code waiting to be broken.  many of us do not see it at first, some of us notice it when our lives are at the verge of destruction, and some of us are merely destined to see its enlightenment… 

one day last year this same dc individual was driving around dilapidated houses, searching for the right sellers with the right deals; a year from now, deals like the one in santa fe and a 9mil-mansion in connecticut are presenting themselves like fish voluntarily jumping into the net.  that’s just one part of the puzzle… 

signs, i say.  another one of my a-ha’s.

whatever you want more of, give some of it away –philosopher’s saying


One Comment on “04.05.06”

  1. Barbs says:

    there’s something goosebump inducing about all this…i just don’t know what.

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